Update: October 31, 2017 — Good News! I Am Back in Action!

As of October 31, 2017, I am starting to schedule consults for later this year and into winter. If you are interested, let me know some of the issues you are interested in exploring or discussing, and we can discuss time frames, etc. Reach me at letters [@]

Prior consult clients, I haven’t forgotten about you!

If you ordered a consult from me a ways back and we never got a chance to finish up, good news! The Lipstick Mystic® is back online and clear again, time-wise and energy-wise, and ready to complete our work together!

Just email me at letters [@] so we can regroup and reconnect. I’ve already gotten back to most of you but I think there might be one or two of you that might have purchased a consult back when my mom died, 12 other family members plus cats were sick and/or dying, and I was OUT OF IT dealing with that for a long time. This timeline looks to be more secure (knock on wood!) so I am finishing up incomplete dialogue that I was having with people as quickly as I can. If I have missed you please email me!

If You Want to Just Write to Me Or Submit a Question or Experience

Sometimes people have a personal story they want to share with me or they have questions about a spiritual or psychic experience. You always have the option of sending me a general “letter to the editor” at my letters [@] address, but please be advised that I will often use material from those questions to craft future articles on this site or in my books. I do leave out all personally identifiable information like your name and contact information, though.(Unless it’s hate mail; then I reserve the right to publish your entire letter and contact information and name.) Usually when somebody sends me a letter I’ve already received dozens of letters about a similar issue and your letter might remind me to finally write an article about it! So it’s always good to hear from you.

Purchase a Private Consultation with Me

Another way to go if you want to have a back and forth discussion with me via email over the course of several emails is to purchase a private consultation with me. This way I can take some time to offer very detailed and unique guidance to you about whatever is on your mind.

To be clear, these aren’t psychic readings as I don’t offer those anymore. (Although I do offer astrology consultations if you are interested in looking at the strengths and weaknesses in your birth chart, plus you’ll receive my recommendations on how to best heal from any psychic “wounds” which reveal themselves very clearly in your birth chart. You’ll need to provide your full birth name plus date and location of birth, and if possible, your birth time (although that is not required if you don’t know it.)

Over the years I’ve moved more toward sharing lots of information with people on a wide range of subjects ranging from how to handle a psychic vampire in their life to how to clear a living space of negative energy to how to handle complicated soulmate relationships, how to handle puzzling types of psychic experiences, and more. I also do a lot of work helping people “tweak” and perfect tools they are already using to improve their life like affirmations and visualizations.

So if you would like more intense, one on one guidance on metaphysical subjects like these, I encourage you to purchase a consultation from me. Since these consultations usually consist of at least three or four emails back and forth and they take many hours of my time, this is the best way for you to tap into my 30 years of counselling experience in a way which values both my time and yours.

If you are interested in a consultation, you can visit this page and scroll down the area of the page where you can purchase a private consultation. Place your order there. Of if you want to check with me to see if your questions are appropriate to cover in this type of consultation, contact me at letters [@] first to touch base with me.

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