Further Thoughts on Healing from the Damage that Ayahuasca/Ayawaska Causes

Some months ago I posted a series of articles about the many dangers of ayahuasca or ayawaska, the hallucinogenic plant favored by many seeking an intense “psychic” experience. It does damage to the ajna and third eye chakras, located in the forehead, even shattering or cracking those chakras if the person already has some damage there, causing all manner of mental and emotional disturbances. If you haven’t already sustained damage there, the effects won’t be AS bad, but they won’t be good, either. I go into detail about the dangers of ayahuasca and tell you how to start healing from the damage this plant can cause in my five past articles:

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Ayahuasca or Ayawaska Part 3 – Healing the Damage to the Third Eye

Again with the Ayahuasca Crap

More on Stuart Wilde and His Ayahuasca Journeys

These articles, thankfully, seem to be helping some people as they either make the decision not to take aya or they work to recover from the damage they experienced from taking it. Here’s a kind note I recently received from a man I’ll call Darren:

Dear Jennifer,

Thanks for the ayahuasca articles. They make sense and have helped resolve some troubles I have had for a while.

All the best, Darren

And my response to him, in which I give some further suggestions about how to heal from this stuff:

Dear Darren,

I’m so glad that some of what I posted helped you. I think many aya fans write me off as an alarmist, but if you’d seen what I’d seen with so many
aya practitioners going off the rails and descending into bad problems, you’d want to ring warning bells, too!

The two areas I’d definitely say to work on are in visualizing the healing and mending of your third eye and ajna areas, over the forehead — these are
often quite fractured from aya. And if a person already has problems in that location things get REALLY bad (descending into mental/emotional illness).
But you can heal this area; it will take time.

The other area is focusing on expelling any negative entities that may have come in as part of your aya practice, including the actual devic energy of the aya “herself.” She’s actually a demonic being; the plant itself is not, but the many rituals done with aya have created a kind of overlay or “guardian” of the aya, and this is the entity many people see during their journeys. And while she will be lovely and nice to some people (to lure them into taking it a lot more) after a while she reveals “her” true nature; and then things, well, they go to shit, unfortunately.

You can use willpower and/or any spiritual practice you enjoy to permanently revoke all ties to these entities and other “Klingons” that might have come in during your aya journey. Usually the people who gather together for taking aya in a ceremony also have a fair amount of, um, STUFF that they’re carrying around, too. And so since you’re psychically wide open and vulnerable when you take aya, if you’re taking it with a lot of other people who have a fair amount of psychic pollution themselves, THEIR stuff can come into your energy field, too.

Don’t give up, don’t give in, and know how terribly powerful and spiritually sovereign you are; you are ALWAYS stronger than those psychic pretenders and vampiric energy parasites (human ones and those that aren’t so human!)


Jennifer aka Lipstick Mystic



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