Janis Joplin and Her Past Lives

I don’t always get psychic impressions about celebrities (or dead ones, for that matter). But Janis Joplin is one of those huge, haunting figures in the American cultural landscape. And it turns out that there’s a reason for this.

The other day my honey and I were out running errands when Janis’ famous “Piece of My Heart” song came on the radio. He asked me what I thought was up with her, what was her deal. (Over the past 14 years, he’s learned that asking me this can be a BIG mistake — because I ALWAYS have loads of thoughts about stuff! :) And it’s hard to shut me up once you get me started!)

I realized that other people might be interested in my impressions about Janis. So here they are.

Janis Joplin Was a Musically Gifted Black Man in a Recent Past Life

Whenever I’ve heard Janis’ music, whether she’s covering other people’s songs or singing her own, I’m struck by the fact that THERE IS A BLACK MAN inside of her doing the singing. And while this can happen in the case of someone having a discarnate entity as an attachment, in this case, I’ve always gotten the impression that it’s the energy from a past life self — a very recent past life self. Janis was born in 1943, so she must have had a prior lifetime earlier in the 1900′s when she was a talented, musical African-American male. And I get the sense that that lifetime ended prematurely or badly, possibly in addiction, possibly in violence — or both.

And this soul felt a strong sense of having an “incomplete” mission. When he rushed into a new body, incarnating as a female this time, he became Janis Joplin.

And when you read about the life history of Janis, she always said she felt like an oddball. She was never comfortable in her own skin, never comfortable with her birth family in Texas, never comfortable with the conservative, frequently prejudiced, attitudes of that time and place.

Past Life Talents Carry Over Into This One

Whenever we’ve done something very well, or done something repeatedly, in a past life, those talents and interests will carry on into a future lifetime. In fact, when I teach people how to start getting in touch with their past lives (without going to a hypnotist, who will often inject their own “stuff” into the session), I remind them that any bizarre obsessions, historical points in history that they resonate with, or skills or talent sets that come very naturally to them in THIS lifetime usually have their origins in a past life or two. (Read my past article about this: How to Remember Past Lives.)

For example, in this lifetime, I had some very strong talents and interests that definitely didn’t come from my family of origin. I had an intense fascination with Baroque era music — and while I played piano and harpsichord in this life, I gradually accessed memories of a European past life when I was a cello player, playing the music of the Baroque time period.

I also had very strong talents as an actress and worked professionally as mostly a stage actress for some years. I knew that this “talent” was something very old for me when I took a look at Shakespeare’s comedy As You Like It for the first time and found, to my surprise, that I already knew one of the monologues by heart — obviously from having performed it before.

And although astrology is rather boring to me in THIS lifetime, it seems that whenever I write about astrology, the world takes notice for some reason. I sent out proposals to write astrology columns back in 1998 or so and within a short amount of time everyone from major women’s magazines to fitness magazines to even the Showtime TV network was hiring me to write astrology material for them. This, when I had spent over a decade struggling to write broader kinds of material about psychic development, holistic healing, and metaphysics for just about every publisher or magazine editor on the planet. It was like, when I started to present my astrology writing, everybody said, “That’s it! You’re a superstar when writing about astrology.”

I was able to access some information about having lived in rural India as an extremely gifted, eccentric male astrologer many hundreds of years ago. And he lived a long time, and worked with loads of people, and was very beloved and revered. He also had a gift for math that I definitely do NOT have in this lifetime! :) But it’s funny, sometimes when I work with people from India or connect with Indian people out in the world, they treat me like I’m already a superstar in some way, possibly from past life recognition — remembering me as that old man astrologer living in India.

Anyway, Janis Joplin always reads, to me, like this wonderfully talented black male singer or songwriter or musician, who must have sung blues type songs or folk music, and when he came into the lifetime as Janis his creative urges, left incomplete from that lifetime, influenced Janis’ life and occupation in a huge way. She almost didn’t have any CHOICE to do anything different because she came in with a clear “mission” carried over from that past life.

