Were YOU Damaged by Stuart Wilde, Kris Krepcik, or Their Associate “Tom?”

Have you had a bad, violative, weird, or “questionable” experience while attending a seminar, retreat, or event held by Stuart Wilde or his associate Kris Krepcik or their friend “Tom?”

A lot of people reportedly have.

As I outlined in many of my earlier posts, which were mostly about the serious dangers of ayahuasca use, I have received emails from people all around the world who suffered in various ways while dealing with what appears to be a very damaging “cult” originally founded by (now-deceased) author and New Age personality Stuart Wilde, as well as newer events held by Kris Krepcik and their associate “Tom,” who are old-time friends and student/followers of Wilde.

I get sick to my stomach and want to barf in my soup NIGHTLY at the stuff people have shared with me.

The men seem to just experience the “leaders” at these events either telling them that they should shut up (if they have any perfectly legitimate questions about what is happening at events held by Wilde/Krepcik); and/or they find that their wives/girlfriends are targeted (the women are told that their husband or boyfriend is unevolved, beneath them in energy, holding them back sexually, and a whole bunch of VERY creative, extremely violative, sexual nonsense.)

The women report other experiences, ranging from being shown the “pulse” which is a weird, intense energy Krepcik appears to be using lately to blast people with excessive energy in their genitals/sex chakras, calling it all manner of silliness (the Shiva pulse, the “magical shaman’s penis pulse,” whatever). Some of these vulnerable women start getting sexually interested in Krepcik and Company, even though Krepcik, by his own admission, is a married man with four kids, so why is he seeking cheap sexual thrills with a vulnerable bunch of susceptible female seekers? Sounds like a SEX CULT to me! :)

And often the women report being isolated; this guy Tom walks them off, away from their boyfriend or husband, expresses concerns that the woman has such wonderful, strong energy, and it appears that her partner is just a slug, evolutionally speaking; it’s all an apparent attempt to cull attractive and susceptible women to join up with Tom, Kris, etc. and align their sexual energies with these creepy predators.

I get five to ten emails from people every week talking about this dangerous group of people.

The apparent sexual predation is bad enough; but what about the very real PHYSICAL and PSYCHIC/EMOTIONAL dangers of taking ayahuasca in such a casual manner — as long-prescribed by Stuart Wilde and now Kris Krepcik?

People who descended essentially into “madness” — psychosis, sometimes near death experiences where they nearly died, and more — write to me on a weekly basis asking for guidance about how to heal from the very real damage they experienced while taking ayahuasca, a supposed “sacred medicine.” Yeah, right; it blasts your third eye open with the equivalent of a crowbar, so you don’t experience the more gradual opening of your third eye over decades, as normally happens with spiritual practice/psychic work.

There is a great Facebook page where somebody pulls critical articles and posts/comments about Stuart Wilde and Kris Krepcik:

Stuart Wilde Exposed

I do not OWN this Facebook page but I have commented there frequently, attempting to warn people about the many very real dangers of dealing with Wilde and/or Kris Krepcik. The owner of the Facebook page appears to approve of some of my past articles here about Wilde, as he or she has posted some of them there. This leads to some confusion; people think that I own that Facebook page, but I don’t. The only Facebook page I own and control is this one:

Lipstick Mystic’s Facebook page.

But the other day I saw that a lot of new commenters at the Stuart Wilde Exposed page are breezing through trying to shut people like me up, voicing complaints that we are being “too negative” and so on. It just doesn’t seem to penetrate through their thick, troll-like skulls, how INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS taking ayahuasca is and how INCREDIBLY INSIDIOUS AND MESSED UP the entire “cult” of Wilde and Krepcik has been for a great many people, as evidenced by their own emails, comments on places like GodLikeProductions, and more.

So the other day I posted this at that Stuart Wilde Exposed page, in case any Net wanderer should happen to find it:

Update from December 1, 2013: Because I have posted material that people have shared with me about very real, very bad experiences they had when dealing with Stuart Wilde in person, Kris Krepcik, and/or their associate Tom, more and more folks have found me on the Net and very sadly and shyly shared some of THEIR experiences with me.

A typical week at my site, LipstickMystic.com, involves anywhere from five to ten new people writing to me about shady and disappointing, if not straight out sexually violative, experiences they had while attending a retreat with Wilde and/or with Krepcik. These people don’t know each other and are getting in touch with me independently because I’m one of very few publishers out there collecting these insider stories.

I am not the owner of this Facebook page, neither am I Silent Watcher or any other of the writers who have posted here. But Silent Watcher’s material is very important and I support him or her in maintaining this site and keeping it available for people to share their horror stories on Wilde and Company.

Cults by their very nature thrive when they remain in the dark; and the very damaged folks involved with the darker side of the Wilde experience deserve to have their voices and experiences respected. I’m continually amazed at the ostrich approach going on with many posters here: bury your head in the sand, adamantly claim that YOU had good experiences reading one of Wilde’s books, or YOU weren’t hit on or sexually weirded out by something going on at Wilde or Krepcik’s retreats—so therefore, nobody who HAD horrible experiences has a valid point of view; their experiences should be set aside, buried, and those people should be shamed into remaining silent.

Again, classic cultic behavior; shame and silence the very real victims. Also, buried somewhere in the comments on an earlier entry here one man talked about how Wilde COMPLETELY STOLE material from a private email he had written with him, or a private blog comment, I forget which; and this material became the critical part of God’s Gladiators…..if you’re familiar with it, it’s where Wilde went looking for the devil, then later on found himself descending astrally into a horrible place of compression, loneliness, and darkness, and he had to find a way out of that space; this man, if his claim is correct, also shines an important potential light on Wilde as shameless plagiarist. Wilde is widely praised by many for his “original” ideas, and yet, in looking at his personal history, a big piece of his early philosophy was shaped by (at the very least) or possibly stolen from (at worst) a psychic he was heavily influenced by in his younger years; so we see a pattern of periodic reshaping of or plagiarising of ideas from DAY ONE of Wilde’s career as a New Age/metaphysical writers.

It is important to keep shining a light on ALL of this only because Krepcik has gathered Wilde’s supporters around him to continue to damage and harm these psychically open, often terribly vulnerable, people with his aya retreats and get-togethers. Stay safe, people! Jennifer Shepherd aka Lipstick Mystic

For easy reference, here are my past articles warning about the questionable things so many people have shared with me about Wilde, Krepcik, and Tom — as well as articles outlining what’s REALLY going on with ayahuasca use, and how to heal from the damage it does to the third eye:

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Further Thoughts on Healing the Damage that Ayahuasca Causes

Please avoid ANY psychedelic drug use as part of your spiritual “process,” as you might easily descend into madness, psychological or physical distress, or worse.

And definitely don’t take ayahuasca with Kris Krepcik, the “Hooded Sage,” or their friend Tom. Be safe.



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