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A reader prompted an interesting discussion about various ways to heal plants and trees.

Hi Jennifer,

I’m looking into doing some research into the effects of healing methods (energy healing, crystal healing, colour etc.) on plants placed in stressed environments to try and help provide evidence that such methods do work (scientists always try to disclaim human studies saying that it’s an illusion and so on, plants offer a great way to do big unbiased studies).

While reading around, I came across your website and found your interesting writings on crystals. I noticed that you mentioned rose quartz, turquoise, celestite as potential healing crystals – do you reckon they might have a significant effects on plants which are in trouble?

Anyway thanks for reading this email, would appreciate your thoughts. I would love to be able to provide credence to alternative ideas from a scientific standpoint. People are too caught up in the monkey brain – as you say.

PS: I love your cats! and on the ball about Stuart Wilde, amazing how a drug can turn someone who was so helpful initially into a money grabbing psychopath.


Hello A,

Thanks for writing. Let’s see, have you ever read Cleve Backster’s groundbreaking work about the sentience of plants — Primary Perception: Biocommunication with Plants, Living Foods, and Human Cells? His work was quoted back in the day during the “talk to your plants” phase of the 70′s in the famous book The Secret Life of Plants: a Fascinating Account of the Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Relations Between Plants and Man, but his work is very far-reaching in that he hooked up polygraph meters to plants and saw that they very much quiver and shake in response to things like sending them ill intent, expressing anger in the vicinity, and so on. So starting really simply on a vibrational level to heal plants or trees is very powerful; love them! Beam out soft, nurturing heart energy at them on a regular basis, which increases their natural immune systems, just as it does with human beings; and this will often accelerate the plant’s own healing abilities.

The other thing I recommend is finding a way to visualize CLEARING OUT things like molds, bug infestations, parasites, chemical poisons, environmental poisons, and anything else that might be causing that plant’s illness — but focus on doing this on a metaphysical level (of course, DO use physical techniques in the “real world” if you can to help them, too.) On an energy level, you can cleanse a plant just like you do a person using a nice healing color like light whitish green, which is the same vibrant green of spring leaves, mixed with lots of white. You can beam this at the plant and use sound vibration like a drum or rattle or even your voice to drive off the crud; or you can project light whitish green energy using a clear quartz crystal, preferably one that has a nice single point, and the light whitish green energy will take on more power and cleansing potency.

I wouldn’t recommend using other types of crystals to heal plants necessarily, but you could, if you want to experiment, set up a grid of nice crystals using your own intuition (check in with the plant to see what crystals they would like to have around them) and create a little sacred area where the energies can stay nice and clear directly surrounding the plant; or bury the crystals around the tree’s roots.

A simple experiment where you beam love at a plant several times a day and DON’T beam love at a similarly sick plant and watch how they progress over a week or two should yield measureable, clear results; and the other methods I’ve mentioned briefly here also work nicely.

I usually use the light whitish green color vibration to clear out my plants and trees; also, if a tree has major damage like it loses a lot of limbs to a storm or lighting strike, beaming the light whitish green into the holes and damaged areas plugs up the holes/damage points in the tree’s aura very nicely and increases its chances of survival post-trauma.

These are just some very brief thoughts; I should write about this more sometime. In the meantime, I might post this in my blog — with your questions, but your personal info excluded, of course!

Thanks for sending a thought-provoking series of ideas!


Lipstick Mystic

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for your really detailed response – much appreciated. I haven’t read Primary Perception – I will look into it.

It’s a really interesting topic I think. I think it could be certainly applicable in many fields – I was thinking about the big problem the earth currently has with land that is contaminated – from mining, industry etc. Scientists currently have problems restoring this land to what was a similar state. Maybe crystals and other alternative stuff could help with that. But, of course, at the moment, most “self respecting” scientists will scoff at the idea, and wont even entertain it as a possibility.

Thanks again.


Hi again,

Yes, industrial areas, etc. always have damage to the local ley lines, which allow further illness, spiritual and well as physical pollution, and just generally yucky energy to come in. There are many sneaky healers all over the world who have developed their own ways to address and reverse this damage. I write about some of this type of work, in addition to covering things like weather working (overcoming negative and damaging, man-manipulated weather patterns) in my book if you’re interested — you can check it out here:

(That’s where you can download the first 25 pages and the table of contents for free).

Keep exploring and investigating! You’re on the right track.



For more info about the properties of plants and trees and how to heal using crystals, scroll through the Earth and Her Creatures section. We’re so very privileged to inhabit a planet with such diverse, self-aware, and loving beings as the plants and the mineral kingdom. Go chat with them and make friends! :)



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