What About the Archangels Like Archangel Michael? Bad News.

I’m continuing to share, as best as possible, the information I’ve been learning about the true nature of the angels. Check out the last few weeks of blog entries here for more in this series. I’ll have more to share about this in the weeks and months ahead, but for now, I wanted to repost a comment I made when somebody at my Facebook page asked me about the archangels like archangel Michael and what is going on with them.

My response:

It’s a complicated picture, and I don’t want to be too brief or abrupt about this — but we are implanted with a piece of technology pre-birth that holds a frequency that in turn holds an “angel” in place as our guardian angel. This angel can change over time.

This angel’s “job” is to subtly undermine you and blind you with confusing influences and diversions that just slightly knock you off course so your life gets derailed in various ways and you always find true health, wealth, creative fulfillment, love, etc. slightly out of reach; because the “bosses” they work for further up the food chain DO NOT WANT YOU TO BECOME TOO POWERFUL.

The angels and the demons are the same beings, just slightly different in how they manifest, they use different energies. But they are really bad cop/good cop; one POSING as your friend, the other coming at you hard with obvious “evil,” when they actually BOTH derail you spiritually.

A guardian angel is a prison guard. It takes 10% of your lifeforce over the course of your life and then at the time of your death takes a huge energy payment for “delivering” you to the gods and goddesses, the ascended master/ET’s/negative interdimensionals that the Gnostics warned about, and the Gnostics called them the archons.

Real real “Great Spirit” or a divine “God” type of presence has nothing to do with the angelic hierarchy or any hierarchy at all, for that matter. Universal intelligence is a freely available field of loving, creative, expansive energy that is accessible to all of us as evolving creatures of the universe.

The angels, especially the archangels (who come in to work on psychically open people to lead THEM into problems, I discovered) traffic in human souls and wipe our memories and force us into coerced reincarnation. This is spiritual rape and violation of the worst type.

The angels were the ONE group of beings I never started out being skeptical or cautious about; unfortunately at a youngish age, in my teens, I just began assuming that they were “good” since everybody believes that and hey, angels are always presented as so lovely and fluffy and perfect! But you know what? They don’t actually broadcast loving energy. Instead, if you feel a blast of love that seems to come from them, they are actually running this energy FROM YOUR OWN ENERGY SYSTEM……using your OWN LOVE and nice life force as a feedback to deceptively give you a little bit of what might feel like “love” coming from them or coming from a higher power, only it is not.

The archangel Michael was extremely angry when I started confronting him and asking questions of him and the angels starting this summer; he even came at me and attacked me. It turns out that very few spiritual seekers are onto their game and they are very arrogant about humanity falling for them! And they report back to their “masters” to find ways to trip you up the moment you start to become too successful, too whole, too on track with your own spiritual awakening.

You can dismantle the implant that draws angels toward you and kick them out using spiritual willpower; at first you will feel a little lonely, and THEN all the REPRESSED energy from the universe that had been locked off and blocked off from you floods back, and the real cool stuff happens like major healing, better life and money flow, etc. Angels and archangels = archons. I will have more articles going up about this, stay tuned!

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