What I’ve Been Sharing with People About the Angels

I haven’t had time to properly compose a long report about this yet, but I’ve been gradually sharing this information in bits and pieces here and also in the private email consults I’m working on with people. It’s about the process I’ve gone through of discovering I had a HUGE “blind spot” about a very deceptive and dangerous group of beings, the “Elohim” or “angels” — especially the beings we would normally consider “guardian angels.”

This is still an emerging area of research for me, which includes teaching people how to dismantle what is essentially a relay tower or broadcast mechanism that exists as a deeply-embedded implant that ALL of us have installed in us pre-birth. This holds a frequency in place that attracts one guardian angel at a time (although sometimes your guardian angel will change, you will always have at least one). The angel in many ways is enslaved and bound just as we are, but they are NOT good beings in how they have harmed humanity in ways that go against universal law for thousands upon thousands of years.

You can collapse this array using many methods, including spiritual willpower, blasting the shit out of it with nice frequencies like electric violet light, creation energy, righteous anger, and/or sound vibration and shamanic drumming. And you can expel the angel and all its friends with simple willpower and a declaration of spiritual independence from the angels and their masters.

They will get very rude with you and might even attack you or send you threatening images or dreams. That’s when they reveal their true natures.

Here is more of a basic overview of what I have been sharing with people about their natures, which ties into the other articles I’ve been writing here about this lately. See: Kicking Some Angel Ass, Death, Reincarnation, the Antimatter Incursion and Why It’s Handy to Have a “Spy” on the Other Side and Are Angels Real? Unfortunately, Yes!) if you haven’t already. If you have received a private consult with me, you may have already read some of this information.

Oh — and just to clarify — the “time angels” I write about in my book aren’t really angels; a more accurate word for them would be time guardians or time essences or time rays. So apologies for any confusion about this if you have purchased my book!

What I’ve Been Sharing with a Lot of People about the Angels

I need to give you some bad news about the beings we call angels. This information is stuff I’ve been hard at work researching over the past few months, and it has caused me to reverse ANY prior recommendations I had given in which I encouraged people to pray to the angels or chat with the angels when they wanted help or guidance. It’s tough stuff to talk about, but I owe it to people who work with me to share my latest research, even when it heads into challenging territory.

So forgive me while I RANT a bit here about the angels.

Over the past three months I was working to regenerate my physical body back to a good place after stress related to caregiving for my ill mother this summer and then coping with her unfortunate death. And also I did a major round of expelling my own psychic goop, including banishing some very complicated linkages to an array of “angels” who turn out not to be very helpful beings at all !

The process of mourning after my mother’s death in the late summer, and also the process of me gaining lots of insider “intel” from her on the other side (she’s turned out to be a great “spy” for me), has sent me on a very interesting journey, spiritually. And it’s taken a lot to process this new information.

This has involved setting aside biases (like being pro-angel) and veils of deception that I had been unknowingly operating under, even though I used to pride myself on being pretty stripped down with my spiritual practice, focusing more on accessing the loving energies of Great Spirit/the intelligent universe and the healing energy of Mother Earth (which are still the two things I strongly recommend that people work with!)

It’s the INTERMEDIARIES we sometimes trust on our spiritual path that require much greater discernment and scrutiny than we even suspect, since even the angels are, I’m discovering, part of the problem that holds humanity back. Yes, this even includes the “archangel” Michael, who came at me and attacked me very angrily when I began to ask a lot of questions and do a lot of discerning/clearing out about the angelic intervention in human affairs. He is NOT a good being!

Unfortunately the angels are part of the violating system down here through which beings have their memories wiped after death, forcing them into amnesia about who they really are and what they are trying to create, and then compelling them into physical bodies again through reincarnation — with their memories of their true selves OBLITERATED. It’s the most horrible type of spiritual rape, and the angels are up to their necks in it, trafficking quite literally in human souls! Reincarnation is ILLEGAL and it goes against universal law; we were never meant to have our memories wiped that way since we are ancient beings who were meant to retain full consciousness of all that we are across creation, across realities.

It’s a mess! And if we consistently work to reclaim our ETERNAL SELF, that continued consciousness that exists across all realities, and work to reclaim our spiritual sovereignty, all MANNER of shit shakes out. And you see what’s really going on and you can start regaining power, cogency, health and wealth. (No joke; right after I started diligently working on this, my energies did a 180 degree turn on all levels. Amazing. This included health, creativity, happiness, and money flow.)

I started to do this this summer (kicking out the angels) after seeing how the angels stood by COLDLY waiting for my mother to die (and they wouldn’t even help with the pain relief, I had to do that all myself). . . and then I had to fight them off so they didn’t wipe her memory and “harvest” her after she died, because they take a huge bunch of energy as “payment” after someone dies when they “deliver” that person’s spirit to their “masters” (the entities we call our gods, goddesses, and ascended masters, who are really negatively-oriented interdimensional beings).

It all became VERY interesting. So I began a process of declaring independence from any angels, guardian or otherwise; which resulted in “Michael” ATTACKING me and being very angry at my declaration of independence.

So much for fluffy, loving angels!

And yet, if you think about, what entities do ALL spiritual seekers, regardless of religion, openly embrace as GOOD beings? ANGELS.

We’ve put our trust in something very nefarious and bad for us.

I’ve unfortunately discovered that our trust in them makes us vulnerable to all manner of misleading CRAP, wrapped in the guise of the benign. Because they can blast us with energy (they actually run your OWN energy and blast you with your OWN love!) you can be clueless about what’s really going on.

I wanted to share this journey with you, because it factors in to how I work with people now in their self-cleansing process and it will permeate through all of my writings and work. I always USED to help people strip away loads of crap, negative conditioning, and more; but now my intention when I work with people is to help them clear out deceptions, lies, and non-optimal or intrusive influences. . . whether they are angels, gurus, discarnates, or Reiki entities.

The idea is to help you reconnect with YOUR power, without need for a “system”, a teacher, etc. And to give you a few tips on self-healing and clearing out psychic miswiring that has probably made it difficult to find your best path. Try to stay focused on this intention, because it will really help you.

More to come!



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