All Your Power Comes from This Present Moment

On the shamanic path that I follow, we’re taught that all of our power comes from THIS moment — from the things you do today, the energies you tap into today. It’s a very present-based system of spirituality, not one based in dwelling on the past or fretting about the future.

This doesn’t mean that it isn’t useful to poke at the past sometimes so you can unearth old, crusty things which need to be healed. You do need to understand what’s gone wrong before so you can correct it now.

But overall, our true power really DOES come from the present.

With any type of metaphysical practice some people might call “magic,” including healing, power prayer or applied faith, traditional magical working, or doing affirmations or visualizations, you really need to summon up a very strong emotional charge and a feeling of certainty that HERE, in THIS moment, you are creating marvelous things.

All of the other tricks like incense, candles, chanting, drumming, singing, dancing around like a spastic rabbit, or whatever else you do as part of your spiritual ritual are just tools and props designed to get you into the right space. Rituals don’t have power in and of themselves. It’s the energy they help you tap into, the feeling state they inspire you to experience, that’s the powerful part of the equation.

If you’re working with a technique like affirmations or doing any type of healing, I encourage you to focus less on what you want to create IN THE FUTURE and focus your attention on AFFIRMING WHAT YOU WANT IN THE PRESENT.

Because all changes, all reality shifts, all timeline shifts, happen from THIS moment. Not a future one.

Too often, people approach their spiritual work from the standpoint of begging a deity — through prayer — for help. And that whole spiritual practice is about constantly feeling displaced from any type of authentic power, because you’re always in a state of hope, anxiousness, doubt, and powerlessness as you’re doing your spiritual practice.

Then people wonder why their prayers never work!

In the shamanic paths and the gnostic paths you don’t set yourself up as less than any god. You honor many spiritual allies and helpers from across multiple dimensions and from around the Universe, and you acknowledge that many of them are a hell of a lot smarter and more evolved than you. But you don’t put yourself BENEATH anybody. Instead, you enter into co-creation with Great Spirit, divine intelligence, etc. And you do this boldly, passionately, clearly, and without apology.

Try tweaking whatever you might be doing as part of your own spiritual practice to get more into feeling powerful in the present. Concentrate on affirming and giving thanks for all the wonderful things and experiences you are having NOW. Bring those feelings and desires down to Earth so you can enjoy them here, in this physical life.

Too often, spiritual practice is all about lining up rewards in a perceived afterlife instead of realizing that there IS no afterlife. There is just LIFE. It’s a continuum of life, and it may take many forms — like being in a physical body for a while and then hanging out in a less dense energy body after that transition we call “death.”

But it’s all life.

Learn how to be powerful, to exert your will, to create what you want, to affirm what you want NOW, and you’ll be setting up a powerful stream of energy and consciousness that will be with you forever — throughout time and space.

*This is a repost from my site, which will be taken down soon as I incorporate the material into other publications.



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