Jupiter Enters Gemini

Think you’re confused about life, the universe and everything? It will only get worse as Jupiter enters Gemini later today.

Okay, maybe it won’t be that bad. Quite honestly, if your sun sign is already in Gemini, then Jupiter’s upcoming twelve month transit through Gemini will be a piece of cake for you. You’ll still be as schizophrenic and indecisive as always, but nobody will notice anything different about you. :)

Seriously, if your sun sign is in Gemini, Jupiter in Gemini will give you an added dose of “luck,” so you won’t be able to screw things up too much over the next twelve months. Expect things to work out in ways you might not have anticipated — like that new relationship with that completely inappropriate person might actually end up becoming a serious, long term romance, or that “temp” job you took on a whim could evolve into a more permanent and lucrative position. You might finally find the best hairstyle after years of suffering or you’ll locate that perfect fitting pair of jeans you’ve be hunting for all of your life. Or something. You could reach the end of a long, difficult quest and be surprisingly happy with the results.

Just so you know, the planet Jupiter moves through a single astrological sign for about twelve months. Jupiter is moving into Gemini later today at 1:22pm Eastern (New York) time, and it will stay in Gemini until it moves into the sign of Cancer on June 25th, 2013.

The last time Jupiter was transiting Gemini was from June 30, 2000 to July 13, 2001.

In today’s article I’m going to give you my quick “two cents” Lipstick Mystic® analysis about what I see going on with this transit. I’ll start with some global stuff, then I’ll get to what’s going to happen with each individual sun sign below.

What Does Jupiter in Gemini Mean? – Global Predictions

Here’s some global stuff. There will be a lot of duality in the world, thanks to Gemini’s “twins” kicking up their usual polarized energy. We won’t experience the end of the world. Those prophecies are all bogus, basically one big “psy op” or psychological operation designed to induce fear and powerlessness in people. But we will see a kind of seesaw effect in a lot of places — with things down one minute and up the next. One minute, everybody will be happily obsessing about the latest hot American Idol contestant or Internet meme. The next minute, the headlines will be filled with “Worldwide Depression Looms!” Try to take it all with a grain of salt and chill out.

The stock market is likely to be trading sideways if you look at where the indices are now and look at them again in June next year; you won’t see a big overall gain or an overall loss, just a flat effect. Over that time, though, there will be a few sudden slides in the market, the occasional sharp downturns, and then times of correction when things move upwards again. There will definitely be lots of volatility, which is good if you’re a trader, (and rather hair-raising if you’re not.) But unfortunately I don’t see that there will be much overall gain if you’re investing in the market long-term. Your average 401-k retirement plan won’t be producing much profit over this time.

There’s still a tremendous amount of manipulation going on to prevent the markets from collapsing, especially during this Presidential election year here in the U.S. There’s always a HUGE amount of tinkering that happens with the markets when the U.S. is in its Presidential election cycle. But because there are so many shaky fundamentals in the market right now, plus you have so much of Europe in trouble, all of this artificial pumping of money into the market (courtesy of the plunge protection team) and the Fed “printing” money like there’s no tomorrow is just keeping things from collapsing – not creating any real gains. So it’s a strange market, for sure.

I see it very possible that at least three countries in Europe will drop out of the European Union over this next twelve months; and there could be more to follow. I don’t see a complete collapse in Europe, there will still be bailouts and financial deals done to prevent the worst of it, but the economies of each country are still likely to remain flat, with little growth until later next year. Hold on, my European friends! Things will get better eventually. I know things are really crazy for all of you right now. I just want to rub your tummies to make you feel better. No, wait, that’s what I do with my cats. I dunno, do you need a tummy rub?

Gold will go up a little more in asking price this summer and then I see a correction later this summer and into the fall. If you want to buy gold, do it during the correction time when prices will be a bit lower. Look for it to go up again later in the fall of this year.

The Presidential election season here in the U.S. is going to leave a bad taste in just about everybody’s mouth. The results look mixed to me. Like, whoever wins, there will still be so much general unease that nobody will be particularly happy with the results. It’s just a tough time all around without much clarity. (And again, the schizophrenic and dual nature of Gemini’s influence isn’t helping matters any.)

