Can Two Empaths Have a Successful Relationship?

Hi Jennifer:

Many of your articles have helped me. I was just wondering how can you make a relationship work where you have two super empaths?

–Thank you, A.

Hi A.,

Just a quick note today as things are crazy busy!

My honey is a super empath like me and we’ve been together over 15 years now.

In the beginning, we had to establish a policy of complete honesty and complete love.

So if one of us unintentionally upsets the other, we work very quickly to resolve it. Don’t go to bed angry, basically! :)

Also if you find yourself triggered, like being triggered into anger, or getting triggered into shutting down and going silent (empaths tend to do one or the other if they’re upset) the trick is to find loving words and try to talk things out. Or just simply be in each other’s presence in a loving way, with loving touch. Sometimes empaths are being flooded with too many emotions and energies and can’t even really talk about it until they process things, so loving touch from a partner who understands how you’re “wired” can be really helpful.

Sometimes I’m going through something really intense and it’s like birth pangs, very painful, but it’s nothing that my guy has done wrong and doesn’t have anything to do with him–but being an empath, of course he gets upset for me. So at those times I have to sort of give him instructions about how he can help (he’s always asking “how can I help?” That’s a good phrase to have on hand!) Sometimes it’s just — “Get me a bucket so I can vomit out these poisons!” Or “Give me some good energy” or “Just rub my back while I cry.” You need to find ways to support each other when you’re upset about stuff OUTSIDE the relationship and also when you’re distressed about something going on WITHIN the relationship.

Also, there are times when I’m clearing out a lot of toxic stuff and I really don’t want to slime my guy with it; that’s when it’s best to get out of the house if I can so as not to pollute our home environment. Some empaths will even go to a hotel for the night if they have to to purge stuff in private!

When we do circle drumming at the equinox and solstice times (powerful times for healing and magic) we focus on clearing out the powerful ley lines where we live since they are multi-dimensional access points and we’re sort of guardians of these ley lines. We stand back to back with our drums in front of us, and we drum along eight points of the circle, turning together in a wheel.

That image of standing together, back to back, guarding each other’s backs, making that commitment; that before you turn against each other, you will always, first, turn WITH each other; that’s a very powerful one.

There will be many forces that try to pull you apart because empaths are so very powerful together with their psychic energy and their love energy.

But if you make that commitment to stand back to back and face OUTWARDS to confront any foe, you’ll be able to enjoy a powerful and unique bond that lasts through time!

—All the best,




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