If Your Spiritual Practice Isn’t Getting You Real Results . . .

. . . then you’re doing it wrong. You haven’t gotten the hang of things yet.

Too often when people begin to worry about the fact that they might have a soul, and they decide to pay some attention to it, they immediately sign up for a “club” — i.e., a religion. Or they join another type of metaphysical group that claims to have “all the answers,” or the “ultimate pathway to enlightenment,” yada yada ad nauseum.

Did you know that the word “religion” means “the expression of reverence for a spiritual being” — usually framed as a “god” of some type?

And so when you join a religion, all you’re doing is joining a fan club for your god of choice and participating in giving that god your energy. You become a “worshipper.” To worship literally means “to work for.”

Religions teach that the only way to be spiritual or to access spiritual wisdom is to rely upon a third party to do all your thinking for you, to blindly obey and bow down to a “god” who knows everything. And you’re supposed to worship or work for this god by practicing a religion, which is all about praising that god and his/her representatives (by giving a priest or minister all your trust and tithing a lot of your income to his organization).

You CAN do that. You might even meet some really nice, sweet, and well-intentioned people who are part of those religious groups.

But you won’t be developing your spiritual nature.

Religion has nothing to do with spiritual practice. If it did, it would be teaching you how to go “spiritually online” yourself, without need of an intermediary or go-between. But a priest or minister needs to eat, and he needs you to give his church money so he can draw a salary and support himself. He needs those weekly tithes. So he’s hardly going to tell you that you don’t need him if your goal is to tap into the energy of a divine and loving Higher Power, is he? It goes against his own interests.

Sometimes when you’re studying a religion you’ll stumble upon a few legitimate spiritual techniques, like prayer, applied faith, meditation, visualization, and so on. But very rarely are you taught how to “exercise” and utilize that incredible, immortal, ancient energy that lives within you, and you’re rarely taught how to enhance, expand, and create using the wonderful energy of your soul. This the realm of white wizardry or white sorcery; and that’s what great “mavericks” like Jesus and Buddha were doing. They were using spiritual energy in loving and powerful and wise ways to create real EFFECTS in the world. Spiritual practice will help you achieve this. Religion won’t.

Again, if your spiritual practice isn’t getting you real results, then you’re doing it wrong.

Some of the real world results that spiritual practice should create for you include:

* Achieving a lighter, more loving emotional tone that allows you to bounce back more quickly from problems you might face

* Intensified mental clarity, making it easier for you to concentrate and have extended, cohesive thoughts and observations

* Creative energies coming in that might inspire you to write, perform, design something, or experiment with some other type of personal project or new business project

* Improved physical health, often to a very dramatic level (reversing previously diagnosed medical conditions 100%)

* Having cool experiences that make you happy or fill you with a sense of awe or wonder or make you laugh yourself silly — like amazing animal encounters, fun “synchronicities” where you meet wonderful people, or just marvelous social experiences that make you happy to be alive and a member of the human race

* Increased “abundance,” and, depending on your own particular framework and interpretation of the word “abundance,” this might manifest as increased cash flow, better job prospects or expansion in your own business — or if money is something you have ISSUES with, you might manifest abundance more as having lots of great interactions with family and friends and just feeling positively connected to life

* Increased psychic perception — this will manifest in many different ways for people, but sometimes it starts as having meaningful, somewhat lucid dreams that tell you things about your life or about people in your life, and then it will often move on to situations like being able to really mentally connect with the Earth, with animals, with angels, or with Great Spirit/a Higher Power — and if you keep track of what you’re sensing and the messages you’re getting, you’ll often get confirmation that this information is real later on. (It pays to be a bit of a psychic Nancy Drew about this, keeping notes and reviewing interesting perceptions that come your way over time.)

Are you involved with any type of spiritual practice?

If so, how many of these types of experiences are you having?

If your answer is “none,” then several things are usually going on.

You might have some psychic miswiring where you were taught practices that encouraged dependency (on a “god,” minister, yogi, etc.) instead of empowering you with the confidence and skills to do stuff on your own.

And you also might not be doing it enough to get things flowing in a natural way; it takes time. Don’t expect to attain psychic gifts in a weekend “initiation,” for example. The nervous system takes a while to hold heightened energy, and after it gets used to having more energy coming in, THEN those cool experiences start to happen.

And lastly, you might have wounds you need to heal or urgent problems you need to attend to, like “real life” concerns you need to tend to like taking care of your body, your housing situation, your income, and so on. You won’t be able to ease into a rich spiritual practice if you’re in panic mode about day to day stuff all the time. Save the spiritual stuff for a better time, and then start easing into it, when you can bring a sense of peace and play and joy to it.

Then, things will start to unfold, and both your physical life AND your spiritual/soul life will take on a brighter, happier feeling.

Along the way as you develop more confidence about your spiritual practice, you might need to fire a few gods, banish crusty and outdated religious or societal conditioning, and give yourself permission to try a new approach instead of living in fear that if you try something, you’ll end up going to hell.

Hell is a place in the lower astral planes where entities of a really nasty, hateful, and “inverse” type of energy hang out. It’s the realm of dead psychopaths, black sorcerers doing dirty business in their astral bodies, and other negative entities that like to create chaos, violence, and fear.

There’s no way YOU’LL end up hanging out there :)

So give yourself permission to start having FUN with the spiritual aspects of your life, play more, invent more. Remember, some core spiritual practices include: any form of art or creative endeavor; visualization; accessing the power of emotion; meditation (where you still your mind and attempt to receive guidance from loving beings like Mother Earth, the angels, Great Spirit, and the other many kind creatures of the universe); and power prayer/affirmations/applied faith/white magic (all the same thing).

THOSE are the things I recommend you start with as you begin to pay attention to your spiritual self, that dynamic, creative energy of your soul. It’s time to activate those “super senses,” those enhanced sensory abilities that we ALL can develop, if we open up the incredible psychic toolbox that’s part of our in-built “spiritual operating system.”

You can do it!

In fact, nobody is more qualified to do it than you.

Because, um, it’s YOUR SOUL. :)

Sometimes it’s important to remember that.



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