But there were other things going on with Janis, too.

Janis Joplin Had Hybrid Albino/Nordic “ET” Genetics

She was born into a physical body that had clear albino/Nordic “ET” characteristics. People with this physiology have sort of mottled facial features, and they are prone to bad acne when they are young, poor things. They tend to have what I call “Gumby face,” where their features aren’t clearly defined and their skin (acne-ridden or not) looks rather bizarre and putty-like.

People with this physiology often suffer a great deal. Skin issues can cripple a young person socially and leave permanent scars that make it hard for that person to seem “attractive” when they start dating as young people. Janis had such severe acne scars that she underwent dermabrasion, a technique that sloughs off skin cells.

Another problem people have with that physiology is that they tend to have a predisposition to be VERY connected to dark energies or “antimatter” forces. This is because the albino/Nordics, who have a long, twisted history with humanity, have largely been hijacked by evil “antimatter” energies and entities. In the astral planes, I’ve never encountered a nice Nordic being. Instead, they brag about how they founded all systems of yoga, and all religions, and most metaphysical schools of thought, and they are arrogant about how they alone have brought “wisdom” to humanity — and they tell me what pieces of shit we are and how we “need” them. These are our GODS, people, the beings most commonly worshipped in all the world’s religions. If you could see them face to face as I have, and if you could truly see them and challenge them and ask them just what they’re doing, you’d find out that they are manipulative, psychopathic, and deeply evil. And they mostly lurk in the lower astral planes or lower etheric planes.

However, SOME of them have also been involved with creating complicated human-albino hybrids, mixing our DNA or influencing our DNA, so they could start incarnating into more human forms. (It’s a complex picture that I’ve been sorting out for a long time, but it seems that these beings for the most part don’t have regular three dimensional bodies like we do, they are more interdimensional beings, so they’ve been experimenting with influencing and changing our DNA so they can have “human suits” to run around in; this hasn’t worked out very well – for them or for humanity.)

And once in a while, you’ll see humans who are clearly part of this history of genetic experimentation.

Janis Joplin actually had a HUGE heart energy, she was a very loving spirit; but having been born into one of these messed up bodies, her psychic wiring was all “off.” It made it very hard for her to be comfortable in her own skin, because her soul and her skin didn’t match in energy! (Just to clarify, people born into bodies with the albino/Nordic physiology are NOT necessarily “bad” people, but I’ve found that because they seem to share some genetic linkages or DNA influences with the truly negative Nordics that lurk in the lower astral, there can often be quite an internal spiritual “battle” that they have to face — choosing whether to become abusers or choosing the far more difficult path to develop empathy and loving heart energy in their relationships. Emotions, “normal” human relationships — these things can be very hard for them.)

She was this deeply loving and passionate African American man in a recent past life, and then she rushed into incarnating too fast and ended up with a non-optimal body. So her wiring, throughout her life, was very unbalanced.

She tried to do great good in her lifetime; she really wanted to just express and receive love and share this through her music. But she also came of age during the height of the Sixties drug culture and free love culture, and this created a lot of damage for her.

Indiscriminate Sex is Never a Good Idea

The “free love” culture that burst forth in the Sixties had as an underlying theme that people should be free to have sex with whomever they want, without feeling like they had to get married or live a conventional life with 2.5 kids in the suburbs. Sex is one of the most potent forces in the universe, and prior to 1960, Americans were extremely repressed and out of touch with their sexual energy. It tended to create massive schizophrenia in people. People (especially women) weren’t supposed to learn how to enjoy sex, they were supposed to reserve their sexual energy for a husband, and they were supposed to get married very young. Meanwhile men were also at a loss — unless they dated “easy” women or consorted with prostitutes, they couldn’t really figure out how to enjoy sex, either.

The good thing about the free love culture and the arrival of the birth control pill was that people were learning to enjoy their sexual energy without having to immediately channel it into an unrealistic, unrewarding, culturally and religiously-mandated lifelong marriage to just one person.

