Are Angels Real? Unfortunately, Yes!

I’m going to be posting this on all my current and past articles about angels, because I feel that the new research I’ve been doing is very important to consider as you work on discerning what works best for you in your own spiritual practice. And this year I’ve been forced to change my formerly “pro-angel” stance to a “guardian angels are just another nasty type of ‘prison guard’” point of view.

My continuing research into the many, many deceptive presences who throw humans off from attaining true psychic clarity and spiritual sovereignty has resulted in many rather unfortunate but ultimately EMPOWERING observations about the true nature of the beings we consider to be “angels.” Hint: angel/demon, it’s the same diff. They engage us in a twisted game of “bad cop/good cop,” making us think that ONE class of Elohim (or whatever their true species is) is different from another. When the truth is that they are THE SAME species, and most of them are engaged in a twisted game of spiritual distraction, diversion, and energy draining down here on Earth.

Basically, if you think the angels are working for you, or that they have your best interests at heart, think again! They serve an entirely different, dark group of “masters” whose goal is to keep you off balance, to disconnect you from your memory (wiping your memory and causing spiritual amnesia at the time of death) and to force you into a damaging cycle of continual reincarnation. ALL HUMANS and ALL BEINGS ON THIS PLANET are being forced into this instead of being allowed to experience very long lives, continued memory without any disruption of consciousness, and then FREE WILL about where they choose to go next as their lifetime in that physical body comes to a natural end. We were always meant to be joyful travelers through this amazing universe; not prisoners of a system that continues to violate and harm us in illegal ways (that go against universal law).

See a new article about this here — if you haven’t seen it already:

Death, Reincarnation, the Antimatter Incursion and Why it’s Handy to Have a “Spy” on the Other Side

And look for loads more info to be shared here and in my other books, writings, etc.

As always, use your own discernment surrounding any ideas expressed here — but I want to encourage you to simplify your spiritual process to using energies that are 100% guaranteed “safe:”

* The healing, grounding, regenerative, and truly loving energies of Mother Earth. Pull those up through your body, or put your “roots” down to her, build a relationship with her where you can really feel Earth chi healing you—-and see my series of articles about how to get grounded, which start here:

Mother Earth with Some Messages About How to Get Grounded

* The loving, expansive, creation-based energies of Great Spirit — or Spiritual Creator — or Source — or the Force — or the loving intelligence of the Universe. Don’t pray UPWARDS because you are most likely still conditioned to look for “approval” by looking ABOVE to a “god” in the “heavens” (or interdimensional spaceship or whatever.) From having come of age in our current culture, we have all received mind control that conditions us to expect emotional abuse from an affection-withholding nasty entity people call God in the three main Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Instead of praying to THAT unholy mess of an entity, focus on accessing the truly powerful, truly loving energies of the universe. These come in more like rays, all around your body, from all directions and dimensions. Learn to tap into this unlimited supply of loving energy and you’ll be able to shake out psychic debris or psychic “clutter” and correct any spiritual miswiring you might be experiencing. We ALL have psychic miswiring and have to do some work to clear out our spiritual circuitry, just because we came of age in a culture that has massive dysfunction in matters of spirituality and religion and MISTEACHES us how to access spiritual energy. We can fix this, though, by firing our gods! (And angels, too; let’s put them out of work so they can’t feed on us or mess us up anymore.)

I can say this: you will have the greatest clarity and well-being when avoiding ANY “intermediaries” or spiritual “go-betweens” — be they angels, demons, guides, ascended masters, or the Spaghetti Monster’s minions. :) YOU are all that you need to connect with the raw battery power of this amazing, creative universe!



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