How to Clear Negative Energy from a Physical Space – Part Three

I’ve been posting a series of articles about how you can remove negative energy like ghosts and other “ghoul” stuff from a physical location, and this is part three. (If you missed parts one and two, go here: How to Clear Negative Energy from a Bar, Restaurant, or Living Space – Part One and How to Remove a Ghost (and More!) – Part Two.

In part two I provided you with a list of the stuff that you’ll want to focus on when you want to clear out a space. It’s kind of a laundry list, and you really should work at clearing them all out at the same time:

1) Negative human emotional residue, negative human thoughtforms

2) Discarnates (humans or animal spirits)

3) Negative elementals (Not to be confused with devas or nature elementals, they’re Mother Nature’s helpers.)

4) Demons

5) Negative ET or negative interdimensional beings

6) Unbalanced electrical influences caused by human technology

7) Any imbalances to the ley lines or energetic “meridians” of the Earth in that location

The Three Main Techniques to Clear out Negative Energy – Physical, Emotional, and Mental

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a professional ghostbuster to clear this stuff out! It’s all about stepping into your personal power and taking charge or your space.

I’ve spent my career helping people who don’t really think of themselves as psychic to do all kinds of cool stuff with energy. After they try one of my simple tricks and get good results, they’re hooked, because they realize they’re just as qualified to work with energy and tap into spiritual talents as anybody. So believe me, this stuff works, even if you don’t feel particularly knowledgeable or up to speed on the reasons why it works.

I’m going to give you three different ways to clear out a space. You can either use one, two, or all three of these approaches, whatever feels most comfortable to you.

The Physical Approach

This is where you let physical tools or physical actions do most of the work. One way to fix the energy in a yucky space is to explore feng shui, which is mostly about learning how to open up your space, reduce clutter, place objects with nice colors and soothing shapes throughout the space, and just generally reorganize the space so everything is more optimized and it all just flows better. But if you want to keep this super simple, just take the physical approach of CLEANING THE SPACE, do some major housecleaning, and reduce clutter. If you’re trying to clear your living space and you have lots of extra belongings you don’t really have room for, it’s worth purchasing a storage space off site so you can get your space very uncluttered and peaceful and orderly. This will immediately improve the overall feel of the space, even if you live in the crappiest apartment on the planet. (I should know, I used to live in it!) :)

Another physical approach is to use a really powerful type of herb as incense to “smudge” the space. Desert sage, cedar, and sweetgrass are very good herbs which are usually sold in bundles at health food stores or New Age shops or Native American stores. All of these herbs have very peaceful and powerful energy. You just light the edge of the leaves, making sure you have an ashtray or a dish beneath it to catch any burning embers that jump off, and then move through the space, smudging the entire area with the smoke of the herb. You’ll want to open up as many windows as you can as the smell can be a bit strong if you’re not used to it. Plus, you should set the intention that the incense is driving negative entities and vibrations OUT of that space, and opening windows allows this stuff to leave more readily. You want to give those negative critters and that yucky emotional residue a way to exit! Be sure to get into closets and dark corners and basement areas, too. Yucky stuff will tend to fester in these areas.

There are other incenses you can use, and although you can buy them in stick or cone form, they are more powerful and strong for clearing a space if you buy them as loose herbs. Loose herbs and bulk resins aren’t very expensive, and you don’t need very much to do the job. A quarter to a half ounce is plenty to clear a huge building out. You should smolder them on one of those charcoal wafers you see being sold for burning incense — you’ll find these in religious supply stores and most health food stores. These are little self-igniting charcoal discs which will spark and ignite after you expose them to a lighter or match, and then you put a little bit of the loose herb on top of the charcoal to smolder it, and then you smudge your living space or work space with the smoke from the incense. Again, open up the windows because the smell is strong. Recommended herbs: frankincense (can be used in combination with other herbs like myrrh and others;) sandalwood; copal; or cinnamon. These all have a really high energy and are great for banishing yucky stuff from your space. Just let these powerful herbs do the work. It’s easy!

Even if you’re just using this physical approach to clearing a space, it’s also helpful to hold a clear mental intention that you are using this incense to banish and clear all the stuff on the list above and expel it permanently from that space. So try to concentrate and focus on what you want to accomplish as you’re smudging your space.

Another thing you should try to do is to “power down” the space electrically speaking. Turn off as many appliances as you can. Unplug the computer, the TV, the Internet connection. Unplug your cell phone recharger and remove your cell phone from your bedroom or main living area. Since unbalanced electrical energy from appliances and technology can make negative energy in a space worse, try to “de-electrify” your space from time to time or power down.

