Can We Trust Jesus — Isn’t He a Worshipper of That Bloodthirsty Jerk, Yahweh/Jehovah?

A quick addendum about Jesus, which is my response to some very excellent questions someone raised at my Facebook page.

Question: There is something puzzling me about Jesus. He is inextricably linked with Jehovah/Yahweh in the Bible. What gives?

My response: Other people wrote the books about him to link him to something bloody and evil. He was a maverick and gnostic who didn’t worship Yahweh or Jehovah. He was raised Jewish, but once he realized what was going on, he left that faith.

The propaganda published after his life unfortunately pretty much embeds him in the Judaic tradition, but he was not originally a part of it AT ALL.

By the way, another recognizable trait of the archon types of beings is that they can’t create and are incapable of original thought themselves, so they will plagiarize, hijack, lie, or otherwise take credit for (or reduce appreciation for) the true mavericks out there who have done a great deal for humanity.

Hence the entire crapfest that is the Christian “faith,” which Jesus pretty much vomits about on a daily basis, poor fellow ! He always tells me that he never thought what he did would be bastardized and altered in such a huge, world-affecting way, harming so many people, causing so many wars. It makes him very sad. Send him love because he gets very depressed about this!

Imagine the horror of teaching small groups of people (a few thousand people at most over the course of his lifetime) simple, Earth-based, shamanically-oriented (as in: love the Earth, honor life, be passionate, creative, and progressive) and gnostic (encouraging each person to tap into their OWN personal power) ideas, only to have your entire body of work reduced to crap like:

* Drink the blood of your dead God every week to “commune with him” — or drink an IMITATION (wine) of his blood

* Mimic eating his flesh every week, too (wafers, anybody?)

* Divorce yourself from any notion of self-responsibility, accountability, or ethics, because now you can rape little boys (priests), kill people (Crusaders), and more but just ask Jesus for forgiveness and everything will be okay.

Jesus is not a fan of four-letter words, to my perception, although he does understand the passion behind them.

So I will say this for him, because he’s too polite to do it:


PS: In my four part article series about Jesus, I think I failed to link to ANOTHER article about Jesus I wrote which you might find interesting:

Was Jesus a Magician?



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