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*UPDATE: We had a great discussion in the comments section. Some of the topics we covered included:

* Is the sun sign really useful or not to help you figure out core qualities of your personality?
* Do you really need to do affirmations every day for them to work?
* Do pets who die come back to you?
* How can you clear negative energy from a baby’s room or child’s bedroom?
* How does dense or negative energy come into our bodies and physical spaces in the first place? What can we do to prevent it?
* What healing modalities did I personally use to help me be in the right “tithing” space while on a fun vacation with my family at a casino, which allowed me to instantly manifest $4000?
* What are the upcoming New Moon times — perfect time for writing yourself a new moon abundance check?
* How can you start accessing information for yourself about your past lives?
* If you’re having troubles and confusion and would like to talk with a gifted psychic or life coach, which people do I recommend?
* How can you discern between good metaphysical teachings and distorted or “bad” ones?
* How did I figure out certain teachers and metaphyscial practices are very bad news?

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Lipstick Mystic

I want to thank everyone for submitting their questions – they were very thought provoking and fun to answer!

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Thanks again!

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Lipstick Mystic

Hi Donna,
Sure! I’m a lucid dreamer which means even if I’m not paying attention to what’s going on around me, energywise, during my waking time, I receive “first alerts” or warnings in my dreams. Sometimes I get very badly, almost physically attacked, by an aggressive entity and/or the person that entity is connected to. This shows me the true nature of what is going on with that person. I don’t LIKE it very much, but it has been very helpful over the years to see things in dreamspace so I can know what’s really going on.

In the case of when I had registered to take my first weekend class with “Master” Choa Kok Sui, I was in the hotel preparing to go the first class that was to be held there over the weekend. I began getting the absolute SHIT kicked out of me by Kok Sui in the astral, and I could perceive horrific demonic stuff attached to him. This entity appeared to be very “threatened” that I was going to be taking the classes that weekend. This was a complete surprise to me because I had been to some informal meditation gatherings with one of Kok Sui’s sub-teachers, an extremely gifted and loving and genuine healer (Glenn Mendoza who is also a neonatalogist working with at risk preemie infants in his day job.) And I hadn’t had any warnings about taking classes in person with Kok Sui, who was the founder of pranic healing. I assumed that if one of his sub-teachers was great that obviously Kok Sui would be good, too.

I felt that I was supposed to learn about things on several levels and even though I was exhausted from defending myself against the bastard and his demonic companion (who turns out to be named Mei Ling, an old “Tibetan master” said to be a reincarnation of Buddha, bullshit, bullshit, demon demon demon) :) ….I went to that weekend’s classes with Choa Kok Sui anyway. I heavily shielded myself and tried to draw as little attention to myself as possible.

Choa opened the next morning’s class literally bitching at everyone, saying their energies weren’t good and “I don’t know why most of you are here.” Keep in mind that we had paid $1000 for a weekend’s worth of classes! :) Way to make people feel welcome, bro!

The classes were pretty basic and useless for me, one was about clairvoyance and one was about — I’m actually blanking about what it was about. These weren’t the pranic healing classic workshops where you learn how to actually sweep out congested energy from a person and sometimes inject a little light whitish color, like light whitish green or violet, into that area for healing. This was Kok Sui’s special classes which he only taught once or twice a year in our area since he traveled around the world a lot.

I think Mei Ling, his entity attachment, didn’t like me at the class!

A year or so later I took another weekend class with Choa; this time in kriyashakti (manifestation) and feng shui. We did a SHITLOAD of clearing the space and so on beforehand, and this was a completely different Choa. Kinder, less cranky, he even singled me out and complimented me on various things I was sharing in the classes.

Still, the night before the courses, I had a horrific lucid dream in which he was arrogantly saying, “You think you’re a healer? Heal this!” and in the dream Choa blasted a huge gaping hole in somebody’s abdomen, and I instantly used sound healing to repair the hole and heal that person. Then in the dream Choa grabbed me and tried to take me into a dark dimension, and I fought him off, and when he knew he was beat, he morphed into a horrific grinning skull covered with blood.

Pay attention to your dreams, folks! You’ll see people’s true natures. You’ll see what various teachers are really carrying around.

Similar things happened to me the two times I stupidly took hatha yoga classes. This is the very basic, “benign” yoga everybody starts out with, right?

Yeah, right.

