Again with the Ayahuasca Crap

So Stuart Wilde is still going on and on about how great ayahuasca is, encouraging people both to join him for an upcoming ayahuasca drinking event in Holland as well as encouraging people to sign up for a “dieta” or intensive series of ayahuasca drinking trips supervised by a South American curandero, who takes people off to live in the jungle for weeks or months and has them drink the stuff every eight hours or so as part of their shamanic training.


If you drink aya, Stuart Wilde describes it like this:

“Aya is the most magnificent transformational experience, it takes you beyond books, concepts and dogma, all those fly out of the window, you quickly become spiritually sophisticated. You know things very few people in the world know, but you have to be ready to see the truth of it all. It is magnificent.” See: Dieta – the Shaman’s Training.

Yes, Olde Stewie sure is spiritually sophisticated. He (allegedly) left his wife and young kid some years ago to wander the world and do his “important” healing work. His second in command, a fellow named Kris Krepcik, is so spiritually sophisticated that he is said to have abandoned his wife and FOUR kids to go off and do his healing work. Both men are known to drive creepy psychic wedges between the couples who attend their events, hitting on the women, making them feel special, and telling them their men are no good. Their “Redeemer’s Club” is filled with fractured, disturbed and spiritually violated people, many of whom ended up sleeping with their teachers and engaging in all manner of bizarre, cult-like behavior.

“Spiritually sophisticated,” indeed.

You can read more about it at an interesting new Facebook page somebody set up talking about Stuart Wilde’s cultish, dangerous reality:

Stuart Wilde Exposed

(And no, it’s not my Facebook page, although its creator references one of my past articles talking about how insanely dangerous ayahuasca is and how it pries open your third eye with a crowbar, turning most people psychotic, making them addicted to taking aya, and/or making them completely dysfunctional and paranoid in their daily, waking life.)

You’ll find my past articles about the dangers of ayahuasaca here:

Ayahuasca or Ayawaska

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And if you’re joining Stuart Wilde for his ayahuasca drinking event in Holland, bring your own security. At one past event the attendees were robbed at gunpoint right after they starting tripping out from one of the world’s most dangerous and highly regulated psychedelics. Don’t assume your physical person or physical belongings will be safe at any ayahuasca drinking event held by Stuart Wilde.

Additional note: if you need powerful, mind-bending drugs in order to connect with feelings of love, experience a sense of intimacy with Mother Earth, or feel a connection to spiritual guides or helpers, here’s a hint: YOU’RE NOT DOING IT RIGHT.

Spiritual perceptions and opening up your psychic gifts will happen naturally, on your own time table; much safer than forcing your entire system open and HACKING INTO IT with a dangerous and questionable herb.

PS: If you have experienced the cult of Stuart Wilde and Kris Krepcik firsthand and have a story to share, even if you want to do it anonymously, feel free to send me a letter describing what you went through. After years of only seeing Stuart’s rather benign and entertaining writings online and in his books, I’m finally being given information from people who have had VERY bad experiences with him in his Redeemer’s Club and at his aya drinking events; I want to provide more info to shine a light on this shady and dangerous character.

I Remote Viewed Stuart Wilde in an Accidental Lucid Dream

By the way, some months ago I had a surprising remote viewing dream about Stuart. At the time, I thought he was a good guy. In the dream, he wanted me to do something for him, but I never found out what. And before he could give me the details, his whole body was violently zapped with a bizarre electrical type of energy that surrounded him like ball lightning, very scary and violent. I can only imagine that this periodic electrical charge is what he’s been calling his “stigmata.” For a period of months or years he’s been talking about how he gets hit by “divine” energy and then ends up bleeding from his hands, manifesting the “stigmata” so popular amongst Catholics who feel that, in bleeding from the hands, they are taking on the suffering of Jesus on the cross and connecting with Jesus’ energies. (As if the real Jesus would want anybody to bleed or experience pain. When Jesus is around, you feel buoyed up, healed, and softened, not zapped with evil, violent energy.)

Anyway, that’s all I saw about Stuart Wilde in my remote viewing dream. If this man is getting zapped by mysterious energy he can’t control, which makes his hands bleed, and now he’s traveling around the world giving people the “Jesus codes” with hands on healing events, I’d steer clear if I were you.

The real Jesus doesn’t make people bleed. That’s all part of the dark blood cult which was overlaid on top of Jesus’ real, original teachings, a tradition the Christian Gnostics tried to keep alive until they were killed off or forced to go into hiding. The Romans brought in all the cannibalistic rituals like drinking his blood and eating his flesh. None of that has anything to do with the real Jesus. Just ask him. (The real Jesus is short, teddy bear looking, Semitic in features, and immensely kind and loving; the fake Jesus aka “Senanda” is pale, blue eyed, and usually presents himself with pale hair, too. One of these things is NOT like the other!)



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