I see more scandals coming out of the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Jewish community throughout this time, exposing the corrupt underbelly of those crusty, hierarchical, and deeply flawed institutions. And then we have the Jerry Sandusky child molestation trial about to start here in the U.S., involving one of America’s most beloved universities, Penn State, and that will continue to reveal the horrific truth about how it’s not just individual molesters who are the problem – it’s the institutions, pedophile rings and sex traffickers behind the scenes who make these problems worse. Eventually it will come out that many of the “rich donors” who were giving to Sandusky’s children’s charity were “renting” some of the children he was grooming for molestation. Really awful stuff. This might not all come out at this trial, but it will be revealed at some point.

Now let’s look at what will be going on with each sign during this Jupiter transit.

Jupiter in Gemini — What Does it Mean for Your Sign?

As I said before, if your sun sign is in Gemini, this next twelve months will be pretty good for you. You’ll have a lot of “accidental luck,” unplanned but positive stuff going on. Try to just follow the organic flow of your life, keep doing what you need to do, and expect some nice progress on both the personal and financial fronts throughout this time. By June of next year you could find yourself in a new place — figuratively or literally. Perhaps a move is in order, a relationship will go through a big change, or you’ll make some helpful discovery about how to get your career and cash flow going in a better way. Maybe you’ll discover that you really, really want to become a professional ice skater or a cowboy, and you’ll magically fall into the right training program or entry level position within that field. :) Anyway, things will flow naturally for you.

If your rising sign or moon sign is in Gemini, you’ll also have a nice time overall. Jupiter in Gemini will increase your confidence, enhance your charms or charisma, and make it easier for you to attract attention in a positive way. So do some marketing if you have a business or you’re looking for work, or do a lot of socializing if you’re looking for a mate, because all this stuff will be easier for you. Along the way, expect a few hot flirtations to make things interesting!

If your sun sign, rising sign, or moon sign is in Sagittarius, these next twelve months could be difficult for you. Sagittarius is opposite Gemini, so you’ll feel pulled toward the dark a little bit. You might have to confront stuff like addictions, health issues, or major problems in a romantic relationship. Any partnership you’re involved with could be especially tested. The good news? You’ll learn stuff about yourself that you really, really need to know. The bad news? Don’t expect it to be pleasant. (Nobody wants to confront that fact that they have a horrible addiction to watching cat videos — or whatever your own personal weakness might be! :) ) But if you can do your spiritual homework during this challenging cycle, you’ll definitely be in a more solid and sane place by late June 2013.

If your sun sign is Virgo, Jupiter’s transit through Gemini will be pretty cool. Both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury, and things that are ruled by Mercury will go well for you during this time. This includes writing, traveling, teaching, making presentations, using technology, learning how to use new forms of technology, and intellectual development and education in general. Stay involved with these things and you’ll do fine. It could be a fruitful time to take up a new hobby — like basket weaving or ferret wrangling or whatever.

If your sun sign is Aries or Leo, this Jupiter transit could stir up some extremes of behavior or polarized emotions for you. You’ll be examining the darkness and the light, the two sides of the equation, in all aspects of your life. Don’t make any big moves or major changes until you reach some state of personal and emotional equilibrium, because it could be difficult to see your ideal path during this time. For example, if you wake up one morning and decide it’s definitely time to have a sex change, you might want to think it over for a little while. Don’t rush off to the surgeon’s office!

If your sun sign, rising sign, or moon sign is Libra or Aquarius, this will be a pretty good time for you. Gemini is an Air sign, as are Libra and Aquarius, so Jupiter’s transit through Gemini is going to help you find yourself, connect with truth, and discover positive new talents and qualities within yourself. This could be a nice time of personal and spiritual growth for you. You could be floating along in such a happy little cloud of “feeling one with everything” that everybody else will want to smack you. :)

If your sun sign is Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, I can’t say this transit is going to help you much – but it won’t hurt you terribly, either. The main thing you’ll need to watch out for is time when your emotions could be extremely volatile. As sensitive Water signs, you don’t always do well with the polarized Air energy that comes with a strong Gemini influence. You’ll need to have outlets that help you release stress and manage fear. Consider taking up a new exercise plan or physical activity, and try to also work on your “inner” life, meditating, praying, doing affirmations, and other self-healing work. And if you really feel ambitious about clearing out the crap, so to speak, consider a colon cleanse.

