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Okay, now that I have your attention, you need to know a couple of things.

1) I’m a professional writer and teacher. I own my own publishing company. This means that I create and sell my own books, Ebooks, and courses. The income I make from these projects allows me to pay my bills and buy cat kibble for my cats. Right now I have 7 fuzzy mouths to feed. This work isn’t a hobby for me. It’s my full-time job. So I need to make money from my work, okay? Just like you have to work at some job to pay your monthly bills. Repeat: this is not a hobby. It’s my primary source of income.

2) I also write loads of free material, most of it published here in my blog. Updating the blog takes me a lot of time, time which I donate freely so you can read some free stuff. So if you don’t want to sign up for my newsletter and you don’t want to buy my books, chill out and check out my free blog articles. There are lots of different articles there for you to enjoy.

3) If you decide to sign up for my free newsletter, I need to warn you about something. From time to time I will be telling you about the stuff I’m publishing that will cost you money if you want to read it. GASP! I know, it’s quite a shock to the system, isn’t it? Aren’t all metaphysical people supposed to be living on vapors with their goats on a mountain top somewhere? How astonishing that one might actually charge money for her writing! So I will sometimes mail the subscribers on my free newsletter list and tell them that I’ve just released a book or Ebook or course, something which costs money.

4) If you’re a subscriber to my free newsletter, you’ll be able to download exclusive free excerpts and sample chapters of my books and stuff. So you’ll get free previews and some juicy bits and pieces of this paid material. But to get the rest of it, you will have to pay a small amount through Amazon, which is the company I’ll be using to bring out my books.

5) VERY IMPORTANT: Try not to let the fact that I charge money for some of my writing shock you too much. I know, some of you believe everything in life should be free. Sorry to disappoint you. Try not to have a nervous breakdown about it, and save me the hate mail, okay? :) Go look at one of my cute animal videos and you’ll feel better.

6) Please don’t be shocked about the fact that I’m going to send you stuff from time to time. And if you ever get bored with or annoyed about what I’m sending you, the UNSUBSCRIBE link is always clearly visible at the bottom of each newsletter I send you. Just click on that link and I’ll never bother you again! :)

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