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Sometimes there can be more “action” and commenting going on at my Facebook page than here — I don’t usually approve comments here because if I leave commenting open as an option in WordPress, I’m instantly deluged by robot spammers from China auto-posting spam in my comments section, which is a pain to try to moderate.

Over at my Facebook page, though, I do try to pop in from time to time and post comments/responses.

The other day after I posted my most recent article here, I also mentioned the article at Facebook. And in the comments there I also wrote:

“Death and reincarnation are big subjects — I will definitely continue to write more about them. I have a little about them in my book I think, The Lipstick Mystic’s® Guide to Time Traveling; plus here are some older articles at my website that talk about reincarnation and death from different angles:”

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And that generated an interesting comment from a reader, plus my responses back to her:

Christine: “I once chatted with a person my age who claimed to have a near death experience when he was about 12. He insisted that we will go toward a light and have a complete memory wipe, and that it will be the ultimate example of mercy because one shouldnt travel the afterlife worrying and caring about people they left behind. I personally didnt like the theory, but there you go again, validating things Ive bumped into before. It’s the wipe before the recycling. Makes total sense.”

Lipstick Mystic: “Yeah, unfortunately it’s a false light, an archonic light, and it’s a frequency or magnetic field designed to trap souls before the memory wipe; they even put holograms of loved ones in the light to entice you, using aspects of your memory of your loved ones to lure you in. If at the time of your death you VIGOROUSLY keep up the intention or language of “I am an eternal, spiritually sovereign being; I reclaim my spiritual sovereignty through time and space”, this can help you see the difference between the fake Light and other lovely dimensions of healing energy where you can travel and continue on as an eternal being of the universe, without memory erasure.

Not easy to do if you go through lots of trauma at the time of death or are on lots of drugs; also shamans on the outside can only ASSIST with this process but can’t complete it for you; I’ve learned a lot more about this through my mother’s recent passing. She confirmed what many other humans and even my cats have told me over the years about the intense systems of control we’ve been manipulated by for thousands of years. The archonic technology/system is being dismantled though, and more and more great energies are starting to be available for people (and animals) who leave their physical bodies.

Another thing that clues you in to how fucked up the manipulation is is the stuff I’ve worked with for my entire career, attempting to heal the horrible wounds we STILL carry in THIS life without always knowing their true source, which is often a past life; and you have to get that information first, which often has to do with past life death wounds or emotional trauma from past life, to heal its psychic echoes in THIS life. What kind creator “God” would rigorously withhold true memory of how we originally got hurt, so we can never truly heal ourselves or become complete? Benign fucking “GOD” my ass.

Christine: “I am seeing this false religion stuff clear as day, and have always been very disturbed by submission to deities that I feel no connection to. Even people that recognize the psy-war that’s going on for our souls and physical existences cling to the Jesus/God myth as the real way out. It’s like they are too scared to say that they are here to BE, to EXPERIENCE, for themselves. I’m like, come on….it’s all about politics and control NOW and you can see THAT, why wouldn’t you assume the same for back when all that stuff was written? The Bible is real, we were all sent here to become perfect worshipers for a small ego-ed God? So, we were sent here to be slaves. Individuals I have expressed that to basically say there’s a difference between slavery and worship, but. Um. I don’t see one.

Lipstick Mystic: “Yes! To worship means “To work for.” Why would an omnipotent, perfect being need ANYBODY to work for him? Wouldn’t he be able to instantly satisfy his own needs and desires? I always encourage people to start framing things more as getting in touch with two lovely energies: Great Spirit/the kind, loving intelligence of this Universe/that field of energy and also tapping into the AMAZING and loving of Mother Earth, who can do so much for us in terms of cleansing, cellular repair, and physical grounding. Not in the sense of being beneath anything; of being a collaborator, a friend. That’s spiritual safety and sovereignty; and BOY are these relatively simple concepts threatening to some!”

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