I Think I’ve Gone a Bit Feral

During my publishing break I was spending most of my time dealing with family emergencies (about every six weeks a human or pet, and often two at the same time, were in the ER and there were terrible things going on).

Or I would be out on the land whenever I could, going almost non-verbal — a bit wild or feral, within my mind. Going right into the consciousness of a local tree to be with the trees for a bit, or connecting with some wonderful boulders and sitting on them and being a rock for a while, or hanging out with my cats and being in the pussycat realm for a bit.

I learned through this process how much NOISE humanity is capable of; all the psychic chatter, the uncontrolled passive aggressive attack type energy (even from really nice people), the sad overall levels of discomfort and disease that so many humans are always experiencing and projecting.

I wasn’t so sure I wanted to come back and connect with humans again, even after a 30some year career as an actress, singer, writer, psychic truth teller weird mystic, etc.

But there are so many lovely people here that I believe are part of my larger soul tribe, those lovely souls who decided, like I did, to come down here and experience the truly challenging energies of this time.

And I have a lot of information I’d like to share with you.

Writing takes a while. Recording a podcast takes a while. Running a membership site involves an incredible amount of time and labor.

I have a lot of written material already here which I should probably start spinning out into some instant books or something.

We’ll see.

Part of me is wistful about giving up the months, the years when I talked more with nature and the Earth than I did with people, unless the people were part of my immediate circle.

There was a lot of terrible stuff going on, but I was able to step away from the human madness for a while.

I guess I am still dipping my toes back into the waters of being a human again; and I hope you’ll stick with me as I get my personal and psychic bearings again.

I hope I can convey, through all my work, the incredibly grounded, wonderful energies of spiritual allies I’ve gotten to know so intimately these past years like our local sun, the Earth, and the mineral, plant, and animal kingdom.

There is so much healing energy there, and so much forgiveness.

The other day my ginger cat, Maximus, brought me a “gift” of a pretty little dead bird he had just killed. I have told him not to do that, but sometimes, you know, cats be cats!

I worked with the spirit of the bird to give it love and creation energy, heal its trauma as best I could, and gently apologize for my cat’s murderous and unnecessary behavior (because it’s not like my cat doesn’t get enough food!)

The bird said to me in a sweet voice, “That’s okay. That’s what cats do. He didn’t mean any harm.”

I couldn’t believe the levels of compassion, empathy, and forgiveness that this tiny little bird had; and here, he had just been bitten in the throat and killed.

The levels of love and kindness I find in the natural world are such a constant reality check about how I want to consistently modulate my energy. Sometimes that gets into being a fierce warrior gal, righteously angry about something that I really need to bring people’s attention to.

But it’s all based in love.

I just hate how the little creatures around us, or the helpless trees and plants and minerals, too often aren’t listened to, so they don’t get any voice in what is happening on planet Earth moment to moment.

They don’t get a vote.

It’s taken me decades to develop my “Earth speak,” and even then, if I’m preoccupied with stupid stuff in my silly little monkey brain, I can’t properly hear or sense what the natural creatures around me are saying.

But still, I get a LOT of information from them. Stuff I’ve saved up for countless books. I guess I’d better start really cranking them out, to give some voice to the voiceless.


Is Reality a Simulation? Um, No. But the Borgs Want You to Think That.

I’m way behind on my topically-oriented rants, where I discuss current themes in pop culture and in the metaphysical/alternative communities, debunking nonsense and calling out dangerous practices or concepts for what they are. You’ll find a lot of my past ones in my Dark Side of the Force section and in my Jennifer’s Rants index.

But I just had to have a mini-rant today about something that is really bugging me. In recent months everybody and his brother has been talking about the idea of reality being a “simulation,” and with ideas like the Mandela Effect starting to gain traction in the masses, there’s a whole bunch of horse poo out there these days.

The Mandela Effect is Real

Sidenote: the Mandela Effect, as coined by researcher Fiona Broome and outlined at her excellent site, MandelaEffect.com, is a real thing. It’s just not what people think it is.

As I outlined in my book, The Lipstick Mystic’s® Guide to Time Traveling, these things are more about shifting probabilities, which you can do, and many people do by accident. When large masses of people make a shift they can find themselves remembering a different past, and all this discussion going on now about the Mandela Effect that is happening all over the world is people trying to come to grips with how this all can play out.

