How Can I Make My Home Invisible?

Dear Lipstick Mystic,

I was reading your older article How to Go Invisible and I wanted to ask you if, instead of just making me invisible, is there was a way of making my entire apartment invisible? I’d like to find a way to ensure that undesirables looking for it may not find it.

Thank you,


Dear A,

Yes, absolutely. I did this during the time when I was being troubled by a stalker who lived nearby. When I did this, he never found my building even though I lived less than one block away from him!

1) Let’s see, one way to make your home invisible is through visualizing things surrounding your apartment. There are a lot of ways to do shielding, but for invisibility specifically you can imagine large mirrors surrounding your building, pointing outwards. The idea being that if someone is trying to “peek” at you or scan you, all they see is their own reflection. That’s one good technique. It works against beings causing trouble in the lower astral/etheric as well as shielding you against human, physical folks who are bad news. It kind of operates like a “forget spell” where even if they have your address and know where you live, they blank out or head in a different direction when setting out to find you.

Just take some time each day to strengthen your visualization of those mirrors and set the intention that they are blocking out all remove viewer type energy, all negative energies that might try to interfere or scan you, and all negative people who are powerful in the lower astral or the physical. This will help a great deal. Along with the mirrors, try to incorporate a feeling of BLANKNESS and stillness; the idea is that if someone tries to scan your home the energy there isn’t all bouncing and emotional and kinetic, so they can’t “read” any human activity in your space.

2) Another good technique is to take some time to meditate and connect with any nice tree devas or other nature devas (sometimes connected to local animals, minerals, and the actual ley lines or energy lines deep beneath the Earth) — any in your immediate area. When you’re working with nature devas, they operate on an equal exchange basis; you have to give in order to receive. So you need to honor the old shamanic ways or indigenous people’s pathways of making some type of respectful and loving gift or offering, and then it’s appropriate to ask them to help you.

I like to buy loose tobacco, preferably the American Spirit brand that doesn’t have additives; and I’ll place a little at the roots of a nice tree, or put some in a hole beneath a rock, or scatter some around bushes outside my house. You can also use cornmeal or loose oats. And project a lot of love and thanks to the devas for all that they are already doing to balance out the energy in your location; and then ask them if they will help to protect and shield your home from interference and from observation.

Along with this you could also do some sound work like a little drumming, using a rattle, playing an instrument of some kind, or simply using your voice to do some simple “AAAHHH” and “OOOHHH” sounds. The devas respond very well to these old techniques of sound and making an offering because the indigenous people have created that tradition or communication system with them for tens of thousands of years.

The devas respond VERY well to people who honor the old ways; it almost instantly puts you in a category of “good human” vs. “human who is selfish and energetically smelly and clueless!” :)

3) And also for general protection around a space you can take sea salt or even cornmeal and scatter it around the foundation (outer
bottom edges) of your building, going all the way around it;
this creates a protective psychic shield (if it’s sea salt) and with cornmeal
you’re also bringing in the nature deva energies as protection.

4) And lastly it is always good to de-electrify or “power down” your living space from time to time because a lot of unbalanced and
intrusive energies can come in along cable lines, electricity lines, and phone lines. So turn all the appliances off in your home, even unplugging them from the wall is good; and then if you can, open the windows to let in Earth chi and fresh air and sunlight and also sage your house — smudging with some cedar and/or sage leaves, allowing the smoke to go out the windows and carry out all unbalanced energies. (I like the sage sticks carried by Tom’s Incense; they’re pretty cheap. See: White Sage Smudge Stick Two Pack, 9″)

If it’s cold outside and you can’t do this, use my technique I talk about in some of my articles where you take a spray bottle with water and your favorite essential oil in it (up to ten drops of sage, frankincense, lavender, sandalwood, yuzu, or myrrh) and spray that in each room to help get rid of the unbalanced electrical energy zapping around (while also turning all appliances off). If you can do this for at least a 12 hour period once in a while it makes a big difference in how your space feels. And it also adds to the invisibility thing because the energy of your home becomes very quiet and serene and impenetrable.

Those techniques also can shield your home from criminal types, burglars, that type
of thing; I used many of those techniques in situations back when I was living communally
with lots of other people in dormitory type settings (when I worked as an actress –
we were always put up in horrible places with no privacy or security). In that case
I would just shield my bedroom — and even in cases where the other actors were
robbed or had their belongings messed with, nobody ever touched my stuff! :)

Thanks for writing; I always like to share my sneaky shaman tricks with people!





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