Healing Qualities of Lilac and Lavender

Generally speaking, any purple colored flower or flowering tree has a very lovely and high vibration, and the devas attached to these plants can be wonderful partners in healing. Although lavender is certainly one of my top five plants (the others being frankincense, sandalwood, sage, and yuzu) lilac is quite good, too. It’s easy to buy the other plants in the form of essential oils, but unfortunately, you can’t buy real lilac oil at this time.

That’s a photo of some lilac flowers at the left. Lilac’s healing properties aren’t talked about very much. This is because until very recently it was impossible to extract the scent molecules from lilac flowers, and the process is very expensive — plus the eventual stuff they ARE able to extract doesn’t contain the complete range of flavors that you get when you’re sniffing the actual, physical flower. Lilac “oil” that’s available commercially is actually “fragrance” mixed from other ingredients, with no actual lilac in it. So traditional aromatherapists haven’t been able to use lilac in their arsenal of healing scents yet. I hope prices for the extraction process come down one day so we can get some real lilac oil to play with!

You have to be a little creative if you want to embrace the healing qualities of lilac. One way is to plant or transplant a lilac bush and put it someplace close to your house. Lilac bushes grown outside your home can offer a lot of nice spiritual protection; just ask the devas attached to the bush to put out a protective “fence” or shield against invasive psychic energy. The more lilac bushes, the better! We have three of them outside our house and they’ve shared a lot of helpful information with me over the years about attempted “incursions” into our living space, psychic attack events and so on. They’re kind of stealth spiritual warriors.

Since lilac tends to be one of the earlier flowering plants each spring-time, it carries with it some of the same spiritual energies of other “early bloomers” like daffodils and forthysia. Lilac has the same quality of being able to push or penetrate through harsh, heavy “winter” energies. So if you’re seeking some kind of significant breakthrough in your life, and you want a little extra kick or punch to help get you through, connecting with the energies of lilac can be very helpful. Smelling the fresh flowers on the bush or bringing a few blooms inside to enjoy is the best way to connect with this special plant. But even if it’s winter, if you can spiritually connect with a local lilac bush, you can often ask the lilac devas to help you manifest a breakthrough or find the solution to a pressing problem. Lilac is a very generous and helpful plant.

Lavender Carries a High Vibration, Too

Lavender — the fresh herbs as well as the essential oil — carries a great energy, too. The angels love this scent and sometimes people have reported smelling a mysterious etheric floral essence like lavender or rose when angels stop by or have a message they want to convey.

If you can get some lavender essential oil and blend a few drops of the oil with a little sweet almond oil, jojoba, olive oil, or other neutral oil, you’ll be making a lovely perfume that combines the qualities of healing and spiritual protection.

Put a few drops at the pulse points or at the chakra points and you’ll find it easier to “shield up” against psychically dense places like train stations, malls, stores, bus stations, and other places where crowds congregate. You won’t pick up so much psychic debris from all the people projecting angry or intrusive energy while they’re rushing around.

You can also put a few drops of the oil in one of those little lightbulb rings or an aromatic diffuser to diffuse the scent throughout a room. You can also create your own lavender spray by adding about ten drops to a spray bottle of water and spray that throughout the room. The pleasant combination of the lavender oil and the water will cut down on excessive electromagnetic fields which can be generated by appliances and computers while adding that higher vibration of loving, positive lavender to the environment.

It DOES have an extremely sweet smell, and for some people, it’s a little too “sickeningly sweet.” If it is, I recommend trying sandalwood oil as a substitute because sandalwood shares so many of the same healing and protective qualities. And if you’re a guy, both sandalwood and sage are “manly” as far as scents go, plus they have the same properties that frankincense, lavender and lilac do of being good for psychic protection and shielding from negative energy. Yuzu, my other fave essential oil, comes from a Japanese flower with a gorgeous, citrusy scent, but it’s a little “girlie,” too!

So these are my tips for enjoying the wonderful healing vibrations of lilac and lavender! They’re both really special plants with unique mixture of “soft/nurturing” energy and “spiritual strength and power” energy.



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