But I want to address this whole reality being a simulation thing.

Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal — Neither Is It a Simulation

Life is not a simulation.

First off, the very notion is a dangerous mental path to go down. Most people who are embracing it are already dealing with some levels of depression or unhappiness with their lives, and I’m seeing loads of people who are getting into discussing this stuff on various forums, etc. becoming more and more dissociative and mentally unwell as they keep chasing down that false rabbit hole.

If you don’t already have a strong spiritual practice that allows you to regularly connect with The Big Picture, the Force, also known as the Loving Intelligence That Connects All Beings in This Organic Universe Together, you can easily be deceived into thinking that nothing matters, we’re all just pixels in a cosmic computer monitor or projections or avatars being used by some alien intelligence that invented us.

Which is all stinky, running, bullshit. I mean, it is truly horrendously smelling levels of shit.

Reality As a Simulation is Mind Control — Don’t Fall for It

What a perfect way to hypnotize otherwise powerful and spiritually gifted people, the true seekers and thinkers among us, into just tossing their lives away, feeling like nothing is real, nothing is tangible, nothing matters, etc.

It’s truly a brilliant concept to introduce to the mainstream, if you were, say, a fucking agent of darkness.

Or a pawn who signed on with a lot of dark characters, human and not so human.

I’m talking to you, Elon Musk. That being is not particularly human and it’s fascinating to watch someone so openly not human command so much press and media attention, not to mention the gazillions of dollars he is allowed to spend on his little space projects. He is a perfect “face” of the false space program, which is light years behind the real space programs that are going on. More on that at a later time. I get into some of this territory in my book. Hint: We haven’t just been to Mars already. We have a settlement on a Jupiter moon, have explored much deeper space, and have huge numbers of people, some being abducted and coerced, and others joining of their free will, in various secret space programs that work internationally most of the time.

What Is Our True Nature and Why Are We Here?

Each one of us is an infinite consciousness working as an individual while also being connected to others as a collective. We’re actually triune in nature. We have an “I,” a “we” and an “us” that we filter awareness through. This idea is echoed in the spiritual idea of the Trinity — Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. But that’s not very accurate. It just hints at what’s really going on.

We came from another universe that created this one. We play with various physical forms of matter the way a kid tries on her mom’s dresses or we put on a costume to playact for a while.

Then there was an incursion from an inversely oriented antimatter type of universe that started throwing us off course so we lost our natural ability to easily leave these interesting bio-suits without losing memory and consciousness of who we really are. So we get horribly attached to the idea of bio-suits instead of realizing that a body is a wonderful place to visit, but it’s not where we originally come from.

All beings here have biosuits. The sun is a lovely spiritual being living in a sun body. Mother Earth is a sentient and ancient being who came into planet form. The minerals, trees, plants, animals — all have consciousness. They all return to various bio-suits as they become available after they experience a death or “end” to their bio-suit. Although some are able to make other choices and not be in a physical form anymore.

This process would be fine if we weren’t being manipulated by beings from the antimatter universe or beings who are controlled by that level of inverse energy; they all envy physical bio-suits but cannot enter them. They have, however, invented all forms of technology, mind control, spiritual lies and traps, and so on that hypnotize good beings into giving them permission to enter their auras and minds. (Ayahuasca and other drugs help these psychic vampires become entity attachments, and from there, they warp the poor human they are attached to.)

The antimatter-oriented beings and the antimatter consciousness are responsible for creating the “memory wipe” or spiritual amnesia process that too often happens between physical lifetimes, and was never meant to be. I’m lucky in that I’ve been gradually been able to access some memories from about 30 different past lives, usually because something comes up in a healing context and I start to get downloads about how the trauma I’m reliving has to do with what happened somewhere (or “somewhen”) else.

(By they way, nearly all of my lifetimes were as “normal” folk, rather stupid, but usually well-intentioned, people. Many times when I was born into a family of power I fucked it up and acted like a spoiled bitch. I hope I’m doing better this time around! :) )

It’s enormously frustrating to see how hard we have to work to regain our skill sets and intelligence that we have developed over various lifetimes because the “archon” or antimatter types so often succeed in wiping our memories between lifetimes. That was never meant to be so. It’s the ultimate mind fuck. I have learned a lot about this in communicating so much with my dead allies on “the other side” who are also working to crash this spiritually illegal and infinitely violative system that the archons set up.

