Random Puppies Are the Best Puppies

It hasn’t been ALL doom and gloom around here lately. (In fact, I’m recovering quickly from recent events and should be back in action again–hopefully–early next week. So if you’re waiting for a response for a consult session, you’ll hear from me then. Thanks for everybody’s patience!)

Sometimes, there are RANDOM PUPPIES. And that’s the best kind of puppy–puppies when you least expect them.

During a trip to the bank yesterday, a mom and son had a brand, spanking new baby Labrador, just eight weeks old, rocking a fabulous green sweater. All the bank tellers were cooing over this fabulous creature, and rightly so. I asked the son if I could take some pics of his little friend. (Well, I didn’t ask quite like that. That’s sounds a bit creepy.) Anyway, that’s when I learned that this pup’s name is Bentley–of course–and that he was dropped at a shelter by some dog breeders who, I suppose, found that poor little Bentley didn’t quite meet their pedigree standards. It’s definitely THEIR loss! These kind folks who adopted him have big hearts and loads of love for this teeny weeny doggie.

Random puppy sightings are a wonderful thing!


Some Secrets About Scorpio You Might Not Know

I’ve been way behind on posting new articles in my ongoing Secrets of the Signs series. You can read my previous articles here: Secrets of the Signs. These earlier articles debunk a lot of common myths about signs like Aries, Taurus, etc. all the way through Libra.

But today it’s time to talk about the scary and amazing sign of Scorpio. Yay! I’ve been meaning to get to this for a while.

Scorpio Has a Laser Beam Soul

Scorpio is one of three Water signs (the others in the zodiac are Cancer and Pisces). While all Water signs are very perceptive, Scorpio is unique because people born under this intense sign have a laser beam-like quality in the way they can cut through lies, deceptions and pretense and see right to the core of something (or somebody).

It’s not easy being able to instantly peer right into the darkest underbelly of life, the universe, and everything! So this talent can make certain Scorpios very dark and tormented, personality-wise, because they become so jaded about humanity and so depressed about what’s going on with people. Put it this way: a HUGE number of “Goths,” zombie afficianados and people who end up trying to commit suicide are Scorpios. They process the dark side of life VERY intensely because their psyches literally have a direct conduit to the dark side of life.

There are lighter, sunnier Scorpios, too. These are Scorpios who are better able to use tools like humor, sarcasm, and creativity to shake off the heaviness of day to day life. So they might put this quality of being able to perceive things so clearly to use in a more positive way—-possibly through getting involved with the arts, becoming some type of healer or therapist, or working in some way to try to change society (like through becoming involved with politics or working on an exciting invention of some type that promises to improve human’s lives).

When I worked in professional theater I met loads of Scorpios, and every one of them put me to shame as a performer because they had an uncanny ability to BECOME the characters they were playing, because they were such natural psychologists and innate shapeshifters. There I’d be practicing my musical ballads with a Julie Andrews style voice and fluffy and sweet persona, and the Scorpio auditioning for a part right next to me would be pulling out a Mamet monologue and launching into the most intensely REAL short scene imaginable. If you need somebody to fully become a character in a show, definitely hire a Scorpio—you can’t go wrong hiring them!

Some people would say that Scorpios are very psychic, and sometimes this is true. But even Scorpions who are atheists, with zero interest in penetrating into the more refined layers of reality or subtle dimensions that mystical types enjoy, have an almost supernatural ability to SEE and FEEL the truth of something. It’s not really a psychic thing; it’s more of a cellular thing. The Scorpion ability to see right through someone when he or she is being fake is really remarkable; they’re the first in a room to detect when somebody is being deceptive. Their psyche serves as a natural lie detector, able to pick up on subtle cues and undercurrents that show that a person is lying or being manipulative in some way.

This isn’t psychic ability in the sense of perceiving auras or reading minds or any of that stuff; it’s more of a strong ability to SEE WHAt IS THERE in all its unvarnished glory.

You see, most of us suffer from chronic cognitive dissonance. When we go into a situation, we only see what we WANT to see. This is because most of us truly can’t handle the truth; it’s too upsetting to us and it challenges us far too much. The truth is uncomfortable, so most of us unconsciously screen it out.

If You Want to Be Friends with a Scorpio, You’ll Have to Man Up and Deal with Reality

Scorpios just see what’s there, without filters. This can make Scorpios seem very abrupt or even unkind, because socially, they tend to tell it like it is. They don’t sugarcoat things. They tend to only become friends with people who aren’t delicate little flowers, because if you’re someone who gets your feelings hurt or goes into a huff when someone is honest with you, a Scorpio won’t bother wasting time with you.