The Emotional Approach

The emotional approach to clearing a space is more of a spiritual and psychic one. You would tap into immense feelings of love, confidence, and power, possibly by taking a moment to pray or meditate and connect with a Higher Power, Great Spirit, the angels, your spiritual guides, Mother Nature, Jesus, or any energy based in absolute, loving integrity. Really allow that energy to come into your heart and inspire you and fill you with great feelings. Get into a strong and loving and clear emotional space. If you don’t consider yourself very spiritual, then just summon up these feelings from WITHIN you. You don’t have to invoke outside help unless you want to.

When you feel nice and charged up you would just visualize that healing and clearing energy blasting through every room of the house or every inch of that space. Really send that strong emotion bursting through the space and overwhelm any lower vibrations hanging out there with your own loving, clear, confident vibration. If you do this right, nothing negative will be able to stay there anymore. Step into powerful exorcist mode and clear that garbage out. You can do it!

You can combine projecting strong clearing emotions with visualizing actual angels or devas going from room to room doing their thing. Devas are also called fairies or positive elementals; they are Mother Nature’s helpers. You can also physically walk through each room and visualize this healing energy traveling with you. And if you want to combine a color with that energy, I like to use a color I call electric violet, which is a deep, powerful, pretty violet color with golden sparkles of divine energy circulating through it. It sort of looks like the color swatch I’ve posted here. This is a very powerful “exorcism” color or banishing color. You can also project this energy out of the palms of your hand and blast each room with the energy; imagine that electric violet zapping out of your palms like a laser beam, clearing out all that dense energy and all those yucky entities and emotional influences for good.

You can combine this emotional or psychic approach with smudging with incense, too, for a powerful double whammy. And it’s also a great idea to turn off as many appliances as you can from time to time to give yourself a break from any potentially imbalanced electricity stemming from your appliances.

The Mental or Intellectual Approach

Sometimes people are very good at visualizing and imagining, but they’re not so good at coming up with strong emotions on command or feeling connected to spiritual energy. Ideally, you could do some smudging with incense, plus use strong emotional energy for cleansing, and then you could combine that with visualizing electric violet blasting through the space. But maybe that other stuff isn’t so easy for you and you’re more of an intellectual creature. That’s okay!

The mental or intellectual approach to healing a space consists of sitting, being still for a little while, and taking a moment to visualize every room of the space. If you’re out in public and you want to clear a physical location like a bar or a restaurant or a store, you might want to use this technique. Visualize either clearing out the entire space yourself and pushing out all that yucky, gray “goop” at once, sending it off to the Light or to a higher dimension. Or you can invoke your guardian angels or higher power or Great Spirit to do the job for you. But try to add a very strong visual element to the equation, really picturing and imagining each room of the space or the building being completely and permanently cleared of any dense energies on our “list” (that list of human emotions, discarnates, elementals, demons, and negative ET’s or negative interdimensional influences which I gave you above.) The stronger and more powerfully you can use your mind to visualize this the better, and it’s also great if you can verbally state your intention to clear the space.

An example of this might be: “I hereby clear X space of all negative emotions, discarnates, negative elementals, demons, and negative ET and negative interdimensional presences, clearing them through space and time from the space.” Feel free to come up with your own words or prayer or invocation, but remember to specifically hit each item on the list to clear it out. You can either do this strictly through your own willpower if you don’t really feel comfortable bringing in Great Spirit or the angels; or you can ask them to come along and help. It’s all about being clear and sending an unbending, relentless intention that you want to clear out every nook and cranny of that physical space — for good! You can just say this to yourself silently if you’re out in public and you want to clear out a restaurant or store or school or whatever.

And don’t forget that if this is a space you have some control over, powering down the electrical appliances and opening up windows is a great idea, too. This will help get rid of unbalanced electricity for a while.

A Few Quick Notes About Clearing a Space You Don’t Own or Legally Have Control Over

Ethically speaking, you always have the right to completely clear out any building that you legally own and control. If you rent an apartment or pay to live in a dorm, you also have the right to clear it out FOR THE TIME FRAME IN WHICH YOU ARE LIVING THERE.

