Fluoride and How It Shuts Down Psychic Perception

Hi Jennifer,

My question is about fluoride and the state of our water. They say that fluoride is really bad for us and it causes calcification of the pineal gland. You have psychic abilities so your pineal gland must be working REALLY well! Do you treat your water to remove fluoride, or can we use our intent to minimize the effects? Or should I even care about fluoride? I am worried that this is another attempt to make us feel like we are powerless and they are dumbing us down.

I hope you and all your cats and your partner have a beautiful day!

– Regards,

– L.

Dear L,

My suspicion is that fluoride is very bad for us, indeed. There’s more of a scientific body of evidence at this point that suggests that fluoride is terrible in how it shuts down the thyroid for a lot of people, making weight management next to impossible for people whose thyroids have been compromised. (See here: The Metaphysics of Weight Management) But I’m sure that it’s bad for the third eye/pineal gland or psychic centers, too.

Of course, there are lots of other things that are equally poisonous for us. These are things you’ve probably heard about, like mercury in dental fillings, the stuff they’re spewing at us out of planes (chemtrails), and BPA (bisphenol A, used in making things like plastic bottles and other containers we too often are storing food or liquids in). I’m not exactly sure how much these things specifically target different points in the body, but I’ll bet they’re all very bad for the liver, kidneys, and other organs whose job it is to filter out toxins. And I think fluoride really DOES have more of an effect on shutting down the third eye or psychic perception, although I can’t be 100% sure.

I’m not sure about my own ingestion of fluoride. I don’t think I had as heavy of a “load” of this as some kids do.I was really weird growing up; looking back on it, I was like a camel or something, because I hardly drank any water! And the water that came out of our pipes in the suburban townhome where I grew up really tasted bad; I could feel it was “dead” water.

For the last decade or so I’ve lived in a country home where we have a well, so no fluoride here, thankfully. But we have to concern ourselves with other problems, like the gradual leaching of metals from ancient pipes, and other issues with water purification. We do have a relatively high end water filtration that we use on our kitchen faucets for drinking water just in case.

I also suspect that some of the natural minerals that come in water can probably mitigate the negative effects of fluoride somewhat. So my sense is that if you can avoid using a “water softener” (to take away heavy minerals in your water) that, even if you have fluoride in your water, the minerals might offer you some protection from the fluoride’s effects.

I always recommend that people do yearly detox programs, whether this be a parasite cleanse or heavy metal cleanse, just to keep the immune system as strong as possible.

Here in the US there are over 75,000 chemicals registered with the Environmental Protection Agency, and only a tiny portion of them have been tested to see if they are harmful to humans or animals. Our bodies are flooded with these chemicals in our soil, air, and water. Bill Moyers once did a special for PBS where he had his blood tested to see just how many different chemicals were in his bloodstream. They found 85 different chemicals in his body — substances that did NOT exist 100 or so years ago.

The heavy load of CRAP that we’re carrying around in our bodies creates a heavy load for our immune systems, so the more we can lighten that load with periodic detoxing of parasites (which often thrive in a chemically-laden environment) and heavy metals (which make it extra hard for our livers to do their job!) the better.

I would say consider fluoride just one of MANY things your body isn’t going to appreciate, and if you can minimize ingestion of it, great. A higher end water filtration system on your drinking water will also help with some issues, although I don’t think most of them screen out fluoride. (When I say higher end, I mean a filtration system that will cost more like $500 to set up instead of the cheap Brita type minimalist water filters that are available — although even those are even better than nothing!)

And if you’re concerned with keeping your psychic and spiritual sensitivities open, regular techniques like visualization, affirmations/power prayer, meditation, and doing anything CREATIVE that allows you to play and have fun and improvise will help keep this faculty “greased” and active.

I hope this helps!

– Best,

–Jennifer aka Lipstick Mystic



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