Are Mermaids, Bigfoot, Etc. Real? Yup.

The other day someone posted an interesting question at my Facebook page.

“Just out of interest Jennifer, what are your thoughts on the Animal Planet’s hoax/fake show on mermaids?”

Here’s my response, edited slightly for grammar and flow — plus I’m adding more content here to form a more complete picture of what I was trying to express:

There ARE real mermaids, only there are just a few still left on the planet. From my understanding, they mostly live in very far north seas.

But most of them are in the etheric now and are living more in “3.5-D” to our 3-D. I don’t know too much about them other than that they were VERY protective of places like Ireland in ancient times, swarming around Viking ships and other invading presences because Ireland has such sacred and powerful ley line energy. And the mermaids are very attuned to the ley lines and travel them.

I haven’t seen the mermaid TV show, but I DO sometimes enjoy the guys who do the Bigfoot show on Animal Planet. They are definitely tracking real beings.

I hate the “skeptic” woman on that show, though, as she keeps those kind woolly beasts away from getting filmed with her yucky energy!

Bigfoots (Bigfeet? Bigfeets?) are like mermaids and dragons. There are some still here in the physical realm, but mostly they have retreated to 3.5-D and they only occasionally pass through here.

I actually had a Bigfoot stop by a few weeks ago, almost manifesting in 3-D. You see, I’m very lucid when I’m asleep and a part of me is always on “patrol,” scanning any visitors, presences, and so on that come around — and beating the shit out of unwanted ones! :) (Have I mentioned I have a zero tolerance policy for nasty critters with bad house manners?)

Anyway, I found myself monitoring the kitchen for some reason. Suddenly, a HUGE Bigfoot came in the kitchen, foraging for food, apparently. I was struck by how tall he was — easily nine feet or so. And my brain wanted to identify him as “brown bear” but as I looked carefully, I could see it had a Bigfoot face and much more human type of facial expressions. This was no bear!

I got the sense that this was a youngish male Bigfoot out for a “walkabout”, perhaps moving between 3.5-D and almost manifesting in 3-D. That happens a lot where I live because the house sits right on a major ley line. We’ve had lots of interesting travelers from different dimensions stop by over the years, including elves, dwarves, a race of faerie-like beings called the Moggary, and more.

This Bigfoot was hungry and he still had the bodily impulses of needing to find food all the time. (I would imagine the metabolism of a Bigfoot is an awesome thing since they’re so huge!) And in this lucid dream encounter, he was going into my fridge, and I was warning him about all the foods in there he really couldn’t eat. For example, I had a small Ziploc bag of leftover chicken meat in there, and I had to explain to him that he shouldn’t just chew on the bag to get inside to the meat because the plastic would make him sick. I didn’t know how much he understood about human food, human stuff like bags and jars and containers, that type of thing.

You know what he specifically asked for? Peanut butter! I guess he had had that before and REALLY liked it. Unfortunately, I had to tell him we didn’t have any.

Then he sort of gestured to me and said, “You come with me.” And I got a little scared as it seemed a little like “You come and be Bigfoot’s woman!” And I was very aware of how, even though he seemed friendly, he was HUGE and powerful. I didn’t want him dragging me off to his cave! I got the sense that he WAS a youngish male and was out looking for a mate.

So I very quickly, and with a little panic, telepathically told him I had a family and “children” (the cats!) I specifically said, “You wouldn’t take a mother away from her children, would you?” And he got the message immediately. I could tell that he was a nice being, but he also had a strong, animal-like energy, too; very much a feeling of a hybrid of human and bear or something. Intelligent, but animal-like, too. He certainly didn’t mean me any harm.

And then he cheerfully went off to wherever he was going.

The physicality of the dream was so strong that I suspect he was just barely in 3.5-D and still largely in 3-D, especially since he was communicating such clear desires for food — and also for female companionship!

Perhaps he only recently evolved to that slightly less dense vibration of being in 3.5-D, and he was still carrying around the sense memory about wanting regular food from this realm. Or maybe he is a species that can actually move between 3-D and 3.5-D pretty easily. I’m not sure.

But it was interesting getting to talk with a Bigfoot in a lucid dream!



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