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Recently some folks have gotten their frilly girl panties in a twist about little old ME in the latest posts at the otherwise excellent discussion thread at GodlikeProductions about the many, many improprieties of the recently-deceased Stuart Wilde. The discussion thread, called Why I Dislike Stuart Wilde is some 45 pages long or more and has been going on for years. I noticed new traffic to my website coming from that thread, where one the forum members had quoted some of my past critical articles about Wilde. Some trolls have decided to post all manner of silly stuff about me now at the end of that thread (scroll to the very end to read them,) which is great, because it’s bringing me new traffic, and people who are interested in things like REAL shamanism and genuine psychic experiences (without the use of dangerous ayahuasca) are finding my work. Thanks for the free advertising and the increase in my book sales, kind Internet trolls! :) (* Pets you affectionately on your thick, bony troll heads.*)

So — hello to all the new people!

If you like Stuart Wilde’s writings, I think you’ll enjoy all my articles in the Dark Side of the Force category. All of my articles constantly talk about the importance of spiritual discernment, clear psychic sight, and a kickass spiritual warrior attitude (necessary to expel and repulse the many, many pretender beings that lurk in the lower astral and like to impress gullible spiritual seekers). But those articles especially hit hard about those subjects.

At the very end of that discussion thread at GodLikeProductions you’ll find all the vile things the trolls are posting about me, and they are doing this to create “link bait” so that if you search for terms like:

Lipstick Mystic fraud

Lipstick Mystic fake

Lipstick Mystic cunt

Lipstick Mystic bitch

Lipstick Mystic criminal

Lipstick Mystic lies

Lipstick Mystic scam

Lipstick Mystic scammer

Lipstick Mystic jail

Lipstick Mystic plagiarism

Lipstick Mystic Stuart Wilde

Lipstick Mystic hack

Jennifer Shepherd fake

Jennifer Shepherd scam

Jennifer Shepherd scammer

Jennifer Shepherd fraud

….their thread will come up high in the Google search results. Then after that they’ve been posting specifically targeted lies about me, which include:

* That I am also the person who posts critical Stuart Wilde material under the pen name Silent Watcher in that GodLikeProductions thread. Silent Watcher appears to be a very brave person who has spent lots of time in the Wilde/Kris Krepcik inner circle and has been posting some amazing exposes of how those two characters apparently took sexual advantage of their attractive female followers, plus Silent Watcher has provided info about how Wilde took loads of ecstasy and that’s how he died, plus Silent Watcher has written about things like Wilde having been witnessed using a female ghostwriter to write his books; this is excellent stuff that Wilde fans really need to know about, and it correlates with material that people have privately shared with me, but for the record, I am NOT Silent Watcher. I think Silent Watcher might also be the owner of the excellent Facebook page that also pulls critical posts about Wilde from that GodlikeProductions thread and puts them in one place: Stuart Wilde Exposed. Again, for the record, I am NOT the publisher of that Facebook page, although once I found that the owner had posted some of my blog entries critical of Wilde so that more people could see them, I began chiming in in some of the comments there trying to provide corroboration of many of the most negative and seemingly outlandish Wilde stories, since people from around the world have also written to me privately confirming many of these same goings-on with Stuart Wilde and Kris Krepcik.

* That I am a fake. (What am I a fake of? To my knowledge, there isn’t anything going on here that requires you to BELIEVE that I am anything in particular, so what would I be faking again? :) If I were to sum up my life’s work as anything, I would call myself an advocate of do-it-yourself, safe and wonderful, spirituality; so what, I’m not really advocating that and I’m just pretending that I am? Again, what am I faking? It’s so painful, living inside the tiny compressed micro-brain of an Internet troll! :) )

* That I “stole Stuart Wilde’s courses and published them as my own.” Hmm. I didn’t know Stuart Wilde ever wrote any courses? The only course I’ve written and published is my 300 page past Money Materialization Course, which came out several years ago, and which is being reworked into a longer book. If you took that course or read the material you wouldn’t find anything in it even remotely connected to anything Wilde has ever written. Oh, and many years before that I also taught an online course about using dreams as inspiration for writing fiction. Again, nothing to do with dear olde Stewie. I taught that class through WritersWeekly.com, an old and respected site that helps writers hone their skills and find paying writing jobs.

* That I’ve never done anything, while Stuart Wilde helped thousands of people. Well, yes, Wilde “helped” thousands of people; he helped many of them to a nice helping of severe, chronic, lifelong mental illness with his unregulated and highly dangerous ayahuasca retreats. He did offer entertainment and interesting ideas and humor through his books and his material, I’ll give him that. Before aya and alcohol and ecstasy use took over his life, he may have, indeed, been a very different person and a more genuine seer than the shell of a being he was later on. As far as me not having done anything, I guess the 15,000 people I’ve worked with one on one, the millions of people who have read my syndicated columns, articles, books, Ebooks, and website entries, and the millions of beings, often trapped discarnates, damaged devas, plants, or animals, I’ve worked to help through my constant shamanic service of various ley lines around the world (done for free, during my own free time) —– means I’m a useless piece of shit? Guess so, in the opinion of some trolls, bless their bony, Cro-Magnon foreheads! :)

* That I’m a bitch and a cunt. Well, that is to be debated. Everybody is entitled to their opinion! :) I do, indeed, possess female genitalia. So sue me. As for being a bitch, I’ve generally found that the textbook definition of “bitch” is “A woman who says something that is so true, so passionate, and so pointed, that it makes someone who is living in a less than ethical way EXTREMELY uncomfortable, so they try to reduce her by using an insulting word.” I’m sure I’ve made loads of such people uncomfortable. I kind of consider it my job. :) And I do, indeed, express righteous anger, a protective type of anger that attempts to guide people out of extremely dangerous practices and beliefs and get them moving in a safer direction, spiritually, while also warning them about the dangers of things like Reiki, yoga, channeling, praying to ascended masters, embracing ET/interdimensional encounters with grays, Nordic/albinos or reptilians, and more. This gets some folks and critters pissed. I LOVE PISSING THEM OFF! *poke poke* (Pokes them in their ugly, beady eyes)

So again, a big welcome to everybody new who has ended up finding the site from that discussion thread at GodlikeProductions! Stick around, I think you’ll like it here.

Sit down and have a virtual cup of tea or a yummy cocktail with me as you read my book on understanding the nature of time and learning to shift probabilities (so you can experience a more harmonious one). I show you how to do this — without escaping through a drug-induced “Camelot portal” or “ascending in your light body.” News flash: that’s suicide. I teach the opposite. I teach you how to live with one foot in the spiritual and one foot planted firmly in the magnificent world of the physical, so you can be a more effective creator, healer, and lover — of all of life. Stop chasing down Armageddon or the End of the World and start living the vibrant, fulfilled life you were always meant to experience! Download the first 25 pages of my book for free here: Lipstick Mystic’s Shop page.



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