More About How Empaths Take on Other People’s Pain

One of the perpetual challenges that empaths face is their tendency to always want to prevent other people’s pain and suffering, and they too often take ON other people’s pain in an attempt to transmute it. It can be a very unconscious and immediate process, not something that the empath can control.

And if the empath is very tired, in a caregiving situation, and/or dealing with a very ill loved one whom they love very much and getting more and more frustrated watching that person suffer more each day, the empath often takes on HUGE energetic imprints and shadow/pain fragments from that loved one.

Which then, invariably, makes the empath sick.

This is one thing I’m working hard to resolve after my own recent situation with my mother. I picked up LOADS of pain fragments and illness from her because I was being very willful and pushing TOO hard to fix her problems (always a no no!) and also I was sleep deprived for a long time, which makes empaths SUPER open to picking up stuff that is unhealthy for them.

And then all the trips to the hospital and doctors’ offices and so on, which carry thick vibrations of sickness from all the ill people who go there to get well, was another thick, energetic soup we were navigating through. And when you are exhausted and stress out, you will be too psychically open; plus the outer shell or edge of your auric egg is easily pierced from the traumas you’re going through, creating holes and cracks, and then even MORE goop can come in.

In this past article I talk about this energy dynamic a bit more and discuss some of what needs to happen for empaths to expel the non-organic energy they have picked up in trying to help others and transmute their pain.

Empaths Pick Up Pain from Other People

PS: I’m away from the computer this week but have some more blog entries set up to automatically post. See you back soon!



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