You see, it’s not reincarnation that is evil. Our spirits have always wanted to come into this universe and play inside different bio-suits to experience different, fun environments and different types of physicality.

It’s the memory wipe nonsense that happens here that is wrong. It doesn’t happen everywhere. Many planets haven’t been so overtaken or attacked by antimatter-oriented beings so they are able to live out a natural life in a bio-suit and gently move on in “death” (without pain or loss of memory) into whatever form they choose to experience next.

That’s what we all need to fight for, to get back to; then life in this universe will be lovely again!

This universe ultimately was designed to be a playground, an incredible, empty canvas upon which billions and gazillions of beings came to play and to create.

It’s ALL about creation.

Not a simulation. Not a “fake” place.

To believe that this place is a simulation means that the things we experience in physical life have no consequence, no power, no importance.

And that, my friends, is a terribly insidious lie.

And it certainly doesn’t align with the fascinating bits of the puzzle that my deceased mother has been able to show me after she died in August 2013. And it doesn’t align with what other “dead” folks like friends, relatives, and my cats have shared with me.

The reason why I went “dark” online for so long is I was doing a lot of mental and spiritual traveling, largely in my energy body, to get the scoop on just what the hell is really going on here on Earth. I have been nearly incapacitated by the levels of righteous anger that have surfaced after seeing so much of what is going on with humans, animals, and other spirits here on Earth, through all the manipulation and forced spiritual amnesia that is totally unnecessary, totally against spiritual law. . .


If these ideas resonate with you, stick around.

And from my reality to yours, I send energetic support, love, and zapping bursts of wonderful creation energy!

Cast Out the Lies

Don’t allow anything to hypnotize you into blanking out and going “void” about this incredible experience you are having here.

And don’t allow anybody to convince you that you aren’t an ancient, wise being who is taking on a ride in a bio-suit for a while, but ultimately, you are a spiritual being of a different type of energy who came to this universe to create and to grow.

The antimatter stuff tries to wipe out our awareness, our memory, and our sense of joy.

Don’t give power to those lies. Cast out the lies and ignore the liars.


Ayahuasca (Ayawaska) — Still Bad for You

In the past few years I have continued to have many, many people write to me about how they took ayahuasca once (and sometimes a couple of times) and it completely fucked up their brain. So that they are now technically “schizophrenic” — hearing voices, not being able to block out visions of the many, often nasty, entities that interact with this dimension, and just, you know, generally not being able to function anymore in the physical world.

Now, some people are predisposed to various mental illnesses (I hate to use the word “illness,” but let’s say mental vulnerabilities?) And psychedelics — even ones as supposedly “benign” as pot — can mess them up in terrible ways.

Beware the Illusion of the Spiritual Shortcut

I find that a lot of spiritual seekers who haven’t been trained to come at metaphysical experiences gradually, with careful and slow teaching over many years, too often seek a “shortcut” to enlightenment and go the psychedelic route. And there are all these “bros” out there in the podcast community and elsewhere singing the praises of psychedlics, and sort of pressuring anybody who has a great imagination or a spirit of adventure to just jump into taking psychedelics — without warning folks that, YES, certain people should steer VERY clear of them.

(By the way — for a variety of detailed, user-friendly teachings about different ways to get in touch with the powerful energy of your soul, and to activate your natural psychic gifts or “super senses,” check out my many articles in these sections:

The Super Senses

User’s Guide to the Soul)

And for those who DO take psychedelics, I’m not convinced that it EVER helps them. It opens up nasty psychic doorways and just about anybody and his brother, entity-wise, will usually come in to their energy field as a “Klingon.” These entities can completely alter a person’s personality over time, or enhance addiction, or create terrible illnesses and fatigue because they are essentially psychic vampires from the lower astral realm and you have INVITED them in by taking these drugs.

I have written on this subject ad nauseum over the years; fortunately, a lot of people have found my articles and decided not to take psychedelics, and they found other ways to connect with those sacred realms of imagination and eternal dimensions of spirit and healing energy that intersect with our own.

Please don’t take ayahuasca (or ayawaska), okay? And please don’t take psychedelic mushrooms or DMT extracts.

Yes, Pot IS Addictive

And with the rush to legalize marijuana many places, I see loads of people going very quickly from being “casual” pot users to full-blown addicts. And yeah, I know that TECHNICALLY you’re not SUPPOSED to ever be able to be addicted to marijuana.