Both times after taking a class or two horrific albino Nordic ET’s (very negative interdimensional beings who pretty much created all the world’s religions and distorted every real metaphysical practice humans have ever attempted to follow) tried to violate me in various ways. I fought them off, sent them packing, and didn’t return to yoga class. (Although the first time I took yoga with one teacher I was trying to convince myself that maybe it was just that TEACHER who was the problem, not the entire energetic lineage of yoga. So a couple of years later I took a few yoga classes with a different teacher. Same shit happened. Those entities openly bragged to me in one dream that they “owned” yoga, that they had invented all the “knowledge” passed down to us stupid humans since way back before ancient Egypt. Fucking assholes.)

Pay attention to your dreams!

And also carefully measure any emotional changes, physical symptoms, and general manifestation of “chaos” in your life which might kick up right after you have hooked up with a religious group, metaphysical group, or holistic healer or spiritual teacher. If bad stuff is happening, don’t let it get worse. Opt for safety and caution and get the hell out of there. Avoid dealing with that person anymore.

This goes for religions, too. I’ve sniffed out a couple of Christian churches run by black magicians or black sorceror types – some female, some male. All ministers. All alleged spokespeople for God, pillars of the community, etc. Fucking demonic pieces of shit spreading nasty energy to all the sweet people in the congregation, FEASTING OFF the genuine loving energy those people give off during prayer.

Don’t let ANYBODY feed on you. That’s a mark of a spiritual parasite, or it’s the sign of somebody who is hooked IN to more powerful and big parasitical beings, on the demonic and/or negative ET/negative interdimensional side of things.


Hi Lipstick Mystic. Can you tell me a little more about your experience with various teachers and how you figured out they were off base or hooked into negative energy?

Lipstick Mystic

Welcome! If there is any subject in particular you’d like to see covered here, feel free to comment on this here or send me a note at letters[@]


I love your site,I recently found it and am so glad! Just wanted to say that to you!


Lipstick Mystic

Hi Matt! (I’m going to call you Matt the Cat because I have an ancient cat named Matt.)

For me it all goes back to learning how to feel energy in my body, in my heart, in the soles of my feet. I’m so lucky because throughout my childhood I was taking acting classes, improv classes, performance classes, and learning to “play” in a structured way. This allowed my nervous system to become very sensitized to feeling energy. When you learn how to do a monologue and conjure up tears on demand, or you learn how to step into the very zany and frenetic high happiness of a comedic farce, you learn how to move energy THROUGH your body and OUT. You also learn to receive it, from your fellow performers onstage as they’re doing a scene with you, and from the audience, too.

Around my mid-teens I realized I wanted to learn more about God or Great Spirit or Jesus or whomever, to really get to the “truth” — or perhaps, my truth. My family wasn’t religious, we were nominally Christian but went to church just a couple of times when I was small. So I didn’t have any indoctrination one way or another about stuff.

I sat down one evening with a candle and sincerely, with a big, open heart, asked Jesus to guide me and tell me who he was. Should I be worshipping him? Should I be going to church? Was I doing anything wrong with my life that needed fixing?

To my surprise I had an inner vision of him, such a cool teddy bear of a sweetheart, just all love of the highest magnitude possible. He didn’t really say anything except don’t worship me, don’t pray to me. He hinted that there was something bigger, broader, more encompassing and loving and mysterious that both he and I were a part of, and he was one of many teachers or guides who could help put me in a loving space and connect with those energies.

For me everything goes back to learning how to feel energy and sniff it out through my body, and also things need to feel loving and warm and happy like Jesus’ energy did to me that day (and still does.)

If it doesn’t “smell” right to me, I tend to avoid it.

Everybody will find their own way to sort through and discern things; but I try to poke at modalities and teachings which to my mind have maybe gotten a bit off track, a bit distorted — especially anything which seems to promote fear or inspire feelings of dependency and enslavement.

Because Jesus’ energy is the opposite of that, and so is the energy of all the loving creatures of the universe.


I think it’s a continual challenge sifting through the various confusing and contradictory teachings out there. Thank you for providing some insights from the standpoint of someone who has been working in the holistic community for a long time. Do you have any tips for the average person about discernment, how to attract the right energies and that type of thing? Thanks in advance.

Lipstick Mystic

Hi Laura!

Remember, none of us has a complete pipeline to truth – we’re all works in progress. So even when I give my own strong opinion about something, it’s from my own ever-evolving sense of truth. Always measure anything you read here (and elsewhere) through your own filter. Sometimes I only have time to briefly outline some of my concerns about a cultic belief or life-defeating philosophy in one of my articles here, so I will also cover these things in much greater depth in my books. In my new Case Files book (I’m madly working on it as we speak! :) ) I talk a lot more about how to remove doom and gloom endtimes programming from your thinking and WHY it matters. So stay tuned.

