About Me

Hi there! You can’t see it, but just off camera I’m giving you a big wave of “Hello!”

My name is Jennifer Shepherd, and my superhero alias is the Lipstick Mystic┬«. I’m your user-friendly guide to all things mystical and psychic.

For those of you whose eyes are already glazing over, because words like “mystical” and “psychic” don’t mean anything to you — let me explain things a little more:

* I can see and feel various types of subtle energies like what’s going on with the electromagnetic field (or aura) that surrounds people, plants, and animals. What this means is I end up receiving a “download” about certain things going on with that person, place, or thing, including relationships, health issues, and blockages that that being is experiencing — interfering with happiness and abundance and creative flow.

* Over some 30 years of studying and examining this energy (BLEAH! I AM GETTING OLD! :) ) and working with over 15,000 people, I’ve learned some cool things about healing, removing energy blockages, and clearing out “psychic clutter” that we accumulate from trauma, illness, and other forms of pain. This is because I can see and sense things like holes in the aura, negative or draining energy cords, attachments, “Klingons” or entities, and other stuff we tend to drag around without realizing it. (News flash: NONE of that is good!) :)

* This work has also helped me to learn some of the energy dynamics of “real world” issues like money, sex, and relationships, so I’m always focused on teaching ideas designed to help you OPTIMIZE your creations and experience a better quality of life. So I constantly try to take what I’ve seen and put it to good use, for other people’s benefit, if at all possible.

My Book

Check out my ground-breaking and sassy book! It’s called The Lipstick Mystic’s® Guide to Time Traveling, Healing the Time Body, and Finding the Best Possible Timeline (While Others Do the Apocalypso Dance). Download the first 25 pages for free, and find out how to order, here: Shop.

In the next months and years, more of my books, ebooks, and courses will be flooding into this site, available for sale at places like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I’ll also be updating this site all the time with free stuff, and if you sign up for Lipstick Mystic┬« News (see the signup box at the right) you’ll also be able to download my exclusive free reports and book excerpts. Plus, you’ll receive my positive mojo. And who couldn’t use a bit more of that these days?

My Syndicated Astrology Columns

Some of you might know me from my syndicated astrology columns which appear in various publications across the US and the Web. I write light-hearted mainstream “horoscopes for the masses” in a few places. I wish my editors would give me more room to discuss the energies of the planets in greater depth, but, alas, the average newspaper is already horribly pressed for editorial space. So in papers like the Chicago Tribune’s arts newspaper, Redeye, and their newspaper for students, The Mash, I didn’t really get to write about the real stuff for those six or seven years that I wrote for them. And although the Tribune Content Agency also distributes a different column of mine, I’m only allowed to do traditional horoscopes for the publications that pick up my columns. So I’m stuck with providing a Reader’s Digest condensed version of astrology, which is rather like attempting to explain the mysteries of the universe with a hastily drawn doodle. (Only to be attempted by a fool or a masochist — like me! )

But here at LipstickMystic.com I can write about anything I want! Yay! So if you’re interested in going beyond those light-hearted horoscope “sketches” and really looking at some of the cool things happening with the cosmos, this is the place to be. I sometimes post astrology material or updates about the intense electromagnetic energies we’re experiencing at times like the full moons and solstice times. Plus I sometimes post articles about what’s really going on with various sun signs to help you overcome core weaknesses and develop your hidden talents and strengths.

You’ll find a list of my sun sign profiles here: Secrets of the Signs article series.

And if you’re interested in other subjects like understanding how to heal from various problems or energy blockages, discovering how to tap into your own psychic abilities, or reading contrarian views about life, the universe, and everything, please stick around.

Warning: I tend to rant at times because when I see others being abused or misused, or I work with people recovering from damaging things like cults, yoga, Reiki, or many other “New Age/sewage” practices, I get very passionate and protective of these lovely people! So if four letter words make you upset, please visit another site where the writer adheres to a cheesy point of view like: “Ignore evil; ignore darkness; pretend that everything is okay in the metaphyscial community.” Here, I prefer to shine an unrelenting light on shadowy stuff so that others can be warned and guided instead of being told that there IS no such thing as evil. So many lovely spiritual seekers are set up for abuse by teachers who tell them to deny their natural misgivings or internal warning system when it tells them something is wrong with that teacher, group, or metaphysical practice. And it’s people like me who are left to fix the damage later on. I’d rather shout warnings from the rooftops if necessary to PREVENT people from being harmed, thank you!

A Bit More About Me

Although I had a full-time spiritual counselling and healing practice for ten years, these days, I live the life of a typical shamaness. I’m kind of a hermit in the country who talks with animals much more than she talks with people these days. For the last ten years or so I’ve pretty much been “in school,” learning from Mother Earth and nature and her creatures. Plus I’ve been doing lots of sneaky healing stuff under the radar and lots of cutting edge metaphysical research. I’ll be pumping out books and ebooks like there’s no tomorrow through my publishing company, so do stick around.

I know I’ll be publishing material that tantalizes, teases, challenges, and might even piss you off — which is always a good thing when we’ve become too “stuck” or invested in looking at life in a certain way! I know that I only really learn new things when somebody challenges me to let go of my addiction to framing reality a certain way, so higher truth and a more accurate view of life can finally penetrate through my big, thick head! Maybe you’re that way, too? If so, I think you’ll find me to be a user-friendly and fun type of teacher, not a stodgy, disaster predicting metaphysical “expert.” I’m more like your older sister who is trying to show you lots of cool things about life so you can live in a happier, healthier, and more abundant way.

I always hate posting pictures of myself because it’s so hard to take a good photo of me. You’ll see that around here, cats keep getting in the way.

This is a constant hazard when you live in the country. You never know, for example, when a huge pile of thirteen wobbly fox pups are going to come pouring out of a hedgerow and practically bump into your camera. I took these pics one spring. These were freshly hatched fox pups:

And this little fuzzy dude (or dudette) was about three feet away from me when I took his picture. I was busy pretending I was a tree at the time. I guess it worked.

Living in a place where nature is BIGGER than me, where trees are more common than humans and I’m very aware of my vulnerability to the elements (hurricanes, anyone?) has forced me to get out of my little monkey mind. Living out in nature helps you learn to get grounded, to get real, and to handle your energy in a different way. I still have a long way to go, but I’m making progress!

In the meantime, I think you’ll find me a friendly but occasionally strict teacher. I will only take out my sharp stick and whack you in the head when you really, really deserve it. And throughout the material I write here and publish in my books and courses, I will be shining a sometimes harsh and relentless light on our collective woundedness, dysfunction, and the terrible evils which humankind sometimes gets caught up in. But I do this from a place of love — because I KNOW you (and we!) can do better.

If you’re not afraid to embrace some new ideas and new perceptions, then I think you’ll enjoy sticking around this place.

Thanks to everybody for stopping by the site!

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