But when brilliant, sweet, intelligent, powerful people morph, over a series of months (and a series of blunts or bong hits) into lethargic, paranoid, inactive couch slugs, who are now basically disabled, I have to say…..FUCK THAT.

Pot IS addictive.

NO substance is a shortcut to enlightenment. You can only get there the hard way; through opening your heart and mind naturally, daring to love, to risk interaction and connection with the broader universe, and learning some metaphysical street smarts along the way.

Yes, some people do come back from ayahuasca trips and realize that what they saw was just a bunch of whacked out chemistry in their brain playing tricks on them, combined with a whole host of archons, angels, demons, and other spiritual pretender types putting on a pretty show. And they decide to avoid such deception in the future.

But some do not.

And then they become the Stuart Wilde followers of this world, getting involved with regular ayahuasca retreats and setting themselves up to be robbed, sexually exploited, and psychically violated. Wilde had a lot of great ideas until his initial dabbling with ayahuasca turned into an addiction and it turned him into a real mess and distorted his psychic perceptions. Very sad.

Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone NATURALLY to Find Enlightenment

You don’t need drugs to find transcendent levels of love and deeper meaning in this world, folks.

But it does take risk.

Most folks haven’t had it easy in this life and have experienced a great deal of disappointment and pain. Psychedelics can seem like a magical solution, a quick “fix” that will put an end to all of their suffering.

But it doesn’t work that way.

My own life has been much, much easier than it has been for others, but even I was completely knocked out from the shit that happened to me these past three years. It isn’t easy, no matter who you are, to come back from personal trauma and decide to reconnect with the world again. When you are knocked to the ground with grief it humbles you and changes you forever. I’m still processing those changes.

And if you want adventure, or you seek psychic experiences, they can come very naturally through learning the most simple of meditation techniques (NOT Transcendental Meditation, which involves use of a secret mantra, which is usually the name of a Hindu god; NOT yoga, which aligns you with negative albino Nordic ET’s or interdimensionals; I’m talking simple stuff like deep breathing, relaxation techniques like stage performers learn; or even shamanic drumming.) Also dreamwork is very important. Take more vitamin B6 and you will experience a great deal of metaphysical interaction and learning in your dreams.

Stay safe out there, cats and kittens! I don’t want you to hurt yourselves. Please avoid peer pressure from supposedly “enlightened” types who want you to take ayahuasca or psychedelics, or even use pot a lot.

None of that is good. It just ends up clouding your psychic vision and distorting your emotions and personality, which, in turn, make it harder for you to have happy and healthy relationships, career and cash flow, etc.

And in some people who have a family history of things like bipolar problems, schizophrenia, or mood disorders or addiction, taking ayahuasca even ONCE might just be the end of you…..or at least, YOU as you once WERE….and as you were meant to BE, were you to focus on becoming a truly centered, grounded, and spiritually clear being.

I have been able to help some schizophrenics in the past and have written an article about this:

How to Heal Schizophrenia

However, this work is too labor-intensive so I cannot do it for people anymore.

You can view my past articles about the dangers of ayahuasca use here, along with information about how to start healing some of the damage that this nasty drug does:

Ayahuasca or Ayawaska

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Don’t Believe Me? Excellent Men’s Health Article on the Dangers of Ayahuasca


It’s the Halloween or Samhain Power Time for the Next Three Days

The Halloween or Samhain (pronounced “Sow-en”) power period is a metaphysically intense time where the astral “veils” or layers between dimensions are thinner than usual. This means that it is easier to meditate, dream, or otherwise connect with the dead, check in with alternate selves, and remotely interact with living people who live far away from you. The power of this time lasts for three days leading up to Halloween and coming out of Halloween.

Samhain is one of the four mini-equinox or mini-power times that are sandwiched between the main solstice and equinox periods. While things are usually rocking more, metaphysically speaking, at the spring equinox, summer solstice, autumnal equinox, and winter solstice, Halloween has a unique energy that is terribly misunderstood (and often abused by people who are aligned with the Dark Side of the Force, seeking to manipulate, enslave, and control humanity and the Earth. And yep, black magic is real, folks!)

I always hate all the crappy, ghoulish nonsense that goes on at this time of year. News flash: This is NOT a good time to celebrate death, skeletons, horror, etc. It IS an appropriate time to engage in thoughtful meditation and heartfelt communication with loved ones who have died because all forms of spiritual communication are a little easier at this special time of year.

