Repost: So Here’s What Jesus Told Me

Last year I posted a three part series which describes some of the very interesting things that I’ve learned about Jesus and from Jesus, including some cool self-healing tips.

Many people who resonate my work seem to have been a Gnostic like me in a past life, somebody who briefly met or knew Jesus when he was really here walking the planet. From my recollections he was a major white wizard type who had an incredible sense of humor and the most impeccable and clear type of altruistic love. And even people like me, who only knew him briefly, experienced a radical shift in our energy simply from being around him.

Unfortunately, most of what has survived as what we call “Christianity” goes against just about everything he taught and believed. And it makes him very sad from his vantage point in the higher planes, where he still works to try to bring love and healing to humanity and the Earth.

What Jesus Told Me — Part One

What Jesus Told Me — Part Two

What Jesus Told Me — Part Three

Remember, those various “ascended masters” posing as Jesus aren’t the same guy. This includes the channeled entities who go by names like Maitreya and Sananda. And he also isn’t the weird, scary, mean, blue-eyed Jesus that so many people are invoking are part of hate-filled, shame-inducing, emotionally abusive fundamentalist Christian religions. THAT thing is a nasty piece of work!

Instead, wherever you find generosity, good humor, altruistic love (that goes beyond self-interest and truly embraces a broader view of “We’re all in this together and we ALL have intrinstic value”) — that’s where you find the true spirit of Jesus made manifest.



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