The Meanings of Dreams — Remote Viewing Dreams

I want to talk to you again today about dreams. Many aeons ago (okay, a few weeks ago, before this recent crazy Mercury retrograde period), I was creating a series of articles teaching you about the meaning of different types of dreams.

In case you missed those articles, you’ll find parts one and two here:

The Meanings of Different Types of Dreams — Dreams Are Messages from Your Energy Body

The Meanings of Dreams — “Unfinished Business” Fear Dreams

The main thing I’d encourage you to take away from those articles is the fact that dreams are important messages from your energy body, that part of you that co-exists with and links to your physical body. We actually have multiple energy bodies, as I talk about in detail in my book, The Lipstick Mystic’s® Guide to Time Traveling, Healing the Time Body, and Finding the Best Possible Timeline (While Others Do the Apocalypso Dance). You can download the first 25 pages for free at my Shop page to discover more about what you’ll learn in the book. But basically if you can just keep in mind that you are both a physical being and a non-physical one, and that dreams are messages from the non-physical aspect of your being, you’ll be fine.

So anyway, there IS no such thing as an “unreal” dream. Every dream is telling you something, showing you something, or helping you sort something out. Mastering dream recall is a very important part of becoming more psychically open and spiritually aware. The only other way to get in touch with the energy part of you, the spiritual part of you, is through techniques like meditation, psychically “tuning in,” or shamanic journeying. Learning how to decode your dreams can be a lot easier than those other practices since it’s hard to find time to meditate or tune in psychically, but we dream each and every night. By the way, taking plenty of Vitamin B6 is a simple trick that aids with dream recall.

Today I want to discuss remote viewing type dreams. These are dreams in which you are observing people, places or things, sometimes in your immediate environment, sometimes thousands or even millions of miles away.

People From Your Past Showing Up in a Dream, and Then You Hear From Them Out of the Blue

Sometimes you might dream about someone that you knew in your childhood or young adulthood. Afterwards you might wonder, “Why did I dream about them? I never liked them much back then, and I’m certainly not in touch with them now. What the heck was that dream all about? Am I supposed to get in touch with them? Or am I going to hear from them soon?”

Occasionally when you dream about someone from your past, that person WILL turn up in your life again sometime soon. For example, a dear actress and writer friend of mine who worked with me back in 1990 has been an on again, off again, email pen pal in recent decades. I hadn’t heard from her in a long time, at least a few years. A few weeks ago I had a wonderful dream in which she was coming to New York for a brief stay and we got together and had some fun. She was wearing bright, artsy and beautiful clothing, and it was just really fun connecting with her in the dream.

Within a week, she had sent me an invitation to join her on the LinkedIn social network. So clearly, I had been picking up on her intention to connect with me via the “psychic radar system” of that dream I had about her.

So sometimes if you dream about someone you haven’t seen or talked to for a while, even someone from your very far past, it’s just a very simple and literal message that that person is thinking about you and reaching out to you, mentally or spiritually. And maybe that will result in him or her contacting you directly.

People From Your Past Showing Up in a Dream, and Their Name or Likeness Acts as a Placeholder for Somebody with the Same Name

Our subconscious mind has many different ways of giving us clear messages. One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that sometimes I’ll have a different type of remote viewing dream about someone. And in this case, I might dream of a girl named Debbie who was a good friend of mine in elementary school, but then a more RECENT friend or acquaintance I know by the name of Debbie shows up in my daily life. Or I’ll dream about Billy from elementary school and I’ll interact with someone named Bill or Billy shortly after that, only this Bill is not my childhood friend.

When I used to have my full-time psychic counselling practice, my dreams often told me about people who were about to get in touch with me to set up an appointment for a reading with me at my office. Sometimes these would be dreams where I might dream about my real life friend Dennis, and then a different man named Dennis would get in touch with me for a reading. People you’re currently in touch with who have a particular name can show up in a dream, but their name can act as a mental PLACEHOLDER telling you that somebody with that same name is going to show up or in your life soon.