If you want to befriend a Scorpio, you’ll have to get real. And you’ll have to face the truth. And you’ll have to lose any of that “Love and light, there is no such thing as evil, people always mean well” type of naivete that is so very prevalent amongst New Agers, do gooders, and “positive thinker” types.

Because a Scorpio isn’t interested in obscuring the truth or hiding from reality, and he or she won’t do it in a close relationship with you just to make you feel better.

This doesn’t mean that Scorpios aren’t loving. It just means their bullshit detector is attuned to the highest degree possible, and their tolerance for lies and fakery is just about zero.

So you’d better get used to it, if you want to date/sleep with/marry/be friends with/hire/work for a Scorpio. It’s just their way.

Life is Harder for Female Scorpios Than Male Scorpios

Truth telling and brutal honesty have very little place in our culture, but when we DO pretend that we’re interested in the truth, we’re far more open to hearing it from a man than a woman. We praise the man for being “ballsy,” for being “real.” Meanwhile, a woman stating those same truths will almost always be called “insensitive,” “mean,” or, most frequently, “a total bitch.”

So unlucky female Scorpios spend most of their lives biting their tongues, withholding their honest assessment of people, situations, and things, and feeling extraordinarily uncomfortable about it. And so a pressure cooker builds, and within the female Scorpio’s psyche a lot of STUFF can start to boil. She’ll have to find some way to release the pressure, whether it’s through sex (a fave outlet for highly-sexed Scorpios), drugs, drinking, confessing things on a regular basis to her best friend/psychic/priest or whatever. GIRL NEEDS AN OUTLET for all those incredibly intelligent observations she’s been making and truths she’s been observing, stuff that “normal” folks around her just don’t want her to talk about.

Male Scorpios also deal with some of this, but when they are in the company of other men, it’s still a hell of a lot easier for them to let it all hang out and just shoot from the hip about the things they’ve been thinking and seeing.

Women have to work at finding that place, that situation, or that outlet where they can feel like it’s safe to be completely honest for a few minutes without constantly worrying about social censure or major rejection from the “tribe.”

You know what? Sometimes, it sucks to be a woman. And Scorpio women, with their incredible knack for seeing the truth and their unnerving ability to state truths nobody around them wants to hear, have it pretty damned tough most of the time.

(Can I just take a moment to give my Scorpio girls a group hug? Don’t ever stop being you, my ladies! You rock, even if nobody around you can deal with your overall fabulousness most of the damned time.)

Positive Affirmations for Scorpio

To navigate through life as a Scorpio, you’ll want to focus on combining your incredible intelligence and laser-like, penetrative awareness with a bit of a social balancing act—giving yourself permission to express the truth when doing so isn’t going to damage you, but also knowing when to use things like humor, artistry, and a sense of play to tackle any potentially distressing ideas with a bit more social tact and lighter touch.

Some affirmations that might help you:

“I move through life honestly and openly. I am a creature of truth.”

“I use my natural instincts to guide me safely through social situations.”

“When I sense danger, I take action instead of allowing myself to move into harmful realities.”

“If a loved one doesn’t honor my perceptions, I will find a way to heal this issue with them or gently withdraw my energies.”

“I allow myself to be smart about detecting people who bring an additive energy into my life and noticing when someone is an energy vampire.”

If Your Rising Sign is Scorpio

If your ascendant or rising sign is Scorpio, you’ll tend to “lead” with the Scorpion part of your personality. Others will turn to you for direction, for guidance, for suggestions about the smartest way to handle a situation. This makes you a great manager, teacher, director, organizer, and initiator. Your lifelong journey might be to find a career path that fully allows you to share your insights, or a profession that allows you to express that innate creative spark.

If Your Moon Sign is Scorpio

For people born with their moon sign in Scorpio, those perceptive qualities of Scorpio will tend to be more interior and private. You certainly FEEL lots of stuff, but you’re not particularly motivated to share those subtle moods and impressions with others. Instead, you take stock of things in an almost camera-like way; mentally recording moments, interactions, and experiences with the heart of an artist and the eye of a journalist. Consider an outlet like a blog, personal journal, or video diary; you need a place to PUT this stuff so it doesn’t fester and disable you.

Scorpios Rock, and Intensity is Part of the Package

Scorpios have many amazing gifts and a heightened level of overall perception that can sometimes make it frustrating (if you love a Scorpio or if you are a sensitive Scorpio who is simply trying to navigate through life)—-but very special, too.