Meanwhile, it sounds like you’re at a bit of an impasse, personally, and that’s never any fun. I’d love for you to focus on the idea of reclaiming your personal power and putting yourself into the BEST SITUATION FOR YOU. Concentrate on being in the best probability, the healthiest and happiest timeline. A gifted colleague and friend of mind who does personal consultations about how to effect wonderful reality shifts is the lady I would recommend you get in touch with. She’s the author of a book about healing the aura called Aura Advantage, she trained as a physicist but it also a gifted psychic, and she is a worldwide expert on real reality shifts. Her name is Cynthia Larson. You can check out her free newsletter and loads of material on her site:

And then if you scroll through the site in this area you’ll find info about how to set up a consultation with her:


Email her first to make sure she is still available for consults; I hope she has time because she’s great! She will help you see your life in a new way.

I would also recommend the lovely Alijandra who does color healing work, is a tremendously gifted and loving psychic, and does consultations as well:

I haven’t been in touch with either lady for a while, so check with them to see if they’re still working one on one with people.

And if you can’t afford a session, read through Cynthia’s archived reality shift material. I think it will give you some good ideas to be meditating on. My sense is that if you can focus on magnetizing the best energy for YOU to have in your life then all the personal stuff will seem a lot clearer.

Best to you!


Thanks,Lipstick, for sharing so much good info with us! So much is confusing or contradictory, I will be searching your site to learn what you have to say about ascension andp 2012. In the meantime, I have a question: 0the path I embarked upon with my husband, Ray (after his incarceration), has become Complicated by his deportation, my son’s addiction and adhd problems, (he is 31 and lives with me), and my financial issues. I am have not been able to visit Ray in 3 years. I am. Confused and living I. Limbo, and don’t know what to so or to hope for. Ray says he is still committed to our marriage (he also has financial challenges, living in Jamaica). Any advice on how I can find answers would be so appreciated. Thanks so much. Laura

Lipstick Mystic

Quick note: I have to head out for the rest of the day, probably through the evening, too. Please continue to submit your comments and I’ll approve them and respond some time tomorrow, most likely in the afternoon. Thanks for your participation! You rock! :)

Lipstick Mystic

If you want to get in touch with your past lives in an authentic, organic way, here are some tips:

1) Examine any unusual attraction you have to a specific foreign country, foreign language, or art or literature from another country;

2) If you have particular fondness for the cuisine of another culture (one you didn’t grow up in,) that’s another clue;

3) If you are drawn to certain types of historical time periods in movies, theater, or books — another clue;

4) If you have a weird and highly specific phobia, there’s another clue;

5) If you really HATE a particular country or the people or culture of another place, there’s another clue.

Any type of “irrational” passion for or aversion to something is a big clue about at least one of your past lives.


* A friend of mine has been the most INSANE train fanatic since early childhood; but his fondness is for specific, older steam trains. He had a past lifetime running trains which traveled across the US during the Industrial Revolution/late 1880′s.

*Another friend of mine had a lifelong aversion since childhood to mushrooms; she was able to access bits and pieces of conscious recall about dying from eating poisonous mushrooms.

*I have had a lifelong problem with heights, only my situation is very bizarre; I feel tremendously confident and happy going part of the way up a mountain and then I get two thirds of the way up or across a high height and I am paralyzed; I was able to gain conscious recall of being the male head of a circus family in central Europe hundreds of years ago, and I died while being a bit too cocky and not concentrating carefully two thirds of the way across the rope, plummeting to my instantaneous death.

*While visiting the Boston Commons area of Boston as a young woman for the first time my entire body was flooded with this sensation of being there as another person in early colonial days; the sensation was so vivid it was like I was seeing into two dimensions or two realities simultaneously. Later, I was able to access bits of information about having lived with a large family there in the early 1700′s and my family ran a trading company. I could see packages and goods wrapped up in twine and paper getting ready to be shipped out or received at the docks. Fast forward in time to when my soulmate guy (this was before he and I got together) had a reading with a gifted psychic friend of mine. She told him he once ran a trading company in Boston during the colonial era. (I had never told her about my own memories of a similar lifetime.) She was basically able to confirm that he and I knew each other then, without realizing that she was helping clarify this connection.

*My honey and I also each independently found that we had had a lifelong interest in and fondness for the Alsace region of France and enjoyed Alsatian white wines. I’d never met anybody before or since who felt drawn to that area, even though neither of us had visited there in this lifetime; and I also never knew anybody who got excited about Alsatian wines. We gradually pieced together an entire joint history of having living there on a vineyard a long time ago.

