A Super Simple Meditation to Tap Into the Loving Energies of the Universe

You’ll find that I frequently talk about how important it is to SIMPLIFY your connection to spiritual energies, especially if you’ve spent years dabbling in different New Age fads or popular metaphysical traditions. Most of us pick up a ton of psychic clutter along the way if we’ve been investigating lots of different spiritual pathways over time.

How can you tell if you have psychic clutter? Well, your own natural, confident connection to the grounding energies of Mother Earth and the healing, loving, expansive energies of the Universe will be blocked. You’ll find it hard to tap into these freely available, vibrant energies — including Earth “chi” or Earth “prana” or simply, Mother Earth’s love — and also that immensely sweet and creative energy that percolates through this wonderful Universe.

Ideally you should be able, within just a few seconds, to tap into energy that you need, in order to heal, protect yourself, or access psychic abilities — especially in an emergency. If your circuitry isn’t functioning very well, or you find it very hard to do this, then you have psychic clutter and you need to simplify your spiritual process.

Ditch the Critters

I really encourage you to DROP ALL THE ENTITIES — stop invoking “ascended masters,” gods or goddesses, even angels or spiritual guides — because if your clarity isn’t very good right now, you won’t be able to discern what beings are TRULY helpful and which ones might be imposters or deceivers.

You can’t go wrong if you put your ROOTS deep down into Mother Earth’s warm core to anchor yourself in a healthy way in this material plane and then pull UP some nice, grounding energy from the Earth.

And you can’t go wrong if you gently, carefully reach out and draw in energy from the loving, benevolent Universe — because you are a part of this great place and a co-creator with this vast, expansive Universe.

Call this energy Great Spirit, The Force, or the Benign Smile of the Cosmic Spaghetti Monster — but try to avoid using the word “God.” (In case you’re unfamiliar with him, the Spaghetti Monster is honored, in a tongue in cheek way, by many atheists — and by all accounts, he’s a pretty cool dude. :) )

When we use “God” we unconsciously summon up Yahweh/Jehovah, the entity worshipped in Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. And he’s a nasty, psychopathic, genocidal maniac. (Don’t believe me? Read Steve Wells excellent Drunk with Blood book, in which he simply outlines all the horrific acts attributed to “God” in the Bible.) This entity acts just like the insane god Zeus or crazed god Ra or bloodthirsty maniac Marduk of the ancient Sumerian pantheon of gods. SAME CRITTER, NEW MILLENIA. And we need to stop “worshipping” him (literally “working for” him) and giving him our psychic energy. When you pray to this “God” you’re agreeing to be enslaved, to have your energy drained, and to be lied to — because all that entity and his companions have EVER done to humanity is lie about our true natures and sovereign spiritual power, to make humanity dependent upon them.

FUCK THAT SHIT. Pardon my French. :)

Super Simple Meditation to Bring in Loving Energy

So, I want to give you a very simple way to get your psychic wiring going in a good way again. This meditation is meant to help you connect to the loving energies of the Universe, without summoning up any of the “usual suspects” like negative “ET’s” or deceptive interdimensional beings, who always like to hijack sincere spiritual seekers’ energy. This meditation bypasses all that. If you can master it, you’ll be able to pull in energy from the Universe very quickly whenever you feel drained, scared, depressed, stressed, or just generally “low.”

Here’s what you do.

* Get still and peaceful, try doing this meditation sitting up instead of lying down if you can. Sometimes when you meditate lying down you’ll have a tendency to fall asleep.

* Focus on activating or opening up your heart to feel a soft type of love. If you can’t easily summon up a sincere feeling of love from your heart, a simple workaround is this: think of an animal, person, or a place that you love. Picture them in front of you so you can really get that loving feeling going in your heart. Project loving kindness at that animal or person or place. This gets your heart center open and love energy flowing out of you.

* When you feel that your heart is open, INHALE SLOWLY, and while you’re inhaling focus on the phrase “Love Inflowing.”

* Then you exhale slowly, and focus on the phrase “Love Returned.”

The idea is that you are BREATHING IN LOVE from the broader Universe, from Great Spirit, really FEELING it flowing into your system.

And then you are broadcasting loving energy OUTWARDS to that same Source.

So: Breathe love IN on the inhale; breathe it OUT on the exhale.

It’s a very simple exercise but it can really help you connect with the BASICS — love coming into you from the kind Universe, and then love flowing OUT so you’re not closed off or feeling cold and alienated anymore.

Usually people are “stuck” at one point or the other. Some people are better giving the love OUT but they can’t TAKE it and pull it in very well; other people are the opposite.

But with practice, this very simple meditation done just a couple of minutes a day can really help to tune your system, without invoking any “gods” or creating any more psychic clutter or complication.

And if you can combine that with also learning how to put your roots down into Mother Earth, tapping into her loving energy, and pulling her grounding
and healing energy up into you, you’ll be doing really well. (See my four part article series about grounding and connecting with Mother Earth: Mother Earth with Some Messages About How to Get Grounded.)

You may feel resistance to trying both things. You may also have distractions come into your head or a feeling of avoidance. You might also feel emotionally blocked. You might also feel OVERLY emotional as you go through an emotional release process. All of these things are normal.

But I encourage you to try these simple things for a bit. See what shakes out. This can be very subtle work where you don’t necessarily have a huge “AHA” type of moment while doing this exercise, but doing it regularly can act more like a “toning” exercise to gradually get your system feeling softer, more pliable and open and trusting again. The idea is to get that “love” circuit going nicely again, from you to the Universe and back again, so you are “spiritually online” and no longer blocked.

And if you can gradually get quicker with tapping into the immense love of the universe and pull it in at a moment’s notice, this will shield you
a great deal from life’s negativity. And of course, grounding and plugging into the healing power of the Earth is another essential tool.

Now get off the computer and get practicing! :)

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