Animal Updates – Abby the Water Buffalo

We have this CAT, you see. Only she isn’t so much a CAT as she is SOMETHING ELSE.

Spend time around large groups of cats, and you’ll soon see that what qualifies as “cat” is really more like “cat for a given value of cat.”

Just as I’ve discovered, through the years, that what we think of as being HUMAN might really only be “human for a given value of human.”

Because there are LOADS of souls incarnating here who are from other worlds, and they’re still trying to get used to human bodies.

And there are loads of animal type spirits that are finding it difficult to come into larger bodies of the types they were formerly accustomed to, so they end up stuffed into much tinier little animal bodies.

Abby the cat is one such cat, or rather, non-cat. She has only been a cat in this current lifetime and is still getting used to the idea. She showed up as a stray here on the farm several winters ago. It was one of those harsh winters with loads of snowfall, and she had obviously been somebody’s pet. People frequently drop their animals out here in the country when they lose their homes, have a baby, or make some other unfortunate life choice that convinces them that it’s okay to abandon a beloved animal. We knew that we needed to make her an inside cat as soon as possible because she was clearly used to living inside and wouldn’t last the winter out in one of the cold sheds or barns.

That’s how we ended up with another beloved tabby cat, Teddy, some years previously. Teddy had been dropped off by somebody, or he was an unclaimed house tabby nobody wanted to bother with anymore. After posting loads of photos around the area saying, “Do you belong to this cat?” we gave up and resigned ourselves to a life of enjoying loads of love and cuddles from this sweet tabby boy. (Oh, suffer, suffer!)

Abby was LARGE when she turned up here, and we immediately thought, “Oh noes! She’s preggers! There could be kittens for Christmas!” (What a marvelous idea!)

We befriended her as quickly as possible, couldn’t find any other owners for her, and brought her inside.

I gently poked at her large belly every day, trying to telepathically get a clear answer from her. “Do you have kittens in there?” Because we weren’t sure if she was pregnant and about to pop or just, well, FAT. She REALLY didn’t like me asking her if there were kittens in there and was very cagey about the whole thing, which didn’t help us resolve the situation at all.

A trip to the vet confirmed that there were no kittens on board. Abby just had killer curves.

She and Trevor, our black cat, are our overweight cats. See the huge black cat in the foreground here. Simon the cat is gazing at his tummy in dismay.

It’s been VERY hard to slim these two chunky cats down, even when carefully rationing their share of food each day.

For a while we kept trying to tune in to figure out the CAUSE behind their overeating. The only other cat we had had who tended to overeat was our former orange tabby, Roman. He eventually explained to us that he had been a caribou in a past life and wandered through cold Arctic climates with his herd, grazing constantly. Sometimes they went hungry, and whenever they could find a surplus of food, they had to eat tons of food to keep their bodies going. Their metabolism was very different than that of a small, domestic cat; and Roman hadn’t been able to get used to the idea that he only needed to eat small amounts to maintain his current cat body. Survival instincts, honed through all those challenging years as a caribou searching for food, meant that he was ALWAYS looking for food.

We found out that Trevor, the black cat, was a hippo in a past life. And he SQUEAKS and is a bit WEIRD and not like a normal “cat” at all (although very beloved and sweet.)

And we discovered that Abby had been a huge water buffalo in a past life.

Maybe that’s why Abby and Trevor get along so well; they each sense their non-catness from a past life. They’re kindred spirits.

Over time we’ve been shown that because so many of the larger animal species are dying out and becoming extinct, there is some species crossover going on, with animals who were once accustomed to living in very big animal bodies now incarnating into much smaller, confusing bodies, often becoming our domestic pets.

So if you ever encounter a dog who isn’t a dog, or a cat who isn’t a cat, or a budgie who isn’t a budgie, keep that in mind! They might be getting used to the huge adjustment of living in a tiny body, but their core instincts are still telling them to EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT to maintain that larger body weight.

We haven’t yet successfully convinced Abby that she isn’t a water buffalo anymore, but we’re trying.

In the meantime, I’ve stopped poking her belly and asking if there are kittens in there. I know I won’t get an answer!

I have a couple of videos at my Youtube channel featuring Abby kneading her basket — very calming, should you require a cat moment of Zen!

Abby the Cat at Lipstick Mystic’s YouTube Channel



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