Art with Entities: Faces, Devas, and Angels

Sometimes I get into a little trouble when I’m doing my little abstract art pieces for this blog. But most of the time some cool things happen, and I’ll end up creating an image like the somewhat faerie-like or angelic winged things that you see in this image at the left. To me this cheery little image looks like a window into the faerie realm or a lens into the angelic realm.

Sometimes little nature creatures will show up within an image, like a dragonfly or another interesting winged thing.


But once in a while I’ll be in the middle of making art and something weird shows up. Today I was working on an abstract sphere and trying to make it look a little like the Earth, a blue planet with continents on it, and I noticed this:

Notice anything weird about it?

Who’s that dude? And what’s he doing on my planet? Do I want him there? I don’t think so. Get off my world, mister! You’re an interloper.

Whenever my art takes a weird turn like that I go back to gazing upon my happy little flying winged creatures. It puts me in my happy place.




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