So Who Can We Trust? Finding Your Spiritual Allies

I’ve been dropping some heavy stuff here in my blog and elsewhere, especially in relation to what I’ve learned about the angels. But I don’t do this to bring you down or harm you. Instead, I want to emphasize the immense FREEDOM and love and joy you can start tapping into if you choose to expel the influence of the angels and their tricky, deceptive conditioning.

One sweetie at my Facebook page asked if humans really have NO allies then, down here, during what can often be a difficult life on Earth.

I wanted to encourage her immediately so she didn’t fall into that self-sabotaging programming that the angels instill in people — namely, that we are somehow dependent on them, or that we “owe” them our loyalty, or the related lie that if we distance ourselves from them that we will have no help, no love, no joy on our spiritual path.

Because THAT simply isn’t true — but it’s part of how they condition us, part of the entire “a spiritual hierarchy of advanced beings exists above you, and you must listen to them” programming the archons poisoned humanity with over aeons.

I wrote this:

Oh, we have LOADS of allies. . . .

* Mother Earth and every other nature-oriented creature;

* Trees, rocks, animals, nature spirits who are guardians of the ley lines;

* LOADS of kind and loving beings who live on other worlds, but who find it difficult to intervene directly here because of the intense and dangerous control that the antimatter-oriented beings have over the Earth at the moment (but many of them ARE working HARD to find ways to bring in more positive energy, information that can help humanity shake off its shackles, and more so we can put an END to this shit!).

* And then there is the IMMENSE love of this intelligent, vast Universe/Great Spirit/larger “Force” we’re all a part of. This energy is SO big, so powerful, so amazing; please trust me on this! If you can divorce yourself from the cloudy and deceptive STUFF we’ve been indoctrinated with in this Judeo-Christian/Yahweh-worshiping culture and keep your heart OPEN and demand TRUTH and command GOOD ENERGY TO BE WITH YOU………………..every type of “miracle” you can think of can be yours, honestly.

Only it happens as connected to YOUR personal power, your self-love, combined with your innate, reclaimed, deeper KNOWING that you ALSO connect with the larger stream of infinite love that permeates this universe at all times.

The antimatter stuff is kind of a virus, a pox. It’s important to identify the means and methods through which it poisons us, but behind that identification lies WISDOM and ENHANCED energy and JOY and EXPANSION and CREATION.

I want to emphasize the immense GOOD that we can all experience even while we are here in these bodies as we get rid of our psychic cluttter and those ancient, deceptive echoes of lying entities who have poisoned us for generations. Behind that poison is immense LOVE, HEALTH, and LIFE — and we can ENJOY this while we are HERE.

The angels don’t want us to know this, to feel it, or to experience us, so they lead us slightly off course, make us slightly off balance, spiritually. They’re kind of like that psychopathic high school girl who pretends to be your best friend and sets you up to be ridiculed and harmed by the “cool girls” at some point. The angels set us up for great energy drain and spiritual violation by PRETENDING to be our friends and allies, but we must ALWAYS look at the END RESULTS of what they are creating in our lives.

For me, I was blind to the angels unfortunately because they were the ONLY esoteric beings or metaphysical ideas I never fully questioned. With everything else, I’ve been a careful, gnostic type, waiting for the energies to reveal themselves in my life, cross-examining everything, then holding up what I’ve learned against the information that thousands of other spiritual seekers have shared with me on an intimate, one to one basis to attempt to come to a clearer understanding of reality.

But my journey with the angels this summer, and what my mother showed me from the other side after her death, gave me an incredible gift to see the more insidious layers of control that humans are living under. Not to create depression or fear; instead, all of it has brought me much greater clarity and allowed me to divorce myself from and expel parasitic stuff that had been deeply-embedded in me over multiple lifetimes.

And now I’m going to keep showing other people how to do this so they can experience incredible healing, well-being, and progression, too!

Don’t be discouraged! This universe and the Earth love you more than you can possibly know, so bring in their energies if you’re feeling confused, lost, or down; and ask them about the ideas I’m sharing, too, to cross-test them, because I don’t want anybody to “believe” something just because something is unfolding itself in my life in a certain way.

ALWAYS FOCUS ON RECLAIMING YOUR SPIRITUAL SOVEREIGNTY AND CONNECTING WITH YOUR ETERNAL SELF; make that your Prime Directive, and a whole world of wonder will open itself up to you!

Oh, and this SUPER simple meditation to help you connect with the loving energies of the Universe might be just the thing to keep you connected to nourishing love, so you don’t lose sight of the IMMENSE reservoir of kind energy that is available to all of us, at all times:

A Super Simple Meditation to Tap Into the Loving Energies of the Universe

Big hugs,


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