The Meanings of Dreams — “Unfinished Business” Fear Dreams

So in part one of this series I talked about how when we’re asleep, we’re actually taking a trip in our energy bodies. We do this to reconnect with the spiritual and creative parts of ourselves, parts that get “locked off” or quarantined during our daily, waking life, unless we’ve developed a consistent way to connect with our psychic abilities. Because dreams are the main way for most people to receive messages from their spiritual nature, learning how to remember your dreams becomes very, very important.

In most First Nations tribes, there is no such thing as an “unreal” dream. Every dream is regarded as truth, as telling you something important. And I’ve found that this is definitely true. Your dreams are ALWAYS telling you something important. Even when a dream is using extremely silly or broad symbols to get your attention, if you learn to decode those symbols, you’ll soon figure out the message of the dream.

Again, I always encourage people to keep a dream diary, even if you just jot down a few notes throughout the week of the REALLY weird or intense dreams you’ve had. If you keep a dream diary for months or even years, you’ll get better at remembering your dreams AND you’ll start to figure out how your energy body is sending you important information through your dream life.

It’s important to learn how to decode YOUR unique dream language. The meanings of things in your dreams will often be very different from the meaning of other people’s dreams. This is why those silly “dream dictionaries” don’t work and they don’t accurately tell you what your dreams really mean. Your dream language is YOUR language, your special way of interacting with and receiving messages from your energy body. This can be hugely different from person to person.

Another thing that helps you remember your dreams besides keeping a dream diary is talking about your dreams. In many indigenous tribes there’s a tradition of sharing your dreams each morning. It’s understood that dreams are a kind of shared wisdom of the subconscious of a tribe, so discussing dreams is important.

I’m very lucky because my parents often shared their dreams with me, even though they usually laughed off any notion that they were significant in any deep way. But even more importantly, my honey dude partner person and I always share our dreams so we can figure out what our energy systems are telling us about life, work, home, and our spiritual life together. Through this process we’ve noticed that we have certain repetitive things that happen in some of our dreams.

The Classic “Unfinished Business/Fear” Type of Dream

Everybody has these types of dreams – the one where you’re caught up in a scenario from your past, and it’s like nothing has changed even though, in real life, you’ve moved on from the situation. And there’s usually a sense of panic, like you haven’t finished your homework or finished what you need to do. Your fear and anxiety are exaggerated in this type of dream.

When my honey feels a little nervous or uncertain about something, he’ll have dreams about being back at the college he once attended. In these dreams, he’s about to graduate but suddenly realizes he hasn’t attended certain classes for a long time. So there’s that feeling of fear, of potential failure, of getting caught doing something wrong.

That’s a typical “fear” dream. The way to resolve the energies — and get rid of the fear — is to remain lucid in the dream and fight the distorted premise of the dream. In real life, my guy graduated from college. So when he’s able to be lucid during one of these types of dreams, he’ll assert his power, showing or telling people that he already DID graduate and complete all his work on time, and telling them that this dream is bogus. And he’ll wake up feeling very in touch with his personal power, more confident and clear, with any unresolved fears in the background purged.

In a similar way, I sometimes have dreams about returning to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, where I worked for two long and grueling seasons in 1990 and 1991. The first season I was just an actress doing shows and improvising bits of entertainment with fair patrons. It was exhausting and demanding work. The second season I was asked to do psychic readings in the “gypsy camp,” and since I was already an experienced psychic, and I liked the idea of making real money that season from my work, I said yes. The actors made next to nothing, income-wise, but when you did psychic readings you just paid a percentage of your earnings to the boss for renting the space and got to keep everything else you earned. My psychic readings business really started that summer, where I read for some 1600 people of all ages and types and word began to spread across the state about my work. I kept a little draw-string bag with my money in it, and each night I’d go home with wads and wads of money. Fun!

But it was exhausting, grueling, work too.

