It’s the Halloween or Samhain Power Time for the Next Three Days

The Halloween or Samhain (pronounced “Sow-en”) power period is a metaphysically intense time where the astral “veils” or layers between dimensions are thinner than usual. This means that it is easier to meditate, dream, or otherwise connect with the dead, check in with alternate selves, and remotely interact with living people who live far away from you. The power of this time lasts for three days leading up to Halloween and coming out of Halloween.

Samhain is one of the four mini-equinox or mini-power times that are sandwiched between the main solstice and equinox periods. While things are usually rocking more, metaphysically speaking, at the spring equinox, summer solstice, autumnal equinox, and winter solstice, Halloween has a unique energy that is terribly misunderstood (and often abused by people who are aligned with the Dark Side of the Force, seeking to manipulate, enslave, and control humanity and the Earth. And yep, black magic is real, folks!)

I always hate all the crappy, ghoulish nonsense that goes on at this time of year. News flash: This is NOT a good time to celebrate death, skeletons, horror, etc. It IS an appropriate time to engage in thoughtful meditation and heartfelt communication with loved ones who have died because all forms of spiritual communication are a little easier at this special time of year.

Instead of dressing up like a zombie or celebrating yuck, try staying at home, maybe with a nice glass of cider or white wine in hand, and think of the beautiful, ancient power of autumn turning slowly towards winter. Pull inwards; go inside yourself; take stock of your inner worlds. What’s going on inside of you? What do you want to be experiencing and enjoying as you move toward the winter times?

Along the way, think about what spiritual allies or ancestors you would like to touch base with, because they are merely a nanosecond’s thought away at this sacred time of year and can more easily transmit guidance, imagery, and healing to you now. They might communicate in dreams, through synchronicities (spiritual “coincidences”) or in sudden moments of random genuius.

Pay attention! And enjoy this special time.

Happy Samhain, folks! :)

PS: For my readers in the southern hemisphere, the Samhain time is STILL a time when it is easier to connect with the spirit world, especially any human or animal loved ones who have died within the past twelve months. Open your heart and mind to the idea of contact with these beloved beings from your past, and wait to receive some messages back!



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