The bad thing about it was that, especially in artsy or bohemian circles, women like Janis were passed around like candy from one man to another and these women weren’t allowed to complain about it or say, “Hey, I don’t mind having sex with somebody, but I’d also kind of like to just be monogamous with one guy for a while.” Instead, female singers and artists from that era came under tremendous pressure to form NO emotional attachments to their sex partners, to just regard sex as recreation, and they were looked down upon if they fell in love or experienced a desire for more exclusive involvement with someone.

Free love didn’t work out so well for women; ask any woman alive today who is between the ages of 60 – 75.

Indiscriminate sex doesn’t work out well for anybody, really. This is a HUGE subject that I’ll explore more in two future books — one is about healing the gay spirit, a book specifically designed for helping gay, lesbian, transgender, and transsexual people to experience true understanding and healing. (Hint: past lives play a HUGE part in sexuality.) And the other book is about sex and relationships in general.

Sex Creates Astral “Cords” Between Two People

But one of the big problems with indiscriminate sex is that, each time you have sex with someone, an astral cord of energy, much like an umbilical cord, is formed between the two of you. This cord retains form for about half the life of the relationship.

So let’s say you slept with one person for three years and then you broke up. It would take you a year and a half before the cord would fade; unless you get a shamanic decording or extraction to expel the energies. (You can also learn how to decord on your own but sometimes when you’re going through a romantic breakup with a lot of heartache it’s hard to do this for yourself.)

Let’s say you sleep around all the time. You sleep with at least six sex partners a month. You will start to have six strong lines of energy coming into you from the people you fucked. This creates energy “overload” in your system; think of it like a battery that is going haywire. You’re receiving all this mixed energy data from all those people; even if they were one night stands with zero emotional attachment; even if you were working as a paid rent boy or prostitute and your sexual interaction was very brief with these people.

When you have that sexual energy coming in too strongly from lots of different sources, this creates fractures and holes in your auric “egg,” that membrane that surrounds the auric field. And all manner of disease can enter in. It starts as energy disease and quickly manifests physically as venereal disease, emotional problems, and quite often, addictions later come in as the person tries to medicate away the strange feelings and disquieting sensations they’re experiencing.

Janis Joplin, like many of her era, was right in this middle of this, experiencing sex with groupies and band members and so on, thinking this was the way to go since it was what her generation was doing at the time. Then the drug culture of the Sixties made everything worse.

Janis was extremely sensitive, with that huge heart chakra, and most likely very empathetic and easily heartbroken if she felt rejection from one of her lovers. Her use of drugs was going on throughout her life, but as she became famous, more and more people were fixated on her and demanding things from her. And she felt more and more isolated, abandoned, and alone. Nobody was really an advocate for her well-being. And with poor self-esteem to begin with, she wasn’t taking care of herself. And her descent into heroin addiction, coupled with her continual use of alcohol, became worse and worse.

It finally took its toll on her when she died on October 4, 1970, most likely from a heroin overdose mixed with alcohol.

It would be nice if the next time around, Janis’ strong, powerful spirit could experience peace, respect, and also the opportunity to express her great spiritual and musical talents.

I hope that that can happen for her. (Or him. Because she might choose to be born male again, since her recent lifetime as a female was so hard for her.)

PS: By the way, if past lives interest you and you’d like to learn a very powerful self-healing method to heal your time body, check out my new book: The Lipstick Mystic’s® Guide to Time Traveling, Healing the Time Body, and Finding the Best Possible Timeline (While Others Do the Apocalypso Dance). Your time body gets damaged by emotional trauma and physical trauma, accumulated over many lifetimes. And when your time body has a lot of damage, it becomes much harder to see results from techniques like “positive thinking,” power prayer, affirmations, and “magic” because your time body can’t hold energy properly. Learn how to fix this, and you can REALLY change your life for the better! :)



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