Death, Rebirth, Rethinking Things

I still appear to be in the death vortex here, which has made things super emotional and surreal. I’ve mentioned before that when somebody within my sphere of influence dies (and my sphere of influence includes immediate family, extended family, friends, and acquaintances) I am always pulled into a very intense period lasting three days–with a day or two before and after–during which I’m called to do some work trying to help that spirit heal from whatever trauma it experienced before and after death. I work with a variety of energies (mostly Great Spirit and the kind creatures of the universe) to heal that spirit’s trauma and encourage it to move into experiencing greater sovereignty and self-awareness (rather than getting sucked back into the horrific trauma of spiritual amnesia and unnecessary reincarnation , which is too often forced upon the dead by various archonic entities who feel that they “own” humanity).

It’s very emotional and intense work.

For whatever reasons, the deaths just keep coming. Since Christmas two family members and one friend have died. That makes a truly bizarre twelve month period during which I lost six family members and two friends. Many of these folks were over 70 and had been sick for some time. Still, everybody choosing to check out at once has been very strange, especially given that all of the people who had been sick for a while had been sick for YEARS…..and so now they suddenly all die within a short period of time?

It seems to me like a timeline has ended, a reality that a lot of these people were living in. When my mother was sick this summer, shortly before she died (when we really weren’t expecting her to) I remember having this extremely clear thought pop into my mind as I looked at her sitting painfully in her armchair: “The space that my mom occupies in this world is closing down.” A strange thought to have, and it seemed to arrive from my higher self or eternal self, penetrating right through my extremely-preoccupied mind.

In the months since then as I’ve seen more people I love die, I keep feeling that the same thing is true–that somehow, their reality or timeline has shut down or shut off, and it’s time for them to go. It doesn’t making processing the energies surrounding their deaths any easier; it’s just a fact sort of hanging out in the background of these experiences.

To make things more challenging, after the recent attempt on my life, I’ve had to fight tooth and nail to begin to reclaim my own health. I’m a pro at this, though. I’ve gone from barely being upright for more than a few hours a day and being in a lot of pain to ALMOST experiencing “normal” days, albeit with more limited physical activity until I recover more from my injuries.

If you are in the middle of doing a consult with me, taking a break from my work has been mandatory; but I think by next week I will be able to pick up where we left off and continue with those ongoing email discussions. I was just too sick these past few weeks to make it work, plus I was devoting every ounce of extra energy I DID have to assisting the people in my circle who had died.

Not a very fun time, frankly.

But I look ahead to things lightening up and getting better, and I will continue on with my work writing and publishing.

In the meantime, any support you can show me on the physical plane in the form of things like donating to this site (See my Donate page) and/or purchasing the book I risked my life to bring to you (See: Shop) would be wonderful and encouraging.




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