*A friend of mine from my elementary school days was BIZARRELY OBSESSED with the currency of England when we were children. He was always playing “banker” and talking about shillings and guineas and all of that uniquely British currency. Nobody knew what he was on about, but he was friendly and nice, so we just kind of watched his obsession being acted out. As a college student he took a semester abroad and found himself walking through London. He was able to navigate through certain streets, especially very teeny tiny winding streets, completely automatically, almost like a bodily sense took over, he said, and he just knew where to go and which alleys cut through different streets. We pieced together a past life for him as someone who handled money, like an ex-chequer (tax man) or something, in England hundreds of years ago.

*I was preparing for a theater audition once and decided to do a monologue from one of Shakespeare’s comedies, As You Like It. I had never read it before and didn’t know anything about the play. All I knew was that it had a female lead with lots of comic monologues and that other actresses always wanted to play that character since it was one of the biggest female roles Shakespeare had written. As I paged through the play, I came to a monologue and at random experimented with the language, to see if it would flow nicely for me. I tried memorizing a few phrases. To my surprise, I ALREADY KNEW THE ENTIRE MONOLOGUE. I obviously had a lifetime where I was involved with theater, and for a while in this lifetime I felt a strong compulsion that I should act professionally. I did so successfully for some years and then my psychic abilities sort of blew open and led me down a different path.

Try to look at organic things in your life, compulsions, fears, attractions — you’ll find keys to your past there.

Also it’s helpful to keep in mind that 1) We don’t have to reincarnate if we don’t want to and 2) we don’t always incarnate in linear time; meaning, you could have a lifetime in the 1800′s, die in that body, and then go BACKWARD in time to 1640 and incarnate then. These are two things not commonly discussed (and believe me, my book about death and dying will cover this in depth.)


Do you have any advice about how to find out more about past lives? I was thinking about seeing a hypnotist for this.

Lipstick Mystic

Sure. I should probably post a more extensive article about this, but for now:

Thursday, July 19th, 12:24 am (Eastern Time in the US) the New Moon will be in Cancer
Friday August 17th, 11:54 am the New Moon will be in Leo
Saturday, September 15th 10:11 pm the New Moon will be in Virgo

I’ll post more about upcoming planetary trends in some articles soon.


Would it be possible for you to post the new moon times? I noticed you had done this at one of your affirmations sites for a while. I was thinking of writing a new moon abundance check at the next new moon but I don’t know when it is. Thanks.

Lipstick Mystic


(In case people don’t get the reference, Moni is talking about the first lesson of my Money Materialization Course, which people can download for free if they sign up for my free newsletter – see signup form at right. In the first lesson I relate the exact “spiritual tech” I used to be in the right mental and spiritual space and do some fun instant manifestation of $4000 in slot machine wins in Atlantic City. The Money Materialization Course teaches people how to get into this space by releasing negative financial programming, learning how to do affirmations and visualizations in a different way than is usually taught, and more.)

The only two healing modalities I was taught by others, and which I have heavily adapted using my own intuition to provide some missing pieces, are something called “pranic healing” which was originally taught by Choa Kok Sui and also various shamanic healing techniques taught to me by a tenth generation Celtic shaman and also one student of Michael Harner. But what I do when I work on people is mostly very much my own stuff, and I can’t endorse pranic healing because, while most of the teachers of this technique have wonderful, loving, and impeccable energy, Kok Sui had a lot of black and yucky energy and was hooked into an entity he called Mei Ling. Mei Ling, it turns out, is one of those entities masquerading as one of the reincarnations of Buddha, but he’s really just your usual, garden variety negative “ghoul” (combination “ET” and interdimensional traveler from a negative dimension) distorting knowledge for genuine spiritual seekers and making things more complicated for them. A similar distortion is present in Reiki as it’s currently taught and in every form of yoga I’ve checked out. It’s the same custodial beings who have distorted spiritual teachings and manipulated humanity into becoming enslaved to “gods” for, Geez, a gazillion years! (By the way, Buddha himself? Very cool dude. He gets quite pissed off at all these characters coming out of Tibet saying that they’re connected to his energy, which is loving and clear and clean of garbage.)

Okay, that was a very long-winded explanation.

Pranic healing is the use of COLOR ENERGY to heal. And really the most important technique within the larger teaching of pranic healing is one which pranic healers themselves don’t stress very much, and that is the REMOVAL OF DISTORTED OR CONGESTED ENERGY FROM THE BODY AND THE CHAKRAS.

