About “Walk-ins” and Also “Twin Flames”

I always receive such interesting questions from people — and so many times I only have a few minutes to respond to someone, so I try to do my best to provide a quick “brain dump” of information that might be helpful to that person.

Anyway, this person, whom I’ll call Leonard, wrote to me with some interesting questions, including thoughts on the ideas of “walk-ins” and also “twin flames,” two highly-loaded, highly-manipulated yet popular concepts out there in the world of “New Age/sewage.”

Here is Leonard’s letter:


I wanted to ask you about an issue regarding the soul that has troubled me for a while, and that is the concept of a soul walk-in. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the term, but it’s a new agey kind of thing, basically the idea that a person’s soul can decide to vacate and have a new soul take over the body. According to what I read about it, it usually happens when a person is depressed or at risk of suicide.

I had a personal spiritual awakening a couple of years ago and got really into the concept of the soulmate/twin flame, and on a long road trip I had an image of a girl come into my mind while meditating on who my soulmate was. And about seven months later I actually met this person(I guess this was a legitimate psychic experience? I don’t really know), but I ended up losing her before things ever got off the ground. I entered into a period of severe depression and went through emotional anguish that I didn’t even think was possible.

It’s been about a year and a half and in just the past couple months I’ve just about completely recovered and don’t feel anything really towards her anymore. I’ve forgiven myself for what happened and I just feel neutral, no pain or heartache at all. I REALLY dislike the idea of a soul walk-in, the idea that my soul is gone and someone else is here now, but I just feel completely emotionally neutral toward everything in my past, I can’t feel pain over it even if I tried to. I hope I’m still me and always will be, regardless of what happens to me in my life or what I choose to do.

Like I said before, most of what I read about it makes me think walk-ins are nonsense, people talking about their souls being replaced out of alien starships and stuff like that. But I’m just concerned as to why I can’t feel anything anymore about my past, like I’m disconnected from it. This was a long question, but your site is one of the few authentic ones out there in a sea of BS and I really hope you could shed light on this for me. Thanks for your time. Thanks again.

My Thoughts on Walk-ins and Twin Flames

And here was my response to him — believe me, I want to write a lot more about the ideas of walk-ins and also twin flames up ahead, but this letter gets into some of my thoughts on these subjects:

Dear Leonard,

Yeah, walk-ins are psychic possession, totally bad news. Mostly I only see this in psychic and mystic types who have fallen under the delusion that channeling some ancient critter from Atlantis is a good idea, so they welcome these entities in. (Atlantis was a horrible, bloody, violent place!) After a while they might legally change their name to Aloha Magical Starseed or something and identify as that being — never a good idea. But you don’t have to worry about that!

I think in your situation that you went through both joy and trauma connecting with someone who you thought was one of your soulmates, and who may well have been someone you were indeed close to in a past life. But you should know that sometimes such things aren’t as they appear to be and they are actually “love bite” scenarios where something negative is try to manipulate a very nice person into getting off track and obsessed with someone romantically/sexually. And depression and obsession after the fact, or just a feeling of lethargy and not being yourself, might mean that you were actually SLIMED by that whole experience and you still need to do a lot of healing to reclaim some vital energies that got lost from the intense ups and downs you experienced.

I recommend checking out Eve Lorgen, whose research into the “Love bite” phenomenon is excellent. She’s really a pioneer in understanding how what we often think of as a “twin flame” or “soulmate” feeling might sometimes be manipulated, and it can be hard to be discerning in these situations. Her main site is: EveLorgen.com. I think she even has a book out now but I haven’t had a chance to read it; you’ll find interesting articles on her site.