So sometimes I’ll still have these recurring “fear dreams” where the season at the Faire is about to start, and I haven’t made any preparations, and I’m dreading going back, and it’s just a dream of incredible discomfort and anxiety. All I want to do is escape.

So, to resolve the energies of this type of dream, I’ve learned to be lucid in the dream and say, “I’m a successful syndicated astrology columnist, book author and publisher, and nationally known psychic. I completed my time at this Faire and I am OUT OF HERE!”

Or something to that effect. I find a way to protest, to assert the silliness and stupidity of the dream. The idea is to fight off the premise of the dream because the events in it have no bearing on my life now and should carry no energy charge for me anymore.

Fear Dreams Have to Do with Loss of Power or PERCEIVED Loss of Power

In a similar way, you might have recurring “fear” types of dreams that are urging you to stand up for yourself in the dream and sort of “hack it” so it ends. These dreams will usually have to do with some part of your life that some aspect of you thinks is incomplete, or perhaps it involves a relationship that still feels unsettled to you, even if it ended years ago. In the dream you could find yourself back with a past romantic partner, even though you don’t want to be, and again, if you can remain lucid and fight the premise of the dream, you’ll wake up feeling more powerful, less afraid, and more confident. If you feel trapped in a dream with an ex-partner, shout “I’m with my spouse now and this relationship has no legitimacy anymore,” or just ESCAPE from the dream anyway you can.

All of those “fear type” recurring dreams have to do with loss of power, with feeling like a part of yourself is still trapped in the past events of the dream. If you can learn to be lucid in those dreams and destroy those dreams or put an end to them by voicing a truth like, “This situation has no power over me anymore,” or “I already graduated with honors so this dream is stupid!” then you’ll find these dreams to be less frequent.

And then, the rare times when this type of dream DOES turn up, you’ll see that this is just a minor message from your energy body or spiritual self that you really DO need to avoid fear, avoid self-sabotage, and stop limiting yourself by returning to places and people which no longer give you energy.

How to Become More Lucid in Your Dreams

People often ask me how to become more lucid in their dreams. I’m not lucid all the time, but I have become pretty talented at fighting off manipulated types of dreams, attack types of dreams (where an entity from the lower astral planes is trying to cause trouble) or those generic, fear-driven, “unfinished business” types of dreams. If I were to describe HOW I do it, well, one part was learning to understand how these dreams manifest for me. This took analyzing my dreams over the years to see what themes kept coming up. Once you learn what scenarios keep showing up you can find a way to change the scenario.

I have those recurring panic dreams about working at the Renaissance Faire, and occasionally I’ll have similar dreams about high school or college. I’ve learned to SPOT those dreams and to train myself to act pretty quickly in the dream to either escape from the dream or verbally shout and affirm the stupidity of the dream, reclaiming my power and accomplishments from WITHIN the dream. It’s like catching yourself before your subconscious runs in an unproductive loop and going, “No fucking way. I’m not going there again. You can’t trick me!” You’re REJECTING the inappropriate energies of the dream.

Another good thing to do is to affirm BEFORE you go to sleep each night that you intend to remain conscious, powerful, and strong in all your dream experiences that night, and to state that you will only connect with positive energies and healing vibrations during your dream time. This does a lot to minimize nightmares, attack type dreams, or frustration/fear type dreams.

What you’re doing is taking charge of your energy body and demanding that that aspect of your being only engage with productive energies and positive experiences. When you can train yourself to do this while you’re asleep, this also has a powerful affect on your WAKING life, where you’re less likely to attract troublesome people or negative situations. It all ties together. What happens to us in our energy body impacts what happens to us in our physical body because the two parts of ourselves are intimately connected.

So don’t be afraid to start taking CHARGE of your dream life instead of dismissing it as something mysterious that can’t be controlled. Your dream time is an important part of your life, when your energy body interacts with different energies and realities, plus it sends you messages that it thinks are important. Start listening, remembering, and paying attention, and you can experience some great improvements in every aspect of your life!

If you missed part one of this series, you’ll find it here:

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