Ayahuasca or Ayawaska – Part 2

So taking ayahuasca (or ayawaska) is the metaphysical equivalent of forcing your third eye open with a crowbar, and it will permanently damage your third eye chakra. I began writing about this yesterday in part one: Ayahuasca or Ayawaska.

People tend to use this herb when they’re drawn to the idea of taking some type of vision quest and they feel like something is lacking in their life. So they will often sign up for one of many ayahuasca retreats sponsored by various metaphysical teachers, New Age cult leaders, or actual South American shamans. This drug is illegal in North America but it is still widely used among many indigenous peoples throughout various part of the South American Amazon.

What is ayahuasca? Well, usually when it’s brewed it’s made from both the actual ayahuasca vine (banisteriopsis caapi) and the leaf of the chacruna plant (psychotria viridis). The vine contains harmala and harmaline, among other alkaloids, and the leaf contains vision-inducing alkaloids. It’s long been considered an extremely sacred herb by the native peoples in South America. It’s used to help people astral travel and leave their bodies so they can have psychic visions and mystical, other-worldly experiences in their energy body.

But that’s where the problem lies.

Indigenous Medicines Are Meant for People with Indigneous People’s Genetics, Not Outsiders

If you have the genetics of the actual native peoples of Peru and other parts of the Amazonian jungle system, your people have been safely using this powerful psychedelic for millennia. And you belong to a culture which has an ancient tradition of being able to provide context and meaning for the stuff you’ll see during an ayahuasca journey. And if you’re acting a little loopy or you’re not properly grounded in your body after an aya experience, your tribal family can help heal you, balance you, and nurture you while you take some time to integrate what you’ve seen and experienced and slowly return to regular, daily life. And also, you have the type of genetics which means that this experience is not as disruptive or disturbing, since you come from a long line of people whose bodies could handle this drug’s effects easily.

But what if you’re a white housewife from Orange County, California who’s considering divorcing her husband and gets the sudden urge to DO SOMETHING DRAMATIC and go on a SPIRITUAL QUEST?

Don’t expect to have the same results when you take ayahuasca as an indigenous person would. Your genetics are NOT set up to handle ayahuasca very well.

And that’s the main root of the problem I’ve seen with people who run off on some ayahuasca retreat with their favorite pseudo-shaman.

Aya is NOT meant to be taken casually; it’s NOT meant to be taken by people whose genetics can’t handle it or integrate its effects properly; and it is NOT a casual way to connect with the divine, with Mother Earth, with the love principle, with cosmic consciousness or anything else.

And too often that’s exactly how it’s promoted.

Stuart Wilde and David Icke

And then you have teachers like Stuart Wilde and David Icke, whose respective work and metaphysical ideas I tend to respect a great deal, coming back from their latest ayahuasca retreat and promoting ayahuasca like it’s this magical, instantaneous tool for enlightenment and awakening psychic abilities.

No, what ayahuasca does is give you an ARTIFICALLY INDUCED glimpse into what some types of genuine psychic experiences can offer you.

But it is DISTORTED. It stirs up a complex mixture of stuff, some of it genuine psychic perception, some of it fragmented reflections of various parts of your own psyche, plus it generates a shitload of exaggerated imagery and archetypical visions which are basically heightened versions of whatever archetypal stuff you ALREADY have rambling around inside your psyche. From all the lifetimes we’ve lived and from being part of a gigantic global culture of seven billion people, we all have a LOT of stuff shaking around under the hood, a lot of religious and iconic imagery, complicated beliefs and fears, and other stuff roaming around in our subconscious. Ayahuasca will root this stuff out and stir it up, and it can be very crazy making and hard to process. We’re not taught how to interpret and heal and resolve these intense images and feelings in white culture or Western culture. We can’t handle it very well.

A big portion of what aya does is to essentially club you over the head and urge you to look at your own internal imagery, alters, soul fragments, unresolved religious beliefs from past lives, and other incomplete and damaged parts of your being. This is NOT something that can or should be attempted in a weekend or a week. (Try: years and decades.)

We’ll tend to see something intense and exaggerated that arises during a psychedelic trip and try to place all manner of BIG interpretations around what we’re seeing. But really, these images are about US and things inside our head; not about the broader public.

And oftentimes, people like Stuart Wilde come out of repeated ayahuasca (also sometimes called ayawaska) journeys and start having all these “end of the world” visions which are quite compelling and terrifying, from what Wilde has outlined over the years in his many interesting books and blog articles and newsletters.

And Stuart Wilde is interpreting these things as EXTERNAL PROPHECIES. He believes that they are genuine predictions or reflections on what is happening in the broader world.

