Ayahuasca or Ayawaska – Part 3 – Healing the Damage to the Third Eye

I want to share a few tips for healing the damage to your third eye which happens when you take ayahuasca and other psychedelics traditionally used by indigenous shamans, and which were never intended for the average Westerner or white man to use.

If you missed the background articles I wrote on this, you’ll find parts one and two here:

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As I mentioned in those earlier articles, ayahuasca (as well as many of the psychedelic types of mushrooms used by various indigenous cultures by their shamans and medicine men and women) doesn’t have a good effect on people who have non-native genetics. So if you don’t have genetics like those of the Native American/First Nations people or Aboriginal people or indigenous Peruvian Indians, your body will not react well to using ayahuasca. For non-native peoples, these psychedelics – and especially ayahuasca – force open your third eye chakra with a crowbar, doing real damage to this very delicate and powerful psychic center of your body.

The Damage a Clairvoyant Sees

When I’ve worked with people who took psychedelics, and ayahuasca in particular, I saw the following:

1) Normally a person’s third eye chakra has a disc or wheel-shaped outer edge to it; this disc would have cracks or holes in it

2) There was often a great deal of “psychic sludge” around the edges of these cracks and tears, a combination of lower level negative energy parasities, dense thoughtforms and negative programming;

3) The chakra itself wouldn’t be “spinning” right. Normally chakras spin back and forth like a wheel, sometimes clockwise, sometimes counterclockwise; and they also act as portals or gateways. Energy moves in and out of them as “chi” comes in from the universe to your body and organic energy also projects outwards from your physical body to the environment around you. I could see in ayahuasca users that the natural movement of the chakra was disrupted. This happened even after a person just took ayahuasca once.

4) Sometimes the chakra would be closed off or shut down, like a gray colored “lid” or filter was placed over it;

5) Sometimes ritualistic symbols and letters or runes would be floating on the outside of the chakra. This happened if the person who took ayahuasca participated in a ritual while they took the drug, or if they took it with a cult leader who did spells or said prayers over them, or if they took it with a shaman who had his own brand of metaphysical ritual which he performed over that person. It was basically an overlay of esoteric “language” and spells put on their third eye by another person during the ayahuasca journey — rarely to their benefit, since the rituals and spells did not arise organically from their own authentic spiritual practice.

Common Personality Changes from Using Ayahuasca

And here are the personality changes, illnesses, and other problems ayahuasca drinkers frequently exhibited:

1) A rapid personality change in which the person was either consumed by grandiose thinking, like believing they had to save the planet or tell people certain prophecies (usually end of the world type predictions,) or they would sink into a profound depression, becoming very withdrawn and socially phobic;

2) People like to say that ayahuasca and other psychedelics aren’t addictive, but if the person had a good “trip” and experienced enticing visions or ecstatic feelings, they WILL start to long for it again and addiction of a certain type can set in; this doesn’t mean that they will necessarily take the drug ever again, but they will frequently be reliving the experience in their minds, referring to it like it was this peak experience they can never recapture or revisit, and others around them can be put off by that person’s mania as they continue to glorify the drug and neglect other aspects of their life;

3) Real problems integrating what they saw and felt and experienced into daily life; profoundly disturbing visions of “ghouls” or ET’s or gods can really throw you for a loop, even if you’re pretty grounded otherwise; and communing with angels or the ayahuasca “deva” can also be intense experiences which don’t make it easy to return to regular life. In this case, the psychic experiences the person had were too intense and the person weren’t ready for them; it’s like 10,000 years of natural spiritual development accelerated into five hours and the person is NOT equipped to handle it. (This is why psychic abilities come with a built in safety mechanism and in regular people who don’t use drugs, psychic abilities will unfold naturally on their own time table, in a gentler way; and even that process can be quite startling and difficult at times, requiring a lot of spiritual homework. Ayahuasca distorts everything and throws everything open at once, then it shuts it all down again just as fast. Not cool.)

How to Heal the Damage to the Third Eye

1) Don’t take ayahuasca, mushrooms, or even smoke pot ever again. Steer clear of anything even remotely psychedelic.

2) Go through a detox period where you don’t overstimulate your third eye with visual imagery for a while; avoid all videogames, watch less TV, and generally avoid stuff that’s highly stimulating visually for a while. Give yourself time to heal.

3) Do some work either invoking higher energies, using your own willpower and visualizations, or use your own intuitive spiritual technique and set the intention to permanently seal all cracks and holes in your third eye chakra (and also the ajna chakra which is right between the eyes; the third eye chakra is in the middle of the forehead.) Electric violet, a deep violet with gold sparkles blasting through it, is excellent for sealing the holes. You can visualize the electric violet coming in and clearing out your third eye and ajna, or you can “beam” it out of your hands if you’re comfortable doing hands on energy work. Then set your intention to clear out all negative entities, programs, thoughtforms, spells, symbols, and rituals which affected your third eye during your ayahuasca or psychedelic trip. Again, electric violet is great for this; creation energy is good, too.

4) On a daily basis for several weeks gently visualize your third eye and ajna chakras moving slowly open and closed, and imagine their “spin” in a balanced way. What you want to do is to correct the motion or the spin of the energy center as best you can. Set simple intentions like, “Energy flows in and out of my third eye and ajna centers easily, gently, perfectly.” Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your spiritual helpers, the Universe, etc.

5) Surround yourself with soft, nurturing, and healing influences like the feminine essential oils and incenses (lavender and frankincense are especially good,) gentle or pleasing music, and on a social level avoid chaotic situations and “drama queen” types.

You’ll need anywhere from a few weeks to a few years to fix the damage. It depends on how active of a user you’ve been.

This is a very abbreviated version of things you can do to heal, but it all works! Feel free to apply your own intuitive healing methods, too.



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