I Think I’ve Gone a Bit Feral

During my publishing break I was spending most of my time dealing with family emergencies (about every six weeks a human or pet, and often two at the same time, were in the ER and there were terrible things going on).

Or I would be out on the land whenever I could, going almost non-verbal — a bit wild or feral, within my mind. Going right into the consciousness of a local tree to be with the trees for a bit, or connecting with some wonderful boulders and sitting on them and being a rock for a while, or hanging out with my cats and being in the pussycat realm for a bit.

I learned through this process how much NOISE humanity is capable of; all the psychic chatter, the uncontrolled passive aggressive attack type energy (even from really nice people), the sad overall levels of discomfort and disease that so many humans are always experiencing and projecting.

I wasn’t so sure I wanted to come back and connect with humans again, even after a 30some year career as an actress, singer, writer, psychic truth teller weird mystic, etc.

But there are so many lovely people here that I believe are part of my larger soul tribe, those lovely souls who decided, like I did, to come down here and experience the truly challenging energies of this time.

And I have a lot of information I’d like to share with you.

Writing takes a while. Recording a podcast takes a while. Running a membership site involves an incredible amount of time and labor.

I have a lot of written material already here which I should probably start spinning out into some instant books or something.

We’ll see.

Part of me is wistful about giving up the months, the years when I talked more with nature and the Earth than I did with people, unless the people were part of my immediate circle.

There was a lot of terrible stuff going on, but I was able to step away from the human madness for a while.

I guess I am still dipping my toes back into the waters of being a human again; and I hope you’ll stick with me as I get my personal and psychic bearings again.

I hope I can convey, through all my work, the incredibly grounded, wonderful energies of spiritual allies I’ve gotten to know so intimately these past years like our local sun, the Earth, and the mineral, plant, and animal kingdom.

There is so much healing energy there, and so much forgiveness.

The other day my ginger cat, Maximus, brought me a “gift” of a pretty little dead bird he had just killed. I have told him not to do that, but sometimes, you know, cats be cats!

I worked with the spirit of the bird to give it love and creation energy, heal its trauma as best I could, and gently apologize for my cat’s murderous and unnecessary behavior (because it’s not like my cat doesn’t get enough food!)

The bird said to me in a sweet voice, “That’s okay. That’s what cats do. He didn’t mean any harm.”

I couldn’t believe the levels of compassion, empathy, and forgiveness that this tiny little bird had; and here, he had just been bitten in the throat and killed.

The levels of love and kindness I find in the natural world are such a constant reality check about how I want to consistently modulate my energy. Sometimes that gets into being a fierce warrior gal, righteously angry about something that I really need to bring people’s attention to.

But it’s all based in love.

I just hate how the little creatures around us, or the helpless trees and plants and minerals, too often aren’t listened to, so they don’t get any voice in what is happening on planet Earth moment to moment.

They don’t get a vote.

It’s taken me decades to develop my “Earth speak,” and even then, if I’m preoccupied with stupid stuff in my silly little monkey brain, I can’t properly hear or sense what the natural creatures around me are saying.

But still, I get a LOT of information from them. Stuff I’ve saved up for countless books. I guess I’d better start really cranking them out, to give some voice to the voiceless.



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