Ayahuasca or Ayawaska

Ayahuasca or ayawaska, it’s still a dangerous herb that will force your third eye open with a crowbar, creating permanent damage to your psychic centers.

I know this isn’t a popular view. Especially if you’re one of those “cool-vegan-hikes-in-the-desert-loves-to-imagine-that-he’s-living-like-Carlos-Castaneda-and-he’ll-soon-encounter-Don-Juan” guys.

You see, men are at a disadvantage when it comes to the psychic senses. They are more naturally centered in their lower chakras than women are. Women are more naturally centered in their upper chakras. So for many sensitive, spiritual guys, the idea of quickening the process of opening up their psychic centers or upper chakras can be tremendously appealing. Hence the popularity of ayahuasca retreats.

By “lower chakras,” I don’t in any way mean “lesser.” So being more centered in your lower chakras just means that that’s where you naturally carry most of your energy. And females tend to be a little more “top heavy” in how they carry their energy, being more centered in their upper chakras. This isn’t always the case, but overall, if you look at how men and women carry their energy, things seem to fall in those averages.

Strong Lower Chakras Help You to Survive and Thrive

Men have thicker, more intense energy in their lower chakras because for thousands of years they have needed to be out there killing mastadons and demonstrating incredible physical power to provide food for the tribe. So they developed strong energy in the parts of their physical bodies and energy bodies which would allow them to remain strong and physically powerful.

Women have remained gathered around the fire tending to the children and cooking and making clothing, things which require more of a softeness, an interconnectedness to others, and so they have more energy in their upper chakras since the upper chakras rule communication, empathy, and so on.

So guys, having strong energy in your lower chakras doesn’t mean that you’re less-evolved or “less than” women. Don’t let any woman tell you that. Because that’s bullshit. On the contary, you’ve kept us fed for millennia and allowed the human race to continue. Unfortunately, most of what women have done is essentially babysitting, while you slayed dragons on our behalf so we could have the luxury of developing our more sophisticated communication and relationship skills. Men do NOT get enough credit for all they have done and still do for women.

And in the metaphysical communities all you hear about is the quest to open up the upper chakras and live in an “enlightened” way, as if we can all just retreat to a mountain top monastery somewhere and watch the world go by. What about acting IN the world to improve things and make this a more liveable place? What’s with all the “abandoning the Earth/ascending to a higher dimension” stuff, the retreat into isolation and rejecting society? That doesn’t help matters any for the seven billion people and gazillion plants and animals still trying to live here.

People who have embraced that defeatist philosophy of waiting to ascend in their light bodies are a bunch of narcissistic, chickenshit, twats. :) If humans do manage to continue and thrive as a species, it sure won’t be thanks to them.

We Need to be Grounded AND Spiritual

I hate it when New Age types or metaphysical folks talk about opening up the upper chakras or higher chakras as if this is the only thing anybody should be doing. Too often that leads to a longterm philosophy of body hating, sex hating, physicality hating, money hating, life hating beliefs. And over time that person will always become broke and sick because he or she has pulled all of their energy up into their upper chakras, seeing life from those energy centers, instead of remaining grounded in a healthy way in their lower chakras, too. You need to have a balance of energy in the lower and higher chakras to remain healthy and integrated. Most of us are centered in one area or the other — we’re either top heavy in our upper chakras with the lower chakras closed, or we’re fully open in our lower chakras with nothing going on in the upper chakras. Neither extreme is good. Neither extreme will make you happy or healthy.

The lower chakras are the energy centers which control things like blood flow and circulation, physical coordination and physical vitality, the sexual and creative impulses, and to some extent the joy and “play” impulses. They’re also involved with asserting yourself and having self-esteem (which can become distorted and manifest as aggression and unhealthy forms of competition.) And the lower chakras also help people find their way in the world as far as finding resources and developing survival skills, and in our modern day, this includes developing a healthy attitude about money and trade and business.

Too often I see people who are very sweet and cool and they identify with the idea of being on a spiritual path, and they’ve mistakenly come to believe that this has to involve giving UP stuff, becoming celibate, not eating meat, and divorcing themselves from the untidy business of making money and providing for themselves on the physical plane. They adopt all manner of practices to pull their energy UP into their upper chakras, disassociate in a trance or blindly follow a cult leader, and forget about the business of connecting with their groin or their crotch and seizing life by the entrails.

(Hint: most of these folks end up in desperate situations, and many of them end up taking my Money Materialization Course. This is because their attitudes about money have become so toxic, and they’ve fallen victim to so much “money is evil” programming, that they’ve created a real mess for themselves and have to do loads of self-healing to come out the other side and begin to manifest a decent cash flow for once. My course is a kick ass series of self-study lessons which guide you through a relentless process of uncovering garbage programming, vows of poverty, negative energies that have accumulated in your aura, and other gunk that is preventing you from fully experiencing abundance on ALL levels, both financially and spiritually.)

Anyway, there is a lot of mystique about psychic abilities and how to get them, acquire them, or finagle them into being. And you know what? The more you chase after psychic talents, the more they’ll elude you. This is because every human comes with a built in safety mechanism. If you don’t naturally and organically open your heart, live your life in a conscious way, create, invent, and experiment, your upper chakras and most of your psychic gifts will never fully manifest. But if you live, love, and laugh, and do so boldly and continuously, your psychic abilities will awaken on a natural, gradual time table.

But don’t tell the menfolk that. :) Most of them are still seeking that “quick fix” which will allow them to become psychic in an instant.

Over the years I’ve seen thousands of lovely, intelligent, well-intentioned men become very impatient with what they believe to be the very SLOW awakening of their psychic talents. They want to be Wolverine from the X-Men or somebody else with “superpowers.” There’s always a certain amount of competitiveness involved, too, as in “If I can demonstrate my psychic powers, others will acknowledge me as a superior and enlightened being.”

And I would just sit back and laugh, because the one thing that becomes crystal clear to you as your psychic abilities open up is that you’re no more enlightened or superior than anybody else. In fact, your psychic senses will often show you in ruthless detail how incredibly flawed and damaged you are, and how much spiritual homework you still need to do to become whole.

But men don’t always see it that way. They want a process, a tool, or a trick that’s like an instant switch — flip it on and you’re enlightened. Flip it on and you’re psychic.

That’s where ayahuasca comes in.

In my post tomorrow I will go into exact detail about what ayahuasca is REALLY doing to your physical body, your psyche, and your third eye.

Hint: It’s not pretty.

Hint: If you’re an aya lover, it will piss you off. But keep in mind that once you take ayahuasca, you are now INSIDE the experience and are no longer able to be objective and impartially observe changes that have happened. You can’t see the damage to your third eye unless you’re good at viewing the chakras clairvoyantly. You can’t see the rips and tears and fractures in the third eye and ajna areas, or the entities that are now hanging out in your auric field. You’re too busy coming off that “high” and feeling like you’ve touched the hand of god or kissed the Goddess’ vulva or whatever your ayahuasca guide told you would happen when you took this dangerous psychedelic.

In short — your psychic abilities have been permanently compromised and from now on the psychic perceptions you have will be a mixture of genuine, clear-sighted energy data mixed with hugely distorted messages coming from your damaged psyche.

This can be repaired. But lay off the aya, okay? Dude, really. Stop it. (Stuart Wilde and David Icke, I’m talking to you, my friends.)

More tomorrow.

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