If your sun sign is Taurus or Capricorn, there won’t be too much drama for you, which is good. It’s more likely that you’ll be looking out at other people in your life and asking yourself, “When the hell did everybody go fucking nuts?” Because you’ll be observing lots of extremes of behavior, lots of people acting out and becoming drama queens, and lots of back and forth motion when people around you are trying to make a decision. It could get a bit dizzying. If you’re a parent, you could watch these things play out with your kids, and it’s best to remain on the sidelines and stay in observer mode as best you can. Be supportive, but don’t get in the middle of the drama. If your kid suddenly declares war on his best friend of ten years, don’t take up arms or give him any ammunition. Stay out of the fray.

If Jupiter in Gemini is Transiting (Conjunct) Your Natal Jupiter

I want to quickly mention that in your birth chart if your natal Jupiter (the position Jupiter was in at the time of your birth) is in the sign of Gemini, this next twelve months will mark an extremely special “power time” for you which only happens every twelve years. Whenever Jupiter transits our natal Jupiter position, or Jupiter is “conjunct” your natal Jupiter, this marks a spiritual New Year of sorts. Think back to what was happening to you about twelve years ago. The last time when Jupiter was in Gemini was between June 30, 2000 and July 13, 2001. Chances are that something BIG was going on. Maybe you moved somewhere new, started a major romantic relationship (or ended one,) had a child or got pregnant, lost a friend or family member, started a new career path or a cool job which was a big adventure. . . you were definitely going through something major.

Well, these themes will be active for you again if your natal Jupiter is in the sign of Gemini. For the next twelve months I want you to be bold, to dream big, and to resolve to take major action so you can set yourself on the ideal path in life. This could involve letting go of a negative or toxic situation that really HAS become unbearable; don’t put this off. You need to let go of restrictive energies and enslaving situations which are preventing you from being powerful, feeling wonderful, and being successful. If you can just DO it, even if you’re nervous or afraid, then Jupiter will help guide you into a much better situation. This is also a great time for healing, and if you suffer from a chronic health condition, the chance that you’ll find a great form of treatment or even a cure will be high for the next twelve months.

By the way, if you’re not sure where Jupiter sits in your birth chart, I recommend this site where you can just quickly plug in your birth information and get a free natal chart: Free Birth Chart.

If you don’t know your exact birth time, just use 12:00 noon. The exact position of the planets in houses will be off if you do, and your rising sign won’t be correct, but you can still see if Jupiter was in the sign of Gemini or not when you were born. Look for the Jupiter symbol and the Gemini symbol which look like this:

Some Affirmations and Resolutions

Here are some words you might want to meditate on, no matter what sign you are. These are words you can use as a take off point for doing positive affirmations or prayers or self-healing work, concepts to help you access the positive energies of Jupiter’s transit through Gemini:









And here are some concepts that relate to some of the potentially heavy or problematic energy of this time. This is stuff you’ll want to focus on expelling, exorcising, or releasing:






Going to Extremes

Impetuousness (acting in a rash or hasty manner)


Stay Tuned for More!

Okay, hopefully I’ve given you some useful points to ponder as we head into this new twelve month Jupiter cycle. Jupiter affects broader trends, larger themes that you might see becoming active on the world stage as well as “issues” you might see arising in your own life. Pay attention to anything BIG going on that demands extra focus and attention so you make some time during these twelve months to heal it and address it.

I’ll be making more astrological trends posts here from time to time, so keep checking my Astrology and the Stars section if these things interest you. Also look for posts about the new moon, full moon, Mercury retrograde, and equinox and solstice times for the rest of the year – those will be going up throughout this next week so you’ll have them for easy reference. I’ll also discuss the effects these different trends and cycles will be having on each sun sign.



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