Death, Rebirth, Rethinking Things

I still appear to be in the death vortex here, which has made things super emotional and surreal. I’ve mentioned before that when somebody within my sphere of influence dies (and my sphere of influence includes immediate family, extended family, friends, and acquaintances) I am always pulled into a very intense period lasting three days–with a day or two before and after–during which I’m called to do some work trying to help that spirit heal from whatever trauma it experienced before and after death. I work with a variety of energies (mostly Great Spirit and the kind creatures of the universe) to heal that spirit’s trauma and encourage it to move into experiencing greater sovereignty and self-awareness (rather than getting sucked back into the horrific trauma of spiritual amnesia and unnecessary reincarnation , which is too often forced upon the dead by various archonic entities who feel that they “own” humanity).

It’s very emotional and intense work.

For whatever reasons, the deaths just keep coming. Since Christmas two family members and one friend have died. That makes a truly bizarre twelve month period during which I lost six family members and two friends. Many of these folks were over 70 and had been sick for some time. Still, everybody choosing to check out at once has been very strange, especially given that all of the people who had been sick for a while had been sick for YEARS…..and so now they suddenly all die within a short period of time?

It seems to me like a timeline has ended, a reality that a lot of these people were living in. When my mother was sick this summer, shortly before she died (when we really weren’t expecting her to) I remember having this extremely clear thought pop into my mind as I looked at her sitting painfully in her armchair: “The space that my mom occupies in this world is closing down.” A strange thought to have, and it seemed to arrive from my higher self or eternal self, penetrating right through my extremely-preoccupied mind.

In the months since then as I’ve seen more people I love die, I keep feeling that the same thing is true–that somehow, their reality or timeline has shut down or shut off, and it’s time for them to go. It doesn’t making processing the energies surrounding their deaths any easier; it’s just a fact sort of hanging out in the background of these experiences.

To make things more challenging, after the recent attempt on my life, I’ve had to fight tooth and nail to begin to reclaim my own health. I’m a pro at this, though. I’ve gone from barely being upright for more than a few hours a day and being in a lot of pain to ALMOST experiencing “normal” days, albeit with more limited physical activity until I recover more from my injuries.

If you are in the middle of doing a consult with me, taking a break from my work has been mandatory; but I think by next week I will be able to pick up where we left off and continue with those ongoing email discussions. I was just too sick these past few weeks to make it work, plus I was devoting every ounce of extra energy I DID have to assisting the people in my circle who had died.

Not a very fun time, frankly.

But I look ahead to things lightening up and getting better, and I will continue on with my work writing and publishing.

In the meantime, any support you can show me on the physical plane in the form of things like donating to this site (See my Donate page) and/or purchasing the book I risked my life to bring to you (See: Shop) would be wonderful and encouraging.



Lots of Lipstick Mystic Rants in One Place at Kinja

I frequently find myself ranting in the comment sections at Gawker.com and Jezebel.com. Ranting is welcome there; four letter words are almost a requirement for ranting comments to be posted.

If you enjoy my rants, check out all the rants I’ve made at those two sites, collected through blogging site Kinja: Lipstick Mystic at Kinja.com


So There Was Another Serious Attempt on My Life Monday

So there was another serious attempt on my life Monday. I’ve spent all week working on self-healing and serious, kick ass, self-defense techniques to attempt to recover from the worst of the damage, which affected me (unfortunately) to a strong degree on a physical level.

I debated about posting on this. I mean, many of my readers, who come from the New Age and/or alternative communities, need their metaphysical writers and teachers to appear:

* Invincible (and thus, seemingly aligned with the “right” energies)

* Perfect

* Not subject to any personal, financial, or physical vulnerability —– because if they are dealing with lots of “stuff” they’re not worth listening to, reading, etc., right? :)

That’s not how I roll.

I’m on a lot of “hit” lists at the moment.

From the best I can discern, these include, but are not limited to:

* Stuart Wilde’s followers who have taken over his “empire” and who fancy themselves dark lords of the lower astral/lower etheric (Kris Krepcik, Tom Linderle, et al, I’m talking to you! :) ) You lovely rat bastards!

* Various energies/entities you might call “archonic” — i.e., the various angels/demons/lords/ascended masters/yoga entities/Reiki entities I’ve been exposing for the past 27 years or so.

* Just general “trolls” who hate astrology writers, psychic chicks, WOMEN ON THE INTERNET, etc. (These are the ones responsible for a DOS attack to my website a few weeks ago, I would imagine.)