You can take your hand, using the outer edge of it rather like a paintbrush, and “sweep” out congested energy from a person, an organ, a chakra, or an area of your body — you can do this on yourself or another person. You could also use a crystal, preferably a nice large clear quartz crystal with just one point at the end, to do the same thing. Visualize sweeping out excess energy, congestion, and illness from the affected area of the body. There! I just saved you $300 or more for the pranic healing course. :)

(As you learn to work with healing energy a bit more and do hands on work for people, you’ll become more sensitized and aware of what’s going on. Your hand will feel “sticky” as you pull stuff out of someone or out of yourself, so wash it regularly or keep spraying your hand with something like a mixture of water and a nice essential oil to keep cleaning it while you work. It’s basically a form of psychic surgery and you want to keep your instrument clean. Same is true if you’re using a crystal; spray it periodically while you’re doing your healing work and then wash it off really good afterwards. Clairvoyants see the goop that accumulates when you’re extractions on people; I usually see dark, sometimes gray goop. It’s real stuff.)

I swept out my parents lower legs because they have lots of knee problems and get tons of excess energy building up there, which in turn causes them aches and pains. When I remove the congested energy they are much better for a while, but when you work on healing family members things are always complicated. You have to have their permission to do the work, and it can’t just be a half-assed type of permission where the loved one says, “Yeah, right, I guess you could do some healing work on me.” They have to really respect what you’re doing and be receptive and grant full permission for healing. Otherwise it will either rebound on YOU (and you’ll pick up their illness) or it will be felt as invasive and intrusive energy by the “patient.”

I also use intuitive techniques like invoking Mother Earth to bring up healing Earth “chi” from within her molten core, visualizing that energy coming up from the center of the Earth and through my parents’ feet and up through their body; and then I also “root” them down into the Earth by helping THEM extend their energy down into the Earth. Older people, especially those with knee and hip problems, have a tendency to not be fully grounded; their energy sort of starts to retreat and pull upwards inside the body. You have to help them to pull this energy DOWN and root themselves into the Earth more, and then their circulation gets better, swelling in the legs goes down, aches lessen, etc.

You mention that Reiki is “not quantificable.” The problem is that we don’t yet have the instruments to accurately measure a lot of the various types of energy which healers and energy sensitives are working with. So you have to rely upon someone like me, the crazy psychic chick ( :) ) to tell you what’s going on if you haven’t yet opened up your own psychic senses. And what happens with Reiki is that people are TRYING to make it something automatic and physical, which you can learn in a weekend, and it’s not. To be an energy healer requires years of practice, training, experimentation, adjustments, tweaking your techniques to improve them, getting feedback from clients, etc. Your average Reiki practitioner is taking one weekend of courses, comes out of it with “Reiki II” certification, and they don’t even know the basics of metaphysical work. Most of them have never invoked God/Great Spirit/Divine Intelligence/Universal Chi or whatever you want to call this wonderful energy before. Most of them can’t see what’s happening to their bodies and their own energy systems as they’re getting “initiated” by a Reiki teacher. If you could see what is happening, the teacher is sort of hooking them up, like plugging them in to an electrical system, only this system is distorted and filtered through that teacher’s OWN psyche and their OWN stuff. Imagine plugging into an extension cord, and then that extension cord is plugging into another extension cord, until you have millions of Reiki people each plugging into other extension cords — but nobody is connecting DIRECTLY to “Source” or to “God” or to “The Force” anymore. Instead, they are plugging in to their teacher’s energy field, who in turn was plugged into HER teacher’s energy field, and so on.

All the healing techniques in the world are widely available to everybody because we’re ALL creatures of energy hanging out in physical bodies. And that energy part of us, if we do things to make it happy (like be creative, laugh, love, invent, explore) will teach us and guide us. We don’t need to be initiated into anything because nobody can put you “spiritually online,” that’s already something that came with your “operating system.” You just have to find spiritual or metaphysical practices, or creative and artistic or interpersonal practices, which help you connect with your own spirit, your own soul, your own heart.

Reiki people are looking for a quick fix to open up their psychic abilities and to become spiritual in a weekend. And they feel that if they pay a lot of money and go through a woo-woo “initiation” with people, especially since EVERYBODY is doing it now (herd mentality) then they will become something special and important and powerful.

But see, that’s the black magic way, the left hand path.

Nobody is more special or more powerful than anybody else. We’re all wonderful and powerful creatures of energy with amazing gifts, it’s just some of us haven’t quite experienced that as truth yet, which is fine. But carrying a certificate around saying that Reiki II makes you a strong energy healer is absolute garbage. Almost all Reiki practitioners I’ve seen and encountered have HORRIFIC STUFF floating in their energy fields, all chaos and unresolved emotions and garbage that their teacher put into them. So very, very sad, because I love these sweet and well-intentioned people who want to heal and to help and to be good creatures of the universe. And getting initiated into Reiki, or receiving a Reiki treatment from someone, just makes everything worse for them. Quite often, their lives go to shit afterwards, with financial losses, major health problems, relationships collapsing, etc.

