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A commenter at my Facebook page asked me for reminders about where she could find some of my articles about cat communication and our ability to connect spiritually/mentally with animals — I’ve been gathering new pics and stuff to create a newer post about this but am way behind updating Ye Olde Blogge (and following up with folks who have been more than patient re: me finishing up their consults — I promise I haven’t forgotten about all of you!)

Anyway, you can go to Google and type in “ cats” to get some of these articles, or look down at the right in the sidebar under my Earth and Her Creatures category, or you can have a gander at these:

Shit My Cat Says — Part One:
Shit My Cat Says — Part One

Shit My Cat Says – Part Two:
Shit My Cat Says — Part Two

Shit My Cat Says-Simon the Cat:
Shit My Cat Says — Simon the Cat

Shit My Cat Says — Simon Weighs In:
Shit My Cat Says — Simon Weighs In

Cat Telepathy with Becka the Cat:
Cat Telepathy with Becka the Cat

Cats are very independently minded creatures and they won’t generally give you access to what they’re thinking unless they GET that you not only LOVE them but want to build a bridge of ongoing communication with them. Project lots of love to your kitties, beaming out gentle energy (or pink/love energy) from your heart, and try to relax your mind and open your mind to the kitty. You might get an image, a thought, or even a big download of STUFF that they want to tell you.

But sometimes, I have to say, speaking as someone who herds about a dozen cats at any given time, sometimes kitties just want to hang out with you, cuddle, get rubs, and share energy with you—and they don’t have a whole lot to say. One of our kitties, a former feral “special needs” boy who has come a LONG way this past decade–and who now lets us rub him and who sleeps at our feet at night—recently had a typical response when I asked him if he had anything to tell me. He said, in a somewhat whiny voice, “Well, I dunno!” like he was a bit intimidated at my asking him for information.

Every puss is different, and every puss is sacred! :)



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