Don’t let the negative stuff scare you too much, though. I find that most genuine, loving, open-hearted folks can fall prey to these types of manipulations if they’re not on their guard, but you can get out of these situations if you’re careful. For women, it sometimes manifests as falling madly in love with a married man or an emotionally unavailable guy; the “negs” (archonic beings, negative interdimensionals or ET’s, whatever you want to call these energy parasites) want such women to get pregnant, sink into poverty and misery, and so on, all in the pursuit of “ideal love.” I’ve known many psychic ladies who fell victim to that, and they ended up with kids they could neither take care of or properly handle. So count yourself lucky — at least you didn’t end up in that horrendous situation! :)

Keep finding ways to nurture yourself as it seems you really did go through some trauma on a lot of levels, and I will see if any specific ideas cross my mind that I might recommend for you, healing-wise. Forgive me as right now I’m incredibly busy with work on my new book and another project.

In the meantime, all the best to you!


PS: You might find this article I wrote a while back helpful; it’s called: What is a Soulmate? (And How Do I Meet My Soulmate? Because even though things might not have worked out with that one lady you knew, that type of deep, intense, response that you had with her CAN be something you experience with someone again – only you should set the intention that this time things are sane, balanced, happy, and healthy in your relationship (see more details about how an authentic soulmate relationship feels in my article.) We ALWAYS meet many more than one soulmate in our lifetimes (unless we spend all our time sitting around moping on the couch!) And many times, the INTENSE and kind of UNHEALTHY soulmate type reaction is more of one of those negative “love bite” scenarios where something negative is trying to send you down an unpleasant path; and that’s not the way true, balanced love with the RIGHT soulmate feels.

PPS: The whole twin flame notion? Crap. :) We are not dual beings who need one other soul to “complete us.” That’s more New Age/sewage.

And here is second set of clarifying emails Leonard and I exchanged:

Dear Jennifer,

Thanks, it does help a lot. Aren’t twin souls real, though? Edgar Cayce spoke about them, although he said that they usually come together to do some kind of service work to humanity, they aren’t always romantic partners like the New Age movement talks about. I believe in his case he said his wife was a soulmate and the lady that recorded and compiled his readings and published them after his death was his twin soul.

Mr. L –

Nope, Cayce was wrong about loads of stuff, unfortunately; he was still tuning into information placed in the lower astral planes by a variety of manipulative beings, that infamous “akashic record” so many spiritualists of his era spoke of. The databse, maintained by negative astral beings, would give him little bits and pieces of real stuff coupled with loads of lies — Atlantis as a wonderful, advanced society being a case in point! I’ve been able to access personal past life recall about the brutalities of that society, from the standpoint of having been an enslaved and brutalized Lemurian woman; these weren’t just the later days of Atlantis, this was during its supposed “golden age.” Atlantis had an upper caste that hogged all the money, resources, and healthcare (Gee, sounds familiar!) Everybody else was left to rot, enslaved, hunted, and brutalized in various ways. And they were especially cruel to the Aboriginal type people from the Lemurian continent, who were a peaceful, nature-loving society. (Gee, that sounds familiar, too. Will humanity ever learn? :) )

And the twin flame thing, much as I’ve double checked and triple checked that idea on my own, has never held water, either. but you CAN experience tremendous energetic and/or sexual healing with various soulmates, whether they are friends, family, or romantic partners. And it’s all a really wonderful thing to have that level of energy exchange with people, assuming it’s not an overly dramatic, purposefully heartbreaking, fake “love bite” scenario, (setting you up to experience misery and manipulation) that’s being controlled by negative entities.

You can tell the difference between real soulmates and manipulated love bite scenarios by this — love bite scenarios are jarring, they shake you up horribly, and they have a horrific, compulsive feeling overlaid with almost addictive desire. But real soulmates ADD energy to your life, to you, and make your life more complete, functional, and whole. That’s the best way I’d describe the difference.

And souls don’t split into seven pieces, or two pieces, or any of that nonsense; you’re a complete spiritually sovereign being. Although we ALL do connect to each other through loving energy, through all being connected to Spirit. But we’re not just some hivemind singular being fragmented into different pieces. That’s a misguided notion, I’ve found, designed to knock people off from feeling empowered, centered, and creatively clear so they can achieve the things their soul most craves of this physicalized experience. It keeps you mooning around waiting for somebody or something outside of you to “complete you,” which is silliness.

If that makes sense! :)

Best to you,



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