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Is the Mandela Effect Real?

Is It True That You Can Shift Realities Or Timelines, Either On Purpose — Or By Accident?

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My ground-breaking and sassy book is called The Lipstick Mystic’s® Guide to Time Traveling, Healing the Time Body, and Finding the Best Possible Timeline (While Others Do the Apocalypso Dance).

Are you interested in the Mandela Effect, reality shifts, time travel, and the idea of manifesting a different reality?

Do you want to the learn the “tech” of how to do this?

How about healing? Do you ever feel like you are “cursed” or unable to shift your circumstances for some reason? Would you like to learn how to clear out psychic and spiritual garbage that is preventing you from experiencing a happier, lighter life?

Then I KNOW you will love my book!

The book is available on all the regular Amazon sites; this includes the one in Canada, the ones in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, India, the UK and Japan; so try ordering it from the Amazon closest to you to save on postage costs. The Kindle/Nook versions are still being put together. Things have been a little. . . shall we say. . . BUSY here at the home office.

You can download the first 25 pages for free, plus find out more about the book, here: Shop.

And to listen to a twenty minute rant where I share some of the juicy scoop about my time traveling adventures, plus I read you an exclusive excerpt from my book, check out this twenty minute audio on my YouTube channel: Lipstick Mystic on Youtube. (There are some four letter words about half way through; you can’t say I didn’t warn you!)

Welcome to This Site!

By the way, I’m Jennifer Shepherd, the Lipstick Mystic®, your user-friendly guide to all things mystical and psychic. Prepare for the occasional rant, some four letter words, and my insider exposes about the worlds of the New Age, holistic health, and those annoying end of the world prophecies and “End Times” cults.

You’ll also find my no nonsense teachings about REAL self-healing. These are techniques you can start working with right away, whether you’re trained as a holistic healer or not, and no matter what life philosophy or spiritual belief system you follow.

Plus you’ll find practical, simple information about how to open up your own psychic gifts, how to connect with the Earth and the plant and animal kingdoms, how to clear negative energy out of your life — and more.

I’ve also been teaching people how to really step into their creative power, to reclaim their spiritual sovereignty, ditch the “I’m a victim of Fate” mindset, and start creating the reality they want to be in. So you’ll find information here about how to do affirmations correctly, how to understand the metaphysical energy behind money and success, and how to resolve self-love and self-esteem wounds so you can experience much happier relationships, too.

More About Me, Jennifer Shepherd

I like to use the name Lipstick Mystic® because it’s a lot easier than describing what I really am, which goes something like this:

Psychic, shamaness, Gnostic, healer, comedienne, astrologer, writer, syndicated newspaper columnist, business owner, publisher, teacher, artist, cat mommy. (By “shamaness” I mean that I honor many of the traditional, Earth-centered, indigenous people’s pathways of interacting with the world of energy, but this is a title I have granted myself, not one bestowed by any particular tribe. And by “Gnostic” I mean someone whose entire approach to learning is by “gnosis” — that is, attempting to directly see, discern, experience, research, and compare energies.)

Oh, and I’m also a cosmologist, a psychopomp, and an amanuensis.


So as you can see, “Lipstick Mystic®” is a much more efficient term to describe someone like me. It’s my superhero name.

If the name rings a bell then you may have read some of my nationally syndicated horoscope columns like my older humor column that combined entertainment news and the stars, called Lipstick Mystic® Stars. It ran for years in lots of arts weekly newspapers. Or maybe you’ve seen my other astrology columns in the Chicago Tribune’s Redeye or Mash newspapers. Right now the Tribune Content Agency syndicates my weekly Lipstick Mystic® Love Forecasts, and I self-syndicate a column that has run for about 14 years in the Bucks County Herald called The Cosmic Informer. Each of these columns is available to run in your newspaper, print publication, or website, with some restrictions. Just contact me for more information.

And yes, I’m a real astrologer even though I write very short horoscopes for popular entertainment. You can read my article about how newspaper horoscopes, by their very nature, have certain limitations in my article here: Are Newspaper Horoscopes Real or Fake?

Look for my books, ebooks and magazines to be flooding the market before too long.

Can you handle it? :)

Trevor the Cat thinks you can. (I have a real problem around here. Whenever I try to take a picture of myself, cats are always getting in the way.)

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