But when he warned his readers about the imminent collapse of Seattle some years ago — it was supposed to slide into the Atlantic due to a horrific earthquake — that didn’t exactly happen. What was probably going on is that his mind had certain core, symbolic associations with Seattle, or with words or ideas connected to Seattle, and he was getting his wires crossed. There was SOME sort of message being conveyed to him, but it wasn’t about other people. It was a personal message for him.

Ayahuasca and many other psychedelics, especially of the shamanic mushroom variety, amplify and then DISTORT genuine psychic perception. And too often, the resulting visions become a tired mess of crap which make it very hard for that person to interpret them correctly. And if that person is a public figure who genuinely wants to help people and teach people, like both Stuart Wilde and David Icke, there can be some more crossed wires where that person begins to believe that these “prophecies” (read: fragmented visions from within his own consciousness, usually about his OWN stuff) should be shared with others.

Distrust All Ayahuasca Induced “Prophecies”

There’s an old saying, “If you see the Buddha in the road, kill him.” What this means is, the moment someone claims to have some unique pipeline to spiritual truth and they advertise themselves as such, they are no longer living in the way Buddha and many other genuine spiritual people have lived, just going about their lives in a spiritual and quiet way; they’ve started to draw attention to themselves and say, “I”m special! I’m important! I have prophecies! The world is going to end and you have to listen to me!”

Unfortunately, while I think some of what Stuart Wilde teaches has a great deal of accuracy, his endtimes predictions are all about the collapse of HIS own ego, the fragmentation of HIS psyche, and the fact that he’s getting older now and has pretty much talked about ascending or disappearing through some Camelot portal to another dimension at some point in the future when the shit hits the fan down here. He longs for this. This is his reality. And it’s a big mistake on his part to encourage others to join him in that creation by presenting it as a de facto thing that is destined to happen to all of humanity, or to the “special” folks who have signed up to be part of his “Redeemer’s Club.”)

(By the way, I write about genuine portals and gateways between realities — and between dimensions — and some of what I have learned about them in my new Lipstick Mystic® Case Files book, which will be coming out soon. I also talk about end times prophecies, how the book of Revelations is an evil, distorted thing meant to send people into oblivion instead of teaching them how to create and manifest a brighter future for themselves — and a helluva lot more. This book will be out soon. Subscribe to my list or keep coming back here to be notified when it comes out.)

(An additional sidenote: I’ve always had problems with the idea of needing or wanting a “redeemer.” As if humanity’s collective soul was something that could be bartered and traded with, and a coupon for humanity’s soul would be issued by some controlling entity and later be redeemed. Some of the definitions of the word “redeem” include: “to recover possession of by payment” or “to pay off.” Is humanity essentially a group of cattle to be bargained over by unseen entities? May I be excused, please? Because being owned is a concept that doesn’t resonate for me. I am nobody’s psychic slave, thank you!)

Genuine Psychic Prophecies Are Not Particularly Fun to Experience

Despite the exaggerated, distorted types of visions many ayahuasca drinkers mistake for genuine prophetic visions, there ARE people out in the world who have real prophetic visions or dreams. I’m one of them. And through many years of trial and error and discernment, many of these people learn to identify the unique feel and texture of genuine prophecy. It’s a little different from your average crazy dream or lucid dream. And ayahuasca dulls people’s ability to discern between these subtle feelings, these different energies.

Some years ago I had been giving psychic readings full-time for years, which really sharpens your perception. I never used any drug (except coffee!) to do my readings. I had never taken any psychedelics and had always been warned off of them by my own spiritual guidance.

Anyway, I went through a brief and horrifying period when I was having prophetic dreams about BIG stuff that later happened on the world stage. An attempt on then-President Clinton’s life which wasn’t in the news but was later verified. The Columbine shootings, only in the dream I was one of the kids inside that high school watching everything happen. I dreamt of the exact manner of Princess Diana’s death about 12 hours before it happened, only in the dream I was Princess Diana, so I was seeing everything from her point of view. I dreamt of a train collision with explosives involved, and then two trains collided in India with some fireworks on board, creating a horrific scene.

The worst was dreaming about the fateful events of September 11, 2001. Only I dreamt about them in a roundabout way. In the dream I focused on one woman who was standing on a crowded city sidewalk somewhere, with scores of people rushing by. There were tears streaming down her face, and she appeared exhausted, hopeless, and seemingly desperate. She was holding up a color photograph of someone she loved, someone she was looking for. And she had almost given up on finding this person and was going through tremendous grief.