Instead of dressing up like a zombie or celebrating yuck, try staying at home, maybe with a nice glass of cider or white wine in hand, and think of the beautiful, ancient power of autumn turning slowly towards winter. Pull inwards; go inside yourself; take stock of your inner worlds. What’s going on inside of you? What do you want to be experiencing and enjoying as you move toward the winter times?

Along the way, think about what spiritual allies or ancestors you would like to touch base with, because they are merely a nanosecond’s thought away at this sacred time of year and can more easily transmit guidance, imagery, and healing to you now. They might communicate in dreams, through synchronicities (spiritual “coincidences”) or in sudden moments of random genuius.

Pay attention! And enjoy this special time.

Happy Samhain, folks! :)

PS: For my readers in the southern hemisphere, the Samhain time is STILL a time when it is easier to connect with the spirit world, especially any human or animal loved ones who have died within the past twelve months. Open your heart and mind to the idea of contact with these beloved beings from your past, and wait to receive some messages back!


Some Secrets About Sagittarius You Might Not Know

Just when you thought I wasn’t going to continue with my ongoing Secrets of the Signs series, I’m posting this new article about the secrets of Sagittarius. This is a fun sign to write about because I’ve NEVER known a Sag who wasn’t fascinating to observe and interact with.

If you know somebody who is devilishly clever, who has an impish smile and an ageless, almost elf-like quality to their face and demeanor, it’s likely that he or she has Sagittarius in a prominent position in their chart. This means that their sun sign, rising sign, or moon sign is probably in Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is represented by the symbol of the centaur — half man, half horse. And there IS something half human and half OTHERKIN about people born under this sign. It’s like they are playing a game, spending time down here with us mortals here on Earth. They seem to have their own mysterious agenda. You wonder if they are just here to amuse themselves. (And the more evil Sagittarians will amuse themselves at YOUR expense and take perverse, even sadistic pleasure in making you squirm!)

Other, more light-hearted Sags have a playful, comedic bent to their personality. At dinner parties, you’ll want to hang out with a Sagittarian because people born under this sign ALWAYS have the best gossip. They are a hoot to be around and are great storytellers. Sagittarians truly are old souls, and they easily see through the many games humans are always playing with each other. So they are good at assessing groups, cutting through political crap, and ignoring fakery and playacting.

Sagittarius Is One of Three Fire Signs

Sagittarians are Fire signs like Aries and Leo, but in their sign, Fire energy is less about exerting the SELF (as with Aries and their intense willpower and self-direction). And it’s not like the way Leos use their inherent Fire, either. Leos are more driven by self-expression and the need to get a reaction out of an audience in one form or another.

Sagittarians are more strategic, more calculated, in how they express themselves. When they shoot fire from those sparkling eyes and command attention with their clever banter, they always have an agenda. They want a certain RESULT from what they are doing. Maybe they just want laughter, as with the many clever Sagittarians comedians who have blessed our planet. Maybe they want to seduce you (and if a Sagittarian is focused on seducing you, you WILL be seduced, by golly!) Or perhaps they are maneuvering groups of people around like chess pieces for some hidden, mysterious motive. They don’t do anything without a reason, and they rarely waste energy on people, situations, or goals that aren’t going to provide them with their intended payoff. A Sagittarian is the ultimate political operative.

Beware the Evil Sagittarian

Darker Sagittarians (those who are aligned with the Dark Side of the Force — and you know who you are!) can be terribly smug and seem very superior in their social interactions. If you have poor self-esteem, it can be easy to fall for the more obvious sensual charms of a sassy Sagittarius without realizing that the “evil” ones are major manipulators and the worst types of users. Don’t let the evil type of Sag chew you up and spit you out, because you will feel horribly hurt.

Fortunately, most Sagittarians aren’t aligned with the VOID. They CAN get impatient because they are often the cleverest person in the room, and slow people and dull social situations annoy them. But if you can offer a Sagittarian an intellectual challenge, engaging them in verbal repartee (and NOT just agreeing with everything they say,) you could find yourself with a wonderful new friend, business partner, or lover. A Sagittarian will not waste time with you if he or she doesn’t respect you. And they will “test” you early on in your relationship, whether it’s friendship or love, to see if you are worthy of their time and energy.

