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If you enjoy home crafts, you've probably experimented with everything from knitting to crochet to quilting. Quilting is addictive! It's a great way to create a family heirloom as well as keep your loved ones warm.

Once I started quilting I quickly noticed that people were always asking me if I would make a quilt for them. At the time, I didn't think anything of it.

Then my friend Sarah had a new baby and was dying to have me make a baby quilt for her newborn. I came up with a pretty pattern in pale pastel blues and pinks (I had to start working on it before the baby was born, and she didn't know what the sex would be!) Sarah loved the quilt and her baby Nathan used it for the first two years of his life. Now it's packed away for when Sarah has another child or maybe for when her grandchildren arrive - either way Sarah says the quilt I made her is one of her most cherished items.

Sarah wanted to pay me for making this quilt but I would have none of it!  She's a dear friend who dates back to my high school days. She's like a sister to me. So I wouldn't dream of letting her pay me for the quilt.

But then something unexpected happened.

Sarah showed the baby blanket to her family and friends and everybody raved about it!  Pretty soon I was getting requests from people to make quilts for them. Some people wanted quilts for their elderly parents so that these senior citizens could have something pretty to snuggle up with at the nursing home. Or they wanted quilts that their kids would enjoy made out of fun shapes like snowflakes or family crests. With heating costs getting higher every winter, it's nice to curl up under a warm quilt at night!

I started to have so many requests for quilts that I didn't know what to do!  I wanted to make quilts, but I didn't know how I could balance quilt making with my "day" job.  As any quilter knows, quilting is time consuming, especially when you really care about what you are doing!

Well soon I was accepting small fees for the quilts I was creating. This was nice but before long I found that the cost for materials and my time was getting out of balance on these projects. I spent so many hours working on these quilts. And quite honestly I could have been spending that precious time doing other things - like that spring cleaning I've been meaning to get to for over a year. Or going to the gym once in a while.  You know how it is! There is rarely enough hours in a day to get things done.

After a while I realized I needed to get serious about the quilting work I was taking on. I suddenly saw that this was a BUSINESS and I'd better start treating it like one if I wanted to continue doing it!

I didn't know anything about running a business, though. At least not a home crafts business.  What should I charge? What were other people charging?

After doing a little research I soon realized that people were willing to pay thousands of dollars (yes that's right - thousands of dollars, not hundreds of dollars!) for custom made family quilts because they saw them as precious items that would be handed down as heirlooms. They looked as these quilts I was making as extremely valuable - and with all that handiwork, they certainly were valuable!

So I needed to adjust my prices and I needed to start putting a schedule together. I needed some sort of business plan.

And I confess, I was totally overwhelmed.  How was I going to sort this out? I knew that there was serious money to be made from my favorite hobby, but I needed help pulling it all together.

That's when everything came to a crisis for me. Last fall I nearly had a nervous breakdown!  I was trying to finish up some quilts that people had ordered for Christmas, but I wasn't putting aside any money for ME after doing all that work and dealing with the inevitable time crunch that always happens at the holidays.

Then I found someone who has truly been my savior!  Her name is Michelle Frost.

You may have heard of Michelle. She runs the fabulous free quilting membership site called Quilting Weekly. She knows the quilting world inside out. This lady is an expert!

She recently came out with a guide to starting, running, and maintaining your own successful quilting business. She's put everything she knows into this guide - all of her own personal years of experience as a quilter and as a quilt seller and forum administrator.

She pulls together all the information quilters need to avoid common mistakes - the same ones I made! - when starting their quilting business. And she gives you an easy, step by step guide to getting your quilting business off on the right track.

Fortunately, it wasn't too late for me to take her guidance to heart. By implementing a few changes and following her guide carefully, I now have a successful quilting business that is happier and more abundant than anything I could have done before. I'm on track to make five figures from my quilting business in 2008 - and that's from working part-time, when I feel like it, doing quilt projects I love!  It doesn't get any better than this!

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