Then there are the really nasty subconscious/esoteric entities and forces that many of my really lovely and sweet clients, those who have purchased consults from me, are still linked into; and they are working to unhook from these psychic alignments or spiritual contracts/agreements, which have usually been going on for many lifetimes, and which are REALLY intense; I try to help people clear out this stuff, and for my troubles, I deal with ongoing, relentless, psychic attack; and I DON’T build that into my “fees” for consults, either, which is KIND OF A PROBLEM! :) When you have an ancient contract with an ultradimensional/extradimensional entity who feels, at this point, that it OWNS YOU….and then you find my articles talking about how removing contracts and agreements with these entities is VITAL to freeing up your spiritual sovereignty, health, wealth, etc…….and you work with me on doing this…..guess what? I get hit with ALL YOUR CRAP! :) How fun for me! (Not! ) Those entities can grab people and leave “abduction” marks — I work with lots of people and healer types who are trying to help their clients/patients expel ties to negative entities and “gods” and “lords” — and for their troubles, they receive things like horrific marks on their bodies and trauma to their bodies, visible in photographs people send me (and I’ve also dealt with this). Because there are a whole HOST of entities who think they OWN HUMANITY and OWN HUMAN SOULS. And when someone comes along to show you the falsehood of that, the deception and lies of that religious/esoteric/metaphysical programming, we often get hit REALLY HARD by these esoteric bullies.

Put it this way: how many heart attacks are YOU willing to go through, along with the accompanying healing to your body and problems with your daily health/wealth/life, to simply show people the truth of these esoteric bullies? (Call them archons, ET’s, ultradimensionals, interdimensionals — I don’t care. The best term I’ve found is “rat bastards.”)

Anyway, it’s been an INTERESTING time. And please know that, if you work with the ideas I teach here, you are challenging an entire NETWORK of entities and programming that does NOT PLAY NICE. Stay strong. Don’t give in to bullies. Don’t give up.

Otherwise, humanity will never recover its immense power as spiritually sovereign creator beings who have AMAZING abilities to anchor positive, progressive, creative energies on this much-attacked planet, and for all of her kind creatures, who choose to live here.


Thanks to All the Kind Reviewers!

The 23rd 5 star review of my book has gone up at the US Amazon!

See here:

Newest Review

That makes 28 five star reviews across all Amazon platforms and two three star reviews. Thanks SO much to everybody who was kind enough to review my books, INCLUDING those who gave it three stars.

When you’re a self-publisher like I am, every review counts! It brings your book more attention and also gives potential readers important info to consider as they think about buying the book.

Thanks again to everyone!

PS: If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out my book, you can go to this page to download the first 25 pages for free:

Shop page.


Can We Trust Jesus — Isn’t He a Worshipper of That Bloodthirsty Jerk, Yahweh/Jehovah?

A quick addendum about Jesus, which is my response to some very excellent questions someone raised at my Facebook page.

Question: There is something puzzling me about Jesus. He is inextricably linked with Jehovah/Yahweh in the Bible. What gives?

My response: Other people wrote the books about him to link him to something bloody and evil. He was a maverick and gnostic who didn’t worship Yahweh or Jehovah. He was raised Jewish, but once he realized what was going on, he left that faith.

The propaganda published after his life unfortunately pretty much embeds him in the Judaic tradition, but he was not originally a part of it AT ALL.

By the way, another recognizable trait of the archon types of beings is that they can’t create and are incapable of original thought themselves, so they will plagiarize, hijack, lie, or otherwise take credit for (or reduce appreciation for) the true mavericks out there who have done a great deal for humanity.

Hence the entire crapfest that is the Christian “faith,” which Jesus pretty much vomits about on a daily basis, poor fellow ! He always tells me that he never thought what he did would be bastardized and altered in such a huge, world-affecting way, harming so many people, causing so many wars. It makes him very sad. Send him love because he gets very depressed about this!

Imagine the horror of teaching small groups of people (a few thousand people at most over the course of his lifetime) simple, Earth-based, shamanically-oriented (as in: love the Earth, honor life, be passionate, creative, and progressive) and gnostic (encouraging each person to tap into their OWN personal power) ideas, only to have your entire body of work reduced to crap like:

* Drink the blood of your dead God every week to “commune with him” — or drink an IMITATION (wine) of his blood

* Mimic eating his flesh every week, too (wafers, anybody?)

* Divorce yourself from any notion of self-responsibility, accountability, or ethics, because now you can rape little boys (priests), kill people (Crusaders), and more but just ask Jesus for forgiveness and everything will be okay.

Jesus is not a fan of four-letter words, to my perception, although he does understand the passion behind them.

So I will say this for him, because he’s too polite to do it:


PS: In my four part article series about Jesus, I think I failed to link to ANOTHER article about Jesus I wrote which you might find interesting:

Was Jesus a Magician?

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