How to Remember Past Lives

If you want to get in touch with your past lives in an authentic, organic way, here are some tips to help you.

(By the way, this material was first posted in the comments during last month’s Ask Me Anything open thread, a feature which I run once a month. In the comments section, a fellow named Bill asked me if I had any guidance about accessing past life information since he was considering going to a hypnotist for a past life regression.)

If you’re interested in remembering past lives, there’s no need to get a past life regression or use hyposis. Instead, here are some simple tricks to help stimulate these types of memories:

1) Examine any unusual attraction you have to a specific foreign country, foreign language, or art or literature from another country;

2) If you have particular fondness for the cuisine of another culture (one you didn’t grow up in,) that’s another clue;

3) If you are drawn to certain types of historical time periods in movies, theater, or books — another clue;

4) If you have a weird and highly specific phobia, there’s another clue;

5) If you really HATE a particular country or the people or culture of another place, there’s another clue.

Meditate on Those Pieces of the Puzzle to Discover More

Once you’ve figured out a few of these hooks or starting places that relate to your own unique passions, hatreds, or phobias, you should spend some time meditating and try to discern more. Try some light visualization, a sort of “daydream” process where you start by thinking of one of these things or qualities about yourself, and then you ask, “What if?” and let your mind wonder. Take note of any images, feelings, or thoughts that come to you, especially connected to other people — because quite often we share a lot past life history with people who are in our lives now.

You can also set the intention right as you’re drifting off to sleep that you want to have dreams about past lives. Set this intention very clearly each night over several weeks, and you’ll almost always start to have some dreams which will give you more insights. You’re basically “programming” your dreams, telling your subconscious mind what types of information you want to access during your dreamtime. The trick is to remember your dreams! Keep a dream diary handy, and consider supplementing your diet with extra B6 vitamins, which help with dream recall.

Pay Attention to Your Fears and Passions

Remember, any type of “irrational” passion for or aversion to something is a big clue about at least one of your past lives.

Some examples:

* A friend of mine has been the most INSANE train fanatic since early childhood; but his fondness is for specific, older steam trains. He had a past lifetime running trains which traveled across the US during the Industrial Revolution/late 1880′s.

*Another friend of mine had a lifelong aversion since childhood to mushrooms; she was able to access bits and pieces of conscious recall about dying from eating poisonous mushrooms.

*I have had a lifelong problem with heights, only my situation is very bizarre; I feel tremendously confident and happy going part of the way up a mountain and then I get two thirds of the way up or across a high height and I am paralyzed; I was able to gain conscious recall of being the male head of a family of circus performers in central Europe hundreds of years ago, and I died while being a bit too cocky and not concentrating carefully two thirds of the way across the rope, plummeting to my instantaneous death.

*While visiting the Boston Commons area of Boston as a young woman for the first time my entire body was flooded with this sensation of being there as another person in early colonial days; the sensation was so vivid it was like I was seeing into two dimensions or two realities simultaneously. Later, I was able to access bits of information about having lived with a large family there in the early 1700′s and my family ran a trading company. I could see packages and goods wrapped up in twine and paper getting ready to be shipped out or received at the docks. Fast forward in time to when my soulmate guy (this was before he and I got together) had a reading with a gifted psychic friend of mine. She told him he once ran a trading company in Boston during the colonial era. (I had never told her about my own memories of a similar lifetime.) She was basically able to confirm that he and I knew each other then, without realizing that she was helping clarify this connection.

*My honey and I also each independently found that we had had a lifelong interest in and fondness for the Alsace region of France and enjoyed Alsatian white wines. I’d never met anybody before or since who felt drawn to that area, even though neither of us had visited there in this lifetime; and I also never knew anybody who got excited about Alsatian wines. We gradually pieced together an entire joint history of having living there on a vineyard a long time ago.

*A friend of mine from my elementary school days was BIZARRELY OBSESSED with the currency of England when we were children. He was always playing “banker” and talking about shillings and guineas and all of that uniquely British currency. Nobody knew what he was on about, but he was friendly and nice, so we just kind of watched his obsession being acted out. As a college student he took a semester abroad and found himself walking through London. He was able to navigate through certain streets, especially very teeny tiny winding streets, completely automatically, almost like a bodily sense took over, he said, and he just knew where to go and which alleys cut through different streets. We pieced together a past life for him as someone who handled money, like an ex-chequer (tax man) or something, in England hundreds of years ago.

*I was preparing for a theater audition once and decided to do a monologue from one of Shakespeare’s comedies, As You Like It. I had never read it before and didn’t know anything about the play. All I knew was that it had a female lead with lots of comic monologues and that other actresses always wanted to play that character since it was one of the biggest female roles Shakespeare had written. As I paged through the play, I came to a monologue and at random experimented with the language, to see if it would flow nicely for me. I tried memorizing a few phrases. To my surprise, I ALREADY KNEW THE ENTIRE MONOLOGUE. I obviously had a lifetime where I was involved with theater, and for a while in this lifetime I felt a strong compulsion that I should act professionally. I did so successfully for some years and then my psychic abilities sort of blew open and led me down a different path.

Memories of Past Lives Are Meant to Be Discovered Organically, at the Right Time

Try to look at major themes or “issues” in your life like compulsions, fears, attractions — you’ll find keys to your past there. Meditate on these things and take note of any random observations that come to you or “synchronicities” (spiritual coincidences) that happen to you. For example, if you realize that might have lived during a certain period in ancient Greece and you end up meeting someone and that person starts “randomly” chatting about feeling a connection to ancient Greece, this is a sign that more information is trying to reveal itself. Remembering past lives is like unraveling pieces of a tapestry, since our lives weave together with so many other people throughout space and time. Sometimes, when you’re ready to access past life information more consciously, other people around you are also ready and might be open to discussing it, even if you just frame it as, “Gee, wouldn’t this be interesting if. . . ?”

Also when you approach the whole idea of past lives it’s helpful to keep in mind that 1) We don’t have to reincarnate if we don’t want to and 2) we don’t always incarnate in linear time; meaning, you could have a lifetime in the 1800′s, die in that body, and then go BACKWARD in time to 1640 and incarnate then. These two things aren’t commonly discussed (and believe me, my book about death and dying will cover this in depth.)

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