If you are venturing out to a store, bar, restaurant, school, or other public place and you want to clear the energy there, it’s smart to set the intention that you are clearing out the stuff on that list (the entities and emotions outlined above,) but you should also set the intention that people can still move freely through the space; it’s just that any negative energies that they’re carrying need to wait for them OUTSIDE the space and aren’t allowed into the space while you are there. I usually visualize a sort of “demon holding pen,” an area outside the space surrounded by divine electric violet energy, and imagine any entities people are carrying around getting put into lockup for the time frame that I’m moving through a space. And then I usually set a time frame for that space to remain clear, like saying, “I clear out the space for two hours, and people can freely move through the space, but their negative entities and energies have to stay outside (in the holding pen) during that time.”

If you don’t have explicit permission from the owner of that location to clear the space, you can run into problems. For example, if you clear out a store or a restaurant in an aggressive way, sometimes the customers will all disappear for a while, which means that the bartenders, waitresses, and shopkeepers won’t make as much money — and that isn’t fair to them! Also, if you don’t own the space, you’re really not allowed to PERMANENTLY clear the space because it’s not yours and it’s not up to you to determine what energy is there. So set the intention that you are clearing the space for a certain time frame, and that the negative stuff has to wait outside during that time, but after that you will allow things to return to “normal.”

There are some complicated ethics you discover as a healer and a shaman, and being too aggressive healing a person or clearing a physical space without clear permission from that person or property owner is a big no no. The willful energy you’re using will tend to rebound on you, or you’ll run into other problems. The exception to this is when you are doing healing on behalf of the land, clearing a location or bringing healing to a certain place to help Mother Nature and the devas or fairies in that area. Sometimes you can do clearing on behalf on the land and it’s okay. You have to really meditate and get a clear “Yes” first.

When in doubt, you are ALWAYS allowed to clear negative energy out of your immediate “sphere of influence” on a daily basis, and if you want to clear out a larger physical area, set a time frame for that clearing and envision putting those negative entities and bad energies in “lockup” for that time frame. Then you won’t experience any counter-attack or negative reactions.

Balancing Out the Ley Lines

If a building is built in a bad spot, like on a piece of land where there was a burial ground, a place where there used to be a factory and lots of industrial equipment, or on a location where there was a battlefield, this is likely to be a tricky place to experience peace. The energies might never truly be healed unless lots of prayers and shamanic healing work are done on behalf of the damaged land. Also, any place where chemicals and other poisons have been spilled over time will tend to remain a problem area, unfortunately.

The main way you can attempt to correct these disturbances is by making your own connection with the local “devas” or nature spirits and asking them to help heal the damage in that area. You have to befriend these beings because nature spirits don’t usually like humans very much. They don’t appreciate our wanton destruction and violation of nature. You have to spend some time meditating, building relationships with nature, and humbly and gently asking that the devas and the fairies enter your life and help to heal that physical space. You can keep an herb garden, take extra good care of your houseplants and pets, and do other activities which will “prove” to the devas over time that you’re a good human who honors the natural world, not a stupid, violent caveman type of human.

After this relationship is established, you can start asking the devas to help bring corrective, healing energy to that location where the ley lines have been disturbed. And if you can create a dedicated area of your home or your yard where the devas can play, like a flower garden or vegetable garden or herbal garden, that’s helpful, too. It’s all about bringing the healing powers of nature back into an area which has been violated and harmed by human activity.

This process takes time and is NOT an overnight deal. It tends to be the type of “homework” that takes the most time and the most sensitivity and work if you’re trying to correct the energies of a physical building or residence. Don’t be afraid to attempt it, though! We need more people learning how to communicate with nature and focusing on healing those terrible trouble spots humans have created all over the world. Each person who dedicates himself or herself to reconnecting with nature in a sacred way is a true hero, because they are so rare!

Never underestimate the healing power of Nature. I remember recently reading about how, after the terrible Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986s, most of the humans living in that area moved elsewhere, and this allowed nature to reclaim that area. Now the area is brimming with lots of wildlife and plants and creatures just happily doing their thing, and the energy of the place is slowly healing and regenerating. A cool documentary was made about this a while ago called Chernobyl: Life in the Dead Zone. This link will take you to part one, which you can watch along with the rest at YouTube. In the absence of man, nature has sort of turned that area into a garden of Eden, which shows us that nature can heal even the most heavily damaged of places in the world. Truly awesome stuff!

PS: I’ve posted an addendum or “part four” to this article series, which explains how you should do things a little bit differently if you want to clear negative energy from a child’s room or baby’s bedroom: How to Clear Negative Energy Out of a Baby’s Room or Child’s Bedroom



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