This was a mad ramble! I hope I made some sense! :)


You related how, in Atlantic City, you did some healing on your parents, and it was one of the reasons you were able to achieve a large win at the casino. What kind of healing modality(ies) do you use, since you mentioned that you disliked Reiki. I am also skeptical of Reiki, since it is not quantificable. I’m glad you warned people off of Reiki. Thank you for your reply.

Lipstick Mystic

Hi Lilly,

Great question!

Think of it this way. Just as industrial factory types of places emit smoke, pollution, and chemicals into the air, people are giving off “psychic pollution” on a daily basis. Clairvoyants and empaths perceive this in different ways; I’m a mixture of both, so sometimes I will actually see gray clouds or black stuff coming off of people, usually originating in the lower chakras — like the base or root chakra, which connects to survival instincts; when people feel threatened about money or survival they will project dark energy from their root area. When people have a lot of sexual intensity going on like they want to pick somebody up and they’re getting very invasive with their energy, pushing their energy on somebody else, I’ll see dense energy come out of their sex chakra or navel chakra, sometimes almost snaking around and poking at attractive people in the immediate environment. This is a HUGE subject which I’ll be tackling a lot more here and in my books, but if you can just think of it as unresolved emotions which people don’t realize they are DUMPING onto others, spiritual or emotional pollution, that’s the easiest way to think about it.

Unfortunately there is also usually a more “esoteric” aspect to this as well, which can consist of negative elementals, energy parasites, and demons or “ghouls” (the opposite of angels on the metaphysical spectrum) which can be in this pollution, too. If someone is conjuring up homicidal rage at someone, they tap into the dark dimensions and if they’re psychically powerful they will actually conjure up a demon or two on the spot! And then they will project that stuff at the person they’re mad at. Depending on that person’s levels of self-love, strength, and psychic immunity, it might just annoy them; or it might ruin their day; and it might even start to cause a low level depression, illness, or tendency to medicate through alcohol or drugs or whatever to feel better. Because the person WILL know that they have been “slimed” somehow, although they might not be aware enough to track the source. This stuff can come at you even from people you don’t know very well, so you have to learn how to monitor your own energy levels regularly to track when something is out of place or out of sorts. Then you need to clear yourself out using any technique that’s comfortable to you — yawning and visualizing releasing goop; invoking your higher self, angels, god/great spirit etc. to help clear you out, taking a salt bath or a nice shower, exercising and sweating out physical and psychic toxins — there are loads of ways to clear yourself out.

You asked specifically how this stuff settles on you. Some of us are more “spongelike,” we’re psychic sponges who are just WAY too open to the energy that’s floating around us. People who are very open are usually psychic empaths, which means they’re very good at picking up on what others are going through, which makes them wonderful and compassionate teachers, healers, parents, and so on. The problem is that they can unintentionally pick up too much energy data from others throughout their day or their week. Children under the age of five are also EXTREMELY open psychically and half the time when one is screaming or freaking out at a store, they’ve been slimed by somebody angry and mean who was projecting hateful energy while they were shopping. Some adults are less sensitive, less psychically open, yet they’re still affected by this ongoing interchange of metaphysical energy; they just might be less aware of it or might not have such intense effects.

We can be MORE vulnerable to picking up “Klingons” and yuck from others when we are:

* Physically tired or emotionally overwhelmed
* Dealing with lots of chaos and feeling ungrounded or off balance
* Surrounded by very large groups of people like on a city street, in a huge office building, or at a store
* When we are suffering from an illness, whether a major one or minor one
* When we have been making bad decisions which are harming us such as allowing ourselves to remain in an abusive romantic relationship or remaining at a toxic work environment,
or indulging in addictive behavior, or eating bad foods or watching porn or playing videogames all the time

To build up your “psychic immunity” you need to always be working at raising the quality of energy in your life. This includes taking care of your health in every way that makes sense,
but it also involves taking a hard look at your relationships and the people you interact with. If certain people ALWAYS bring you down and always seem to be spinning in a vortex
of their own self-destruction, misery, and fear, try to minimize or avoid contact with that person. It will make a HUGE difference. And this includes ditching “friends” who just have
horrible energy and never, ever change.