Remote Viewing/Precognition Type Dreams About Complete Strangers You Are Going to Meet

Sometimes remote viewing dreams can be surprisingly exact and precise. Back when I had my full-time psychic counselling practice, I remember I had a clear image in a dream one time about a woman paying for her reading by check, and I looked at the name on the check, and it was Jennifer Grant, and she had signed her name with a little circle over the “i.” Within a day or two a real life woman I’d never met before named Jennifer Grant got in touch with me for a reading and wanted to see me right away. Normally, I scheduled appointments weeks in advance, but I had a sudden cancellation that day and I told Jennifer to come to my office. We did her reading, and when she paid me, she paid by check. And wouldn’t you know it — she signed her name with a cute little circle above the “i!”

I think a part of me was always psychically alert and “on” when I was doing regular work with clients because I was always setting the intention to attract people who would truly benefit from my counseling, and sometimes there would already be a psychic link in place between us before we even met in real life. Our spiritual selves or energy bodies connected first, and our physical bodies lagged behind down here in “3-D!”

I also had a very powerful and mysterious dream one time about a soulmate man I felt I was going to meet one day. Many, many years later, certain details from that dream made sense. There were unique details in the dream, like the man having once spent time in Portugal, plus some other stuff. Long after I’d fallen in love with my current day honey (we’ve been together 15 years now), I finally figured out that the little details of the dream ALL related to him and my subconscious had somehow been telling me details about this man who would become an important part of my life some five years before I met him in real life. It turns out he HAD spent some time in Portugal; and do you know, to this day, I’ve never to my knowledge met anybody else who has? So it was a very unique detail that related to him. There were other similar details in the dream that ended up being about him.

Remote Viewing Dreams About News Events

When I had my psychic counselling practice, my third eye was open a lot of the time due to the nature of my work. I would often see some clients in the morning, some in the evening, and some very late at night (doing phone readings for people as far away as California or western Canada). I went through a period of a few years when I also had many, many disturbing dreams about events that would later become significant national or world news events. Only within these dreams, it was as if I was at the center of the events, looking out through somebody else’s eyes. I talk about these dreams in my book. I dreamed of the exact manner of Princess Diana’s death 12 hours before she died, only it was me with those men in the car in that tunnel. I dreamed of the brutal school shootings at Columbine a few weeks before they happened, only in the dream, I was one of the kids trapped in that school. Remote viewing dreams like that are awful and disturbing. After some years of these dreams I had to lecture my higher guidance (or really, my energy body) and reject these dreams unless I was in a position to be able to prevent the events in the dream. Remote viewing through dreams in this way is quite upsetting because you’re rarely tuning into anything HAPPY. Instead, it’s like getting the news anywhere from a day to a few weeks before it is broadcast on TV. I saw the exact terrifying image of the fireball that the space shuttle Columbia made as it plummeted from the sky, the same image that would end up being broadcast 24/7 on the news for several days after it happened. Only I saw it some weeks before the event. Terrible stuff.

Usually, it will be rare to dream about things like that. Most of the time when you are remote viewing something in a dream, it will be details related to a person you are going to be interacting with, or a loved one who lives far away who is thinking about you, that type of thing.

Sometimes you won’t figure out the message that your energy body is trying to communicate to you until well AFTER the events of the dream come true. But keeping a dream diary can help you learn to decode the language of your subconscious mind so you can get faster at understanding messages, images, and people that are shown to you in a remote viewing type of dream.

Remote Viewing About Those Who Wish You Harm — or Wish You Well

Sometimes you will have a psychic attack type of dream where a person or entity is trying to harm you or violate you in some way. THESE ARE REAL WARNINGS AND REAL ATTACKS. Calling it just a “nightmare” is just burying your head in the hand like an ostrich, pretending that what has happened wasn’t real. It WAS REAL.

I fully perceive these types of attack every time they happen. And I don’t need dreams to warn me, either, because I can also perceive these things when I’m awake. The types of attack range from the milder type, where it’s just some disgruntled person expressing hatred at me, to the all out attempts to actually kill me or violate me by hitting me hard in my energy body. This is why I am a spiritual warrior and I don’t sugar coat what is going on in the world of energy. It’s war out there, people.

