Ayahuasca (Ayawaska) — Still Bad for You

In the past few years I have continued to have many, many people write to me about how they took ayahuasca once (and sometimes a couple of times) and it completely fucked up their brain. So that they are now technically “schizophrenic” — hearing voices, not being able to block out visions of the many, often nasty, entities that interact with this dimension, and just, you know, generally not being able to function anymore in the physical world.

Now, some people are predisposed to various mental illnesses (I hate to use the word “illness,” but let’s say mental vulnerabilities?) And psychedelics — even ones as supposedly “benign” as pot — can mess them up in terrible ways.

Beware the Illusion of the Spiritual Shortcut

I find that a lot of spiritual seekers who haven’t been trained to come at metaphysical experiences gradually, with careful and slow teaching over many years, too often seek a “shortcut” to enlightenment and go the psychedelic route. And there are all these “bros” out there in the podcast community and elsewhere singing the praises of psychedlics, and sort of pressuring anybody who has a great imagination or a spirit of adventure to just jump into taking psychedelics — without warning folks that, YES, certain people should steer VERY clear of them.

(By the way — for a variety of detailed, user-friendly teachings about different ways to get in touch with the powerful energy of your soul, and to activate your natural psychic gifts or “super senses,” check out my many articles in these sections:

The Super Senses

User’s Guide to the Soul)

And for those who DO take psychedelics, I’m not convinced that it EVER helps them. It opens up nasty psychic doorways and just about anybody and his brother, entity-wise, will usually come in to their energy field as a “Klingon.” These entities can completely alter a person’s personality over time, or enhance addiction, or create terrible illnesses and fatigue because they are essentially psychic vampires from the lower astral realm and you have INVITED them in by taking these drugs.

I have written on this subject ad nauseum over the years; fortunately, a lot of people have found my articles and decided not to take psychedelics, and they found other ways to connect with those sacred realms of imagination and eternal dimensions of spirit and healing energy that intersect with our own.

Please don’t take ayahuasca (or ayawaska), okay? And please don’t take psychedelic mushrooms or DMT extracts.

Yes, Pot IS Addictive

And with the rush to legalize marijuana many places, I see loads of people going very quickly from being “casual” pot users to full-blown addicts. And yeah, I know that TECHNICALLY you’re not SUPPOSED to ever be able to be addicted to marijuana.

But when brilliant, sweet, intelligent, powerful people morph, over a series of months (and a series of blunts or bong hits) into lethargic, paranoid, inactive couch slugs, who are now basically disabled, I have to say…..FUCK THAT.

Pot IS addictive.

NO substance is a shortcut to enlightenment. You can only get there the hard way; through opening your heart and mind naturally, daring to love, to risk interaction and connection with the broader universe, and learning some metaphysical street smarts along the way.

Yes, some people do come back from ayahuasca trips and realize that what they saw was just a bunch of whacked out chemistry in their brain playing tricks on them, combined with a whole host of archons, angels, demons, and other spiritual pretender types putting on a pretty show. And they decide to avoid such deception in the future.

But some do not.

And then they become the Stuart Wilde followers of this world, getting involved with regular ayahuasca retreats and setting themselves up to be robbed, sexually exploited, and psychically violated. Wilde had a lot of great ideas until his initial dabbling with ayahuasca turned into an addiction and it turned him into a real mess and distorted his psychic perceptions. Very sad.

Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone NATURALLY to Find Enlightenment

You don’t need drugs to find transcendent levels of love and deeper meaning in this world, folks.

But it does take risk.

Most folks haven’t had it easy in this life and have experienced a great deal of disappointment and pain. Psychedelics can seem like a magical solution, a quick “fix” that will put an end to all of their suffering.

But it doesn’t work that way.

My own life has been much, much easier than it has been for others, but even I was completely knocked out from the shit that happened to me these past three years. It isn’t easy, no matter who you are, to come back from personal trauma and decide to reconnect with the world again. When you are knocked to the ground with grief it humbles you and changes you forever. I’m still processing those changes.

And if you want adventure, or you seek psychic experiences, they can come very naturally through learning the most simple of meditation techniques (NOT Transcendental Meditation, which involves use of a secret mantra, which is usually the name of a Hindu god; NOT yoga, which aligns you with negative albino Nordic ET’s or interdimensionals; I’m talking simple stuff like deep breathing, relaxation techniques like stage performers learn; or even shamanic drumming.) Also dreamwork is very important. Take more vitamin B6 and you will experience a great deal of metaphysical interaction and learning in your dreams.

Stay safe out there, cats and kittens! I don’t want you to hurt yourselves. Please avoid peer pressure from supposedly “enlightened” types who want you to take ayahuasca or psychedelics, or even use pot a lot.

None of that is good. It just ends up clouding your psychic vision and distorting your emotions and personality, which, in turn, make it harder for you to have happy and healthy relationships, career and cash flow, etc.

And in some people who have a family history of things like bipolar problems, schizophrenia, or mood disorders or addiction, taking ayahuasca even ONCE might just be the end of you…..or at least, YOU as you once WERE….and as you were meant to BE, were you to focus on becoming a truly centered, grounded, and spiritually clear being.

I have been able to help some schizophrenics in the past and have written an article about this:

How to Heal Schizophrenia

However, this work is too labor-intensive so I cannot do it for people anymore.

You can view my past articles about the dangers of ayahuasca use here, along with information about how to start healing some of the damage that this nasty drug does:

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