On a day to day basis, you can do things to raise your energy levels and build your immunity like wearing a few drops of high vibrational essential oil on your wrists or near your heart (frankincense is the best; sandalwood and lavender I rate second best.) You can also “unplug” from phones, excessive and chaotic contact with other people, and give yourself much more quiet time to detox from excessive interaction with others. You can also take salt tubs where you put about a quarter cup of sea salt, maybe with a few drops of essential oil, too, into a hot bath and soak for twenty minutes. The salt helps in a marvelous way to remove psychic “crud” from your system.

From a metaphysical perspective, you’ll want to set the intention that you’re releasing and expelling all NON-ORGANIC energy from your system. This is a very powerful way to invoke or visualize letting all that psychic pollution go. You want to get into a clear mental space where you set strong energetic boundaries between you and others; you’re not going to allow anything non-organic, that is, not originating with you, to penetrate your aura or your energy field.

If you focus on clearing yourself out every day you’ll find these boundaries getting more defined and healthy. You might need some time to learn how to reclaim your psychic space in this way as it’s a different way of thinking about life, but it will really help you feel better and have stronger physical and spiritual health if you can continually work on various ways of self-cleansing!

Again, it’s a huge topic. Look for more about this here and in my upcoming other writing.

(By the way, I outline a lot of ways to do strong self-cleansing in my Money Materialization Course, which I believe Lilly is already taking; but for those of you who don’t know about it, a huge part of the Course is about learning how to strengthen the aura, release negative cords and energies from other people, and reclaiming your psychic space to step into your full power as a sovereign creator — so if you’re interested in this type of self-healing, especially in the context of healing finances and self-esteem, check it out! :) )

Lipstick Mystic

In my article series about How to Clear Negative Energy from a Bar, Restaurant, or Living Space I talk about a bunch of different techniques you can use. I recommend making sure the room is uncluttered and harmonious, which helps free up the physical energy of the space so lots of nice Earth “chi” can flow. Also you can use the emotional technique of clearing the space by projecting lots of gentle feelings of love, joy, and tenderness throughout the space, filling up the room with a big bubble of positive emotion. Your baby will definitely respond to this.

I wouldn’t recommend burning any incenses because they can be harsh on the developing lungs of a baby (or a small child, for that matter.) But here is a wonderful, simple thing you can do.

Get an empty spray bottle. You can recycle one that used to have cleaner in it or something. Just make sure it’s empty.

Create a mixture of water and about ten drops of your favorite, high vibration essential oil. I recommend a floral essential oil: lavender, lilac, rose, chamomile. Floral essential oils connect both to the angelic kingdom and the earth guardian (faerie or deva) kingdom. You could also use frankincense or sandalwood oil.

After you mix the water and the essential oil together, spray this mixture around the baby’s room – avoiding getting it near the baby or on the baby’s bed or crib. You’re creating a diffuse aromatic cleansing process, injecting that high vibration energy from the oil, plus the nice smell, into the space, without overwhelming your baby’s delicate nose or lungs.

Lavender is the one I’d lean towards – it’s good at bringing in angelic energy, and it will also help your baby remain connected to her own angels throughout her infancy.

Using a spray bottle with a water and essential oil mixture is perfect for settings where it’s not easy to burn traditional forms of incense, or in invalid or children’s rooms. It’s much gentler on the lungs, and it’s also a lot less “obvious” — nobody will know that you’re doing metaphysical work; they’ll just think you’re doing some cleaning!


How does dense, heavy energy settle in an area, or ourselves, and how do we remove it? I had not heard this exact term before (well put), but lately have thought of this concept. Please excuse me if you have addressed this elsewhere, and I missed it. I know that de-cluttering the physical space is important, but how also to remove the excess energy we may get from others, or simply not be able to process? Thanks so much for the information. By the way, I thank you so much for alerting your readers to the dangers of reiki. I thought
I was just imagining those things gone wrong. It was good to have validation.


Hi Jennifer,

I saw your articles about how to clear negative energy from a space, thank you. I was wondering if there is anything different I should do for a baby’s room? My little girl is three months old and I want to make sure she’s protected and surrounded by good energy. Thank you for your insights.

Lipstick Mystic


Don’t force yourself to do affirmations every day because you need to hit them during times when you’re in the “zone,” that lightly relaxed meditative state when you’re in an Alpha brainwave state. The most common time when we’re naturally in that state is right before we go to sleep at night and right when we wake up in the morning. That’s the most powerful time to implant new ideas, insert positive “programming” into our psyches, and to also release negative stuff and do self-healing work.

Also if you can get some time to meditate/pray/relax during the day, you could do affirmations then. But if the day is too busy, and you’re in “active dealing with shit” mode, don’t feel guilty that you’re not in the right space for doing affirmations. Wait for the right time. And do them when you’re positively energized, not too tired or exhausted.