A few weeks later the Twin Towers fell. And on the TV here in the US all you saw for a few days was footage of New Yorkers standing on busy city streets holding up photographs of lost loved ones, not knowing if their loved ones were dead or merely displaced but alive. It was eerie, seeing all these people holding up photographs for a few days.

After that I had a LONG conversation with my higher guidance. No more prophetic dreams unless it was about something I could prevent or help. And those broader, global prediction types of dreams went away for the most part.

These experiences are NOT something to be sought after, in my opinion. Under the best of circumstances, psychic visions like those are terribly difficult to deal with, ethically and morally and personally.

And ayahuasca when taken by a non-indigenous person is going to create exaggerated feelings of urgency, of self-importance, of specialness, of “I saw the end of the world so I have to tell everybody!” impulses, when really, you’re seeing the collapse of your own ego as aya helps you connect in a terrifying yet beautiful way with ALL of creation — and your psyche is struggling to find its footing in the face of so much awe-inspiring beauty and love. The human ego usually has a VERY difficult time coming to grips with its displacement as the center of the universe — because, let’s face it, humans generally feel that the world — if not the universe – revolves around them. And ayahuasca disabuses them of this notion. Sometimes people come out of taking ayahuasca and over-compensate for the frequently humbling experience ayahuasca gives them by suddenly acting like they are exalted over everybody else, more enlightened, “in the know” and highly evolved. Aya distorts your sense of psychic equilibrium, throwing your ego off balance in one way or another. You’re either one with everything and lose all sense of yourself as an individual, or you become convinced of the immense power and magnificence inside of you — so therefore, you must be better than everybody else, right? So it’s obviously your job to tell them about it from this point forward.

Ayahuasca Stirs Up All the Untidy Bits Within Your Psyche

Many people DO see lovely things during an ayahuasca trip. Ecstatic, glorious things.

But then they have to return to their daily life. And they become wounded, sad creatures, continuing to long for that high, for that drug-assisted, amplified and distorted sense of connection to the ALL.

This is why, as I mentioned in my first article, psychic abilities come with a built in safety mechanism. If you go about your life with love, laughter, creativity, and boldness, you WILL have your psychic abilities open up on a natural timetable. And this can still be distressing and/or exciting at times, but you have time to integrate and process these new perceptions. You’re not clubbed over the head by the ayahuasca goddess and forcibly shown your place in the universe, or shown the crazy goop that’s been wandering in your subconscious for thousands of years, needing to be cleared and transmuted.

Stuart Wilde writes a lot at his blog about seeing various tall Hindu deities doing different things, like beaming positive energy at places. This is because Wilde had a very lovely and happy past life in India as a guru of sorts who was genuinely attuned to the Hindu archetypes. (That’s my sense of it, anyway.) Also, he has been suffering from stigmata type pains for years and now he has some powerful healing abilities opening up. This is because he had at least one past life where he meditated on the gory imagery of Jesus suffering from being nailed to the cross, and he began to obsess about taking on the suffering of others like many people believe Jesus did, and wires became fused in his psyche that to heal like Jesus did or take on his type of loving energy, you would have to suffer excruciating physical pain. (Again, this is my perception of some of what is going on with Wilde.)

Me? I like to just do healing stuff without taking on any iconic crap. I’ve learned to see that Jesus is a real being of lovely energy, and we also have many millions of kind creatures of the universe who can help us with things. But all that gory stuff on the cross is just a black magic or Luciferian type of overlay — you can tell when something is distorted that way because it will involve blood, torture, human sacrifice, and cannibalism.

What are the trappings most people fall for when they become interested in studying a mystical teacher like Jesus? Why, they drink his blood and eat his flesh every Sunday in the ritual of Communion, or they sit in church gazing at paintings and statues of an emaciated naked guy being tortured, or they go on and on in their prayers about how Jesus died for their sins as the ultimate human sacrifice. And all of this is supposed to help them connect with love, expansion, and power in what way? Oh, right. It’s not.

See, in our respective psyches we still have a LOT of psychic garbage floating around. It can be tricky parsing it out, sorting through what’s real and authentic and useful and what might be distorted gunk from our collective history as humans and our personal history with past lives or alternative lives.

Ayahuasca or ayawaska takes ALL that stuff and shakes it hard so that you’re practically overcome with the weirdness that lives inside of you, and you can’t really come back to living an ordinary life anymore.

In part three I will outline a bit more what happens to people who take ayahuasca, and show you how to heal the damage done to the third eye when you take ayahuasca.

(If you missed part one of this article series, go here: Ayahuasca or Ayawaska.)

And you’ll find the next article in this series here: Ayahuasca or Ayawaska – Healing the Damage of the Third Eye



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