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Just a quick note today as I’m heading out of the office to do holiday stuff for the next week — but for those of who who haven’t visited my Facebook page, there is always some interesting chat happening there in the comments section. Stop by and feel free to post your questions or comments about my articles and the broader issues that I’ve been covering. I will be mostly away from the computer until after Christmas but will try to breeze in and respond at Facebook a little bit here and there over the break.

I haven’t allowed comments here because when I do, I get about 60 spam comments a day from Chinese Internet marketers, and it’s quite a pain in the tuckus to wade through them all.

Also, I’ve prepped articles here to continue to post every couple of days, with new pieces about the angels, the afterlife, spiritual sovereignty, and more.

As for Facebook, I’m a complete idiot about all that stuff like friend requests and all of that; but I do welcome your comments beneath my posts, “likes” of my articles, and “shares” or “tummy rubs” of whatever it is that people are doing on Facebook. :)



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