Affirmations are just one technique in the larger psychic toolbox of meditation, prayer, invocation, affirmation, visualization — and more. These are just different techniques which help to increase your psychic abilities and your ability to create in a more conscious and consistent way. Right now my Money Materialization Course has the most detailed, in depth information about how to do some very important spiritual homework, healing yourself of ancient “garbage” programming which could be affecting your self-esteem and your financial well-being. It’s over 300 pages of material in 21 self-study types of lessons. This material is also being formatted as a print book and regular Ebook. I recommend you check it out if you get the chance!

Also I’ll be writing about affirmations here from time to time. Stay tuned!

Lipstick Mystic


Sometimes pets do come back to you; sometimes they don’t. Please don’t hold on to your old furry friend so tightly that you’re closed off to making new ones!

Also, people don’t usually find their long lost pet through a breeder or pet store. When a pet who was with you before is meant to find you again, it tends to be more through a spontaneous rescue type of situation.

Example: Only one of the cats we’ve lost over the years is with us again now. We live out in the country where animals sometimes show up and join us in our furry family. Tiger the cat died in May of 2006, dropping dead of an unknown ailment one day while sunning himself in the garden. Very sad as he was the sweetest healer cat ever and still just a few years old.

Four years later in the winter a fat cat with lovely orange, mottled coloring turned up here. She had obviously been somebody’s pet but we couldn’t locate her owner. We were feeding her outside, but it was a vicious winter where we were getting huge snowstorms, and we wanted to get her inside. Also she was so huge that we wondered if she was pregnant! We brought her in, named her Abby, and she has been a part of our cat family ever since.

Cats don’t always reincarnate, and they don’t always incarnate as domestic cats. Many of them have had prior lifetimes as very large wild animals, including jaguars and lions, caribou, hippos and bears. Large animal bodies are harder to find now so some of these formerly wild animals are incarnating into domestic cat bodies.

Anyway, as we have gradually tuned in to Abby and learned how to connect with her telepathically a little bit, we learned that she was once our other cat, Tiger. And she found a way to come back to us. And she’s a healer cat, too, in her own way, able to pull yucky energy out of you when she lays on top of you.

But do we love her any more or less because she was with us before? No. She’s just our Abby, and that’s what we focus on.

Lipstick Mystic

Hi Jon!

Sun signs are just one piece of the larger, richer “tapestry” of your psyche. Your sun sign can be a great indicator of some of the major themes you decided to explore in this lifetime. The sun sign is basically the filter through which your soul looks out at this reality. Aries sun sign people have a mission to be very direct and very courageous even when they don’t yet have all the facts and rules, and to basically march forward boldly into danger. Pisces, on the other hand, will take a LONG time to consider all the angles of something, anticipate different outcomes, and to also psychically “sniff out” the vibes in a given situation. You see how these two very different dynamics in a personality can change the emphasis of that person’s life? The Aries life experience and the Pisces life experience are very, very different.

Of course, the sun sign is just one piece of the puzzle. I’m working on a book about how to determine whether you’re a sun sign dominant personality, a rising sign dominant personality, or a moon sign dominant personality. People usually “lead” with one aspect of themselves, but they don’t always lead with their sun sign energy. Some folks are VERY much expressing themselves through their moon sign all the time — or their rising sign. And this changes how you should look at that person’s chart.

I tend to be very moon sign dominant — my moon is in Aquarius while my sun sign is Virgo, with my rising sign in Leo. I feel my way through the world using the Aquarian sensibility of invention, discovery, merging with a wide range of ideas and energies to test them out, that type of thing. If I was just led by my Virgo energy I’d be one of those people who gets ten doctorate degrees and is always in a traditional school setting. Instead, with the Aquarian energy leading me, life is my school. People are my school. Mother Earth is my school.

Okay, this is my morning ramble! I hope I answered your question in there somewhere. The coffee is still kicking in.


i like how you think. theres so much garbage out there about reiki and ascensun and all that cult stuff. please write more about how people can still meditate and be spiritual without going crazy following the wrong teacher etc

don’t really have a question

maybe are sun signs useful or not to help learn about yourself?


Do pets who die come back to you? We lost our black lab a few years ago and we’ve been thinking about getting a new puppy. Will she find us again?


Thank you for allowing comments today. I had a quick question re: affirmations. Do we need to do them every day for them to work? I feel like I’m slacking off if I don’t do them each day but maybe I’m overthinking the whole process. Also, are you going to be writing more about how to do affirmations here like you did on your other websites? Thx

Lipstick Mystic

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