Driving the Snakes Out of Your Life — Happy St. Patrick’s Day

According to my tenth generation Celtic shaman teacher, there are many mysteries about how St. Patrick was said to have driven the snakes out of Ireland. There were most likely two different Patricks venerated as Christian holy men, with one living in the middle 400′s, circa 420 AD to 460 AD. One legend states that Patrick chased all the snakes into the sea after they attacked him while he was undergoing a 40-day fast at the top of a hill.

Of course, when you haven’t eaten for 40 days, you’re bound to be hallucinating and seeing all manner of strange stuff. At that point, if it were me, I’d be hallucinating a nice platter of hamburger and French Fries!

But since the early Christians liked to steal — to hijack and claim as their own — pagan traditions that were very ancient, there were likely earlier, Celtic stories bound in the myth that would later be ascribed to St. Patrick.

And really, Ireland hasn’t had any snakes on it since the Ice Age, so driving them out was simply a manner of taking credit for something Mother Nature had already done! :)

Snakes in Shamanic and Esoteric History

Snakes have a long history of being seen as evil, and many shamans, psychics, and seers generally see snakes as bad news, esoterically speaking. But the meanings ascribed to snakes can also be positive, and in many indigenous traditions, snake can be a powerful healer. I talk more about snakes as symbols of both psychic attack and powerful healing, as seen in my dreams, here: Snakes in Dreams.

I’ve found when doing entity extraction work or shamanic extractions on myself and others that sometimes I’ll see these nasty black snake things that appear to inhabit parts of the lower astral planes and like to come in, like astral parasites, to our auric field and look for weaknesses in our energy body. When too many of these accumulate and we acquire too many holes and cracks in our aura from past damage, there can be disease or problems in the affected area of the body.

And then there are some negative reptilian type beings that exist on that low level astral plane as well; some are very evil, some are more neutral and highly intellectual—very like a mixture of Vulcan and Klingon if you’re familiar with those two species from the Star Trek stories. I’ve also encountered a few positive ones and I’ve been shown that there’s a huge assortment of species you could describe as “reptilian.” These range from bipedal humanoids who are interdimensional and plugged into antimatter energies and QUITE horrific and evil to actual, physical ET’s who have a long, complex history with our world. And then there are also real dragons, who are different beings entirely; most of them are quite lovely and powerful and good.

Somewhere in there, I guess, fall snakes. I had one powerful dream in which a blue snake did major healing on me, much to my complete surprise, and my Celtic shaman friend explained that sometimes snake will come as medicine to help someone purge themselves of toxins. I talk about this in my earlier article about snakes in dreams.

This is a rich, complex world, and it interlinks with many fascinating dimensions that exist along a more refined, less dense, series of energy frequencies. We exist both as physical beings in this denser reality AND, at the same time, we exist as energy beings that can travel and interact with this amazing world of energy. Some of the beings talked about as reptilians have less dense bodies and exist in a kind of “3.5 dimension” to our 3-D realm.

Generally speaking, I find that snake energies have NOT been positive for me and are more often than not signs of people who have ill intent toward me poking around in the astral, or they are warnings from the animal kingdom to be on the watch for tricksters, chaos, or melodrama. It kind of depends on context, the type of snake, and what’s going on in my life.

The Dangers of Assuming Something is Good — or Evil

It’s important not to automatically regard ANY species from the viewpoint of it being just “good” or “evil” since most beings start out like all the creatures of this universe, taking on physical form to have adventures, to create, to learn, and to grow. In that sense, we are all very much alike.

But many species — including many humans — get compromised by inverse, regressive, repressive, abusive, “antimatter” frequencies that come from a universe that has started to have many “incursions” here, causing problems for a vast array of beings from different worlds and galaxies. Think of it as a psychic or spiritual infestation that can spread in many ways, sometimes with one very dark person gradually bringing heaviness and chaos into the lives of people around them. And sometimes this operates in groups, especially organizations and hierarchies, where a heavily infested person (sometimes human, sometimes not so human) usually sits in command at the “top” of that structure, infecting everybody below who has plugged into that structure in some way through their labor, their finances, or their emotional energy.

It always pays to be cautious when interacting with another species for the first time, and try to be respectful and loving; if that being or entity comes at you hard in an aggressive or “bad” way, then you know it’s bad news — but even so, don’t assume that ALL beings who share that same type of physiology or biology are equally “evil.”

This universe is VERY complicated, with a lot of different things going on! And that’s part of what makes it so magical and amazing. We’re very lucky to be here.



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