Like other Fire signs, Sags are good with kids because they have a childlike side to them that they enjoy unleashing in the right situation. And as friends, coworkers, or romantic partners, they are deeply loyal (once you have passed all their tests and met their personal requirements!)

They are also great advice givers — although you probably won’t want to listen to what they have to say! The Sagittarian centaur is always pictured with a bow and arrow raised, ready to take aim at a target. They speak in a pointed way, and sometimes, when they hit the mark with an observation or suggestion, it can leave a sting. That’s just their manner of expression.

As Sagittarians age they usually get softer and become kinder about how they speak, but even if your favorite Sag is still at the sassy, often bitchy stage of life, never take what they say personally. Know this: Sagittarians don’t say anything at all to you if they don’t care about you. So if they have bothered to insult you, tease you, or make an uncomfortable observation, it’s because they care about you on some level — or they see you as a worthy opponent.

Words in the hands of a Sagittarius can penetrate deep into the psychic bone, because they are extremely honest and are tellers of truth. In a society that tends to value boldface lies, fake butts and boobs, and public relations teams, the Sagittarian’s frank manner of expression can be a bit shocking. But if you heed his or her words, a Sagittarian will almost always steer you in a good direction and guide you in becoming more aware of things that you have been ignoring.

Positive Affirmations for Sagittarius

The life mission for Sagittarius is to find outlets for that fiery creativity and self-expression, often with a secondary motivation of bringing groups of people together to pursue a common goal. They are good cheerleaders, organizers, and visionaries.

Some helpful affirmations:

“At all times, in all ways, I am able to assess the situation and find the best words to create harmony.”

“I enjoy quality interactions with friends, family, and coworkers. Social events are fun and peaceful.”

“I take pleasure in expressing myself in bold and smart ways, and others appreciate me for who I am.”

“I align with groups and individuals whose energy is compatible with my intentions.”

If You Have a Sagittarian Moon Sign

If you have a Sagittarian moon sign, this gives you a genuinely optimistic and progressive outlook on life. Even in the midst of terrible events, you’ll usually be able to look on the bright side and also act as a natural cheerleader to others around you. If you have a “shy” type of sun sign (like Pisces, Cancer, or Virgo) the Fire of this moon placement will help you to be more outgoing in social situations, even if a part of you feels like you are acting or putting on a mask. My mother had a Cancerian sun sign and was shy at her core, but her moon in Sagittarius allowed her to work in a atypical field — as a successful saleswoman — which wouldn’t normally be easy for an empathic and quiet Cancerian. She also was the most positive person I knew and she had a magic, quiet way of making you feel like everything was going to be all right.

If Your Rising Sign is in Sagittarius

Rising sign Sagittarians are real social butterflies who create an aura of drama (sometimes melodrama and conflict) around them. Relationships are NOT easy for them because they have excess energy and need to always stir the pot one way or another. They don’t just sit still. If your rising sign is in Sagittarius, work on finding physical ways to release excess energy. Get involved with a demanding physical fitness regimen and you’ll find it much easier to relax — and enjoy quiet, peaceful time with your loved ones — at the end of a long day.

Overall, a Sagittarian’s magic is one part fiery wit mixed with equal parts passion and play — a winning combination that can be intoxicating to be around!

If you’d like to read my past articles about Aries through Scorpio, be sure to visit my Secrets of the Signs series here.


Absence Makes the Heart Grow — Fonder?

Hello there, cats and kittens! Yep, it’s me, Jennifer, back from a LONG break. I’ve been traveling up and down eddies in the spacetime continuum, having lots of adventures. I’m sorry to have been out of communication for so long. For me, it didn’t seem long; I was just, um, horrifically challenged by a bunch of stuff that was pretty much happening at once — and it just didn’t stop. MOST BIZARRE TIMELINE EVER.

Looking back on it now that things have finally started to settle down, it really is like I jumped timelines or shifted realities. This is a theme I explore in the book I published several years ago, The Lipstick Mystic’s® Guide to Time Traveling. But back then I was just at the beginning of what would become a more sophisticated and hard-earned “wisdom” that I would eventually gain about the nature of time and probability.

And boy, do I have tons of new stuff to share! YIKES! Much of it will make your toenails curl, though, so I’m going to be a little careful about how I release this new info.

