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Some people on a forum were talking about affecting the weather with psychic energy, like causing storms or wind, a psychic talent sometimes called “atmokinesis” — affecting the atmosphere through the power of the mind. And that led to more people talking about using excessive will to affect the weather — which is like taking a loaded gun out without knowing how to use it, not highly recommended.

So being a veteran weather worker, I had to chime in. I don’t know that it helped any. People who are new to testing their psychic gifts often like to take things out for a test drive, so to speak, and they don’t always stop to consider the potentially unpleasant consequences, and they’re rarely taught about spiritual ethics. (Not their fault; there aren’t enough teachers out there, really.)

Anyway, this was what I posted:

This all comes under the larger umbrella of shamanic weather working, and anybody can learn to do it.

But as with all things psychic, you have two choices: the left hand path of manipulation and mindless exercise of will to generate selfish effects …..or….

The right hand path of respect, collaboration, and restraint, and doing this work for the highest good of all or the material good of all who are affected.

As a selfish young lass I generated about a foot and a half of snow at a particular location and time for a specific reason. That was my first weather working of note.

Much later when I learned shamanic ways, I learned how to drum for rain by working first by talking with Mother Earth and the nature devas (nature guardians affecting a certain area) and engaging them in a collaborative effort. Always this was done to bring rain to a drought-ravaged area. Once my partner and I were TOO willful and generated a 50 year flood. (THAT’S A BIG OOPS!) You have to be careful about these things.

In recent years we’ve worked more on a preventive level on those man-created killer storm systems that are being purposefully generated by extremely homicidal, psychopathic criminal types who unfortunately possess weather influencing technology. Think of them like crime families, and often they generate a storm system or weather event (like a tsunami or earthquake) for really awful reasons; like how Hurricane Katrina was caused so that New Orleans could later become a profitable “re-development” project and the “undesirables” living there would be forced to leave the area, if they weren’t dead already.

We were able to reduce several nasty storm systems down from Category 1, 2, 3 etc. to mere tropical storms and joined our own intentions with what, I’m sure, were thousands of other people also doing protective types of prayer work for various areas; and this stuff WORKS.

Sometimes you can’t completely stop storm damage, but for me, it’s about the casualties; get those down to next to nothing. Because with many of the manipulated storm systems, the nasty psychopaths creating these storms want a huge “loosh” harvest (negative psychic energy of fear and distress) from thousands of people as they suffer and die — these loosh harvests are what allow them to continue to have influence and power here in our dimension. There’s a combination of negative lower astral entities (the usual “demonic” grays, reptilians, and Nordics) teaming up with their human “servants” (those who worship or honor them as their gods and with that worship seek influence, power, money here). Together, they are creating a lot of these horrible, unnatural storm and earthquake type events.

There are no “natural Earth changes” going on; only horrible manipulations by humans and the negative entities who are prompted them to commit great evil, with no care about the destruction they’re causing to various ecosystems and the individual people, animals, plants, and minerals that are affected.

If you want to do weather working, it’s all about learning how to be in right relationship with Mother Earth and the devas, who are like the guardian angels of the physical world.

And AFTER you do weather working, I recommend using the shamanic method of HONORING the many unseen helpers who assisted you; make an offering outside of sacred tobacco, cornmeal, sage, do SOMETHING that shows that you are working in a collaborative way with these forces and that you’re a GOOD being (who follows the right hand path) versus some silly user and abuser who just takes, takes, takes (which is too much of humanity at this point!)

Hope these ideas are helpful! Anybody can learn weather working, but if you combine it with a sincere desire to help, to protect, and to be guardian or custodian of your local area, all the better! And know that there are loads of us out there who align our positive intents with yours.

PS: I have a section in my new book that teaches you very simple, powerful weather working techniques, in great detail; look for it when The Lipstick Mystic’s Guide to Time Traveling, Healing the Time Body, and Finding the Best Possible Timeline comes out. (Still in the production/proofing stage, but available soon!)



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