But many times, it’s just your garden variety unhappy people who are sending psychic slime without too much power or intensity. When I wake up in the morning, I can sense whether I’ve received hate mail from someone, and I usually know what it is about (like when people are bitching at me about how great Reiki is, after reading my critical articles on Reiki, and I can pick up on their psychic slime from thousands of miles away). Conversely, I can detect when kind and loving people are reaching out with a little love note, an interesting question, or a general comment — either sending it via email or at my Facebook page.

And yeah, I’M THAT FUCKING SENSITIVE. A great many people are, only they might not be tracking the linear cause and effect progression of these events. They don’t always take note of their impressions, and they don’t always follow through by doing psychic “detective work” to track the links and the outcome and the evidence.

Being a public figure has never been very easy for me. That’s why I went from doing loads of monthly national radio shows, the occasional TV guest appearance, and various workshops to being sort of quiet and underground for many years. I needed a break. But these days, I’m BAACK! (Run for your lives! :) ) And I want to share some of the body of knowledge that I’ve been so blessed to develop over 27-some years of being immersed pretty much full-time in metaphysical activities and perceptions and adventures. I want to help you, teach you, inspire you, and help to trigger your OWN innate and powerful spiritual wisdom, which has always lived inside of you.

If I can make even one person more empowered, self-aware, and agile with their own psychic development, or I can help even one person learn some cool self-healing techniques, or if I can cheer up one person with a silly photo of one of my fuzzy cats, then it’s all worth it.

So I’m not complaining; I’m just telling you the truth. That’s the way I roll! :)

Anyway, if you feel a weird sense of unease when you wake up some mornings, it’s possible that somebody is psychically attacking you and sending you violative, harmful, or aggressive energy. Trust those impressions. You might even receive more detailed information about this in a dream, or you might find that the feeling is more subtle and you can’t quite find the source right away.

But always keep in mind that email and the Internet convey psychic energy very strongly because all of the crystal and mineral components of our computers and networks act as AMPLIFIERS of psychic energy.

That’s why people can do enormous good on the Internet with their blogs, websites, comments, and discussions. . .

And people can also do great evil.

Me, I’d rather have these wonderful tools available then not having them at all.

Wouldn’t you?

Learn more about your incredible power as a spiritually sovereign being (owned and controlled by NO ONE — not a god, a goddess, a lord or an ascended “master”) — and discover your abilities to heal yourself through time and space. It’s all in my book, and you can download the first 25 pages for free here: Lipstick Mystic’s Shop page. And big fluffy energy hugs and tasty cookies to everybody who has been kind enough to already grab the book!


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Faceless beings or beings you can’t easily identify can indeed be shapeshifting negative entities of various kinds; they can also be deceptive or manipulative, living people, usually people with some black magic abilities (which they might use consciously or unconsciously). They can also be part of a class of archonic type beings who are dead dark sorcerer types lurking the lower astral; former humans who once had a physical life but who aligned themselves with the negative beings in the lower astral planes (like the usual pretender gods, goddesses, and ascended masters); if they pledged service to these beings after they die that literally act as vampires or energy collectors for their “bosses.” These entities are active in Tibetan Buddhism, where this is a huge number of these entities attached to that lineage of metaphysical belief; and they are also commonly attached to Reiki.


What do faceless beings mean in dreams and can those vile archons in the lower astral regions masquerade as other people , like a loved one in our dreams?


Thank you. This is wonderful. I just had a moment of synchronicity. A week ago, i was in cvs and guess what? i bought vitamin B6, am not sure why because i take a multivitamin, today you tell me it will help me with dream recollection. How cool is that? I have been so frustrated with not remembering my dreams. A couple of times, i have been dreaming and in the dream i say to myself try to recollect the dream when you wake up, i wake up and then nothing. No recollection .So the universe decided to help me recollect by getting me to buy B6. Wonderful.


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