Don’t Believe Me? Excellent Men’s Journal Article on the Serious Dangers of Ayahuasca/Ayewaska

Setting aside the letters I’ve received from people who have nearly died when taking ayahuasca, as well as the letters people have sent me who talked about really messed up personally violative and/or sexually violative experiences when they took ayahuasca at the hands of various “dodgy gurus” out there (Stuart Wilde — although you’re gone now from too many years of drug use — and Kris Krepcik/the “Hooded Sage,” I’m talking to you!)…….there are OTHERS who have long been suffering while taking ayahuasca.

Men’s Journal has a great archived article about ayahuasca tourism, the dangers of DMT on a medical and psychological level, and many deaths and rapes people have experienced after they blissfully and innocently set off to take ayahuasca:

The Dark Side of Ayahuasca – Men’s Health

This article is especially troubling given that this week there has suddenly been some mainstream coverage about how ayahuasca is now being considered the cool kid’s psychedelic in many circles, and it’s starting to gain more traction as the go-to THING of the moment:

If You Haven’t Heart of DMT Yet, You Might Soon–Huffingtonpost

In many past articles I talk about both the physical and psychic/emotional dangers of ayahuasca use. I post these articles partly out of selfish concerns — I am exhausted from working to help people heal from the horrific effects of this dangerous poison masquerading as “sacred medicine.”

Fuck that shit.

My first article series about this starts here:

Ayahuasca or Ayawaska

And if you go to Google and type in lipstickmystic ayahuasca you’ll find loads more.

Stay safe, people. Ayahuasca will shatter your psyche, cause negative, parasitic entities to attach to you, and that’s IF YOU’RE LUCKY. Because, you know, other people just DIE.



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