Looking back on it, that book really WAS and IS ahead of its time. Nowadays with so many people in the alternative community talking about the Mandela Effect, glitches in the Matrix, reality being a simulation, and similar topics, it’s eerie how my book was talking about this stuff before these things became popular at places like the Mandela Effect Subreddit and also in the comments section of Fiona Broome’s no longer updated but excellent MandelaEffect.com site.

My book is still current in the sense that I discuss much of what I’ve learned about time and probability and how they are one, which gets into reality shifts, affirmations, manifestation, and that type of thing. I also teach you a powerful technique for healing the time body. Nobody, to my knowledge, is yet talking about the time body, which is one of the subtle energy bodies we have (similar to the emotional body, intellectual body, etc.)

Anyway, I want to thank the many, many people who have been kind enough to review my book on Amazon and Goodreads and so on. BIG HUGS AND BELLY RUBS TO YOU!

I also want to thank the gazillion folks who have been supportive and patient while I was down and out and in “hiding.”

I discovered that, even if YOU try to orient yourself on a positive timeline, sometimes those around you may not make the dimensional jump with you. (Sidenote: check out this interesting subreddit that teaches a very simple way to jump dimensions or shift realities Dimensional Jumping at Reddit.)

I had 10 family members die in three years, plus very close calls with other close family, plus four cats dying and others experiencing close calls. My own health was bad due to Lyme and Epstein-Barr flare-ups so I was fighting for my own timeline to anchor, too. For a long time, survival was questionable.

With all the family emergencies that were happening, I was getting wiped out and experiencing sleep deprivation, which then brought on a lot of unresolved PTSD from past traumas in my life (and CTSD from traumas that are still ongoing and difficult to resolve.)

BUT, the good news is, things seem to be more…..intact? now. I hate to use the word “stable” because this planet is in an all probability zone where it is more important than ever to project loving kindness, healing energies, creation, and other good vibes for the protection of the planet and the delicate natural and human ecosystems here. There is still a lot of work to be done anchoring good probabilities for the maximum amount of other beings!

But on a personal level, my own situation finally seems to be settling down. (Knock on wood, like ALL the wood, everywhere.) I do have one more family member who isn’t doing well and it’s likely this person won’t be here with us this winter, but our little “tribe” is doing what we can to make this person comfortable.

I am just gingerly dipping my toes back into the publishing waters at the moment, updating this blog with some new entries, and I will know better in the next two months to what extent I’ll be available to write, publish, do consults, etc. again.

In the meantime, look for new blog entries to be going up each week at the very least, and at most — well, you never know! I could launch something much more ambitious any minute — we’ll see which timeline I end up on! :)

More belly rubs to all of you who have made it this far!

I’ll be posting blog entries every few days now, including updates to my Secrets of the Signs series, an article about how to enjoy the power time of Halloween/Samhain (while avoiding the dark stuff others might be involved with,) and comments on the elections, ayahuasca, and more.





Repost: The Stuporbowl and How Spectator Sports Drain Your Energy

Every year around the mini-equinox/mini-solstice period of Imbolc (or Groundhog Day) we have the Superbowl football game here in the US.

Also known as the STUPORBOWL, because there is so much horrific mind control and societal hypnotism done around this time period.

If you feel a weird sense of non-specific anxiety right now and through the weekend, it’s because there is an intense “loosh” harvest going on surrounding this huge event.

Then we have the winter Olympics starting in Russia shortly thereafter, which will be another intense period of mind control, energetic manipulation, and dreamspace/multi-dimensional manipulation.

Try to chill out and NOT GIVE THIS SHIT any of your energy, because it’s all just silliness.

And for more info about what’s going on with the yearly Stuporbowl, check out my post from last year about this:

The Stuporbowl and How Spectator Sports Drain Your Energy

Oh, and a couple other quick thoughts: You can always tune in to the Puppy Bowl, to be broadcast on TBS here in the US, or the first annual Kitten Bowl, which will be broadcast on the Hallmark TV channel. Watching cute animals flop around and play is a MUCH better use of your energy! :)

And don’t forget — Imbolc or Groundhog Day (February 2nd) is one of the mini-equinox “power times” of the year, so use it to focus on manifesting GOOD things, doing healing, and so on. You’ll want to push and access as much progressive energy as possible because right after that we’re headed into another annoying Mercury retrograde period, when energies can